BenQ Gaming Monitor

My previous article on this subject was a bit long, so I wanted to also make a condensed version for those who want the bottom line on which graphical settings are worth turning up and which just negatively impact performance for minimal gain.

Resolution        1080p is good.  1440p is better.  Beyond that, returns diminish.
Frame Rate       You want 30 minimum, 60 ideally (more if your monitor has >60 Hz).  
V-Sync             Turn it off unless you are experiencing screen tearing.
Anti-Aliasing     The higher the game’s resolution, the lower this setting should be.
Render Scale     Leave it at 100%.  50% is low quality.  >100% = dip in performance.
Field of View     Preferably high-ish, but not to the maximum.

Turn up these settings:
Anisotropic filtering, Texture quality, Tesselation, Water/Particle effects

Tone down these settings: (if want a boost in performance)
Shadows, Reflections

Turn off these settings in online multiplayer games:
Motion Blur, Bloom and Depth of Field.