Chronomaly Temple - Trilithon
Chronomaly Temple – Trilithon

Chronomaly Temple – Trilithon – #DAMA-EN059

If you control no monsters, or all monsters you control are “Chronomaly” monsters: You can pay 500 LP; immediately after this effect resolves, Normal Summon 1 “Chronomaly” monster from your hand. If a “Chronomaly” or “Number” Xyz Monster you control would activate an effect by detaching material, you can send this card to the GY instead of 1 of those materials. You can only use each effect of “Chronomaly Temple – Trilithon” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  September 28th, 2021

Rating: 2.93

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Chronomaly Temple – Trilithon

Continuous Spell that functions as a once per turn, one-sided Ultimate Offering for Chronomaly monsters. 500LP is nothing to give up, and the “Normal Summon” qualification works with the Chronomaly monsters that gain effect(s) off their Normal Summon. Magella Globe can tribute itself for a different Chronomaly monsters from your deck, while Nebra Disk can search out another Chronomaly card without tributing itself. This card is made to give Chronomaly players an instant Xyz Summon, and if you happen to have two Golden Jets you could go between Ranks 4-6 for an Xyz Summon. Being able to get the extra Normal Summon if all your monsters are Chronomaly monsters helps get you an advantage if you have used the “no monsters” stipulation to summon another Chronomaly monster already. Trading this for a detachment isn’t the greatest ability because you will be giving up your extra Normal Summon each turn. With six different Xyz monsters within the archetype to choose from, in addition to many “Numbers” monsters you may run, it can be a plus to not have to detach, extending the use of the monsters effect(s). Number 36: Chronomaly Chateau Huyuk and a card we’re reviewing later this week: Chronomaly Vimana are the most effective on their own without needing setup, but you could also just go for Utopia the Lighting and sit on that.

The 1-for-1 for any “Numbers” or Chronomaly Xyz detach is helpful, but the extra Normal Summon is MUCH more effective at getting you advantage.

Advanced-3/5     Art-3/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Next up for Chronomaly we get a new Spell to help solve some issues Chronomaly have: Chronomaly Temple – Trilithon.

Trilithon is a Continuous Spell where if you control no monsters or only Chronomaly monsters, you can pay 500 LP to immediately Normal Summon a Chronomaly monster from your hand. Nice bonus Normal Summon for an archetype that needs its Normal Summon. The archeytpe has a few Special Summons, but they’re few and far between, so it helps get the board full with more Chronomalys for your Xyz plays. The second effect is if a Chronomaly or Number Xyz you control would activate its effect by detaching its materials, you can send this card to the graveyard instead of detaching 1 of said materials. Nice way to be able to use your Xyz effects more while clearing your backrow in case you got all the use you could possibly get from this card. Lets you get another use for Machu Mech, Chateau Huyuk, Crystal Chrononaut, Atlantis, or their new Rank 5. Hard once per turn for both effects, which is fine. Don’t need to give Chronomaly an Ultimate Offering completely. Overall it’s a fine card, and it’s at least searchable off of Nebra Disk. I’d be willing to dedicate a few slots in the Deck to this for Chronomaly.

Advanced Rating: 3/5

Art: 3.5/5 Olympus but not Olympus I guess?

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Chronomaly Temple-Trilithon is a Continuous Magic and a pretty simple one at that.  Controlling no Monsters, or all of them being Chronomaly(ies?) lets you pay 500 Lifepoints immediately to NORMAL (yuck) Summon a Chronomaly Monster.  Having to pay Lifepoints for a Normal Summon is just painful, even at a low cost of 500.  Secondly, if a Theme or Number XYZ you control activates an Effect involving detaching a Material, you can send this card to the Graveyard instead.  That can come in handy, I suppose, especially if your XYZ Monster.  I suppose if you play this, get your Special Summon, and then have to use this before it gets destroyed, you do at least breakeven.  You lose a card, but you gained a Monster (albeit still with a price).  I mean, the more Monsters you can bring out over Turns, if you do, does turn into + advantage for you, so there’s potential here IF it can stay around for a couple of Turns.  Each Effect, again, as is standard, is once per Turn.  

Rating:  2.75/5

Art:  4/5  Trilithon too and thru here, and the sky is awesome.  I like this a lot.  4/5

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