This is a condensed version of my power supply FAQ article, for those who want basic info on what to choose without being overly technical.
  • Don’t cheap out on the power supply but high-end isn’t 100% necessary.

  • Generally, around ~$50 is a good price range.  

  • You want 80+ energy efficient, but Gold/Silver/Bronze etc. isn’t THAT important.

  • 400-500w should be fine for most builds with entry and mid-range video cards.

  • Processors get more efficient over time (so no need to buy extra wattage).

  • SFX power supplies are compact, but double in price.

  • Modular or semi-modular is strongly recommended.

  • Generally avoid power supplies made over 5 years ago.

Recommend me a power supply quick?
EVGA 450 (550)