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Who's James?

Fan Bios

     James, the male half of Team Rocket, is a very interesting guy. Many call him a crossdresser, gay, and a pansy. But let’s take a look at his past, shall we?
        As a young boy, he was spoiled, but also stifled. He even claims to have been so bored, that he made the servants take him fishing in the pool. Which, as you can imagine, was devastating, because there weren’t any fish in the pool! Though he sounds spoiled, in all reality, his life was as hard as Jesse’s.
        While still young, it was announced James was to wed Jessebell, a girl who looks just like Jesse, with a prissy southern accent, and some very odd ways of dealing with things. She did everything she could to try and mold James, practically crushing the poor purple haired boy.
        He finally got fed up, and ran away from home, and joined Pokemon Tech...where he met Jesse, and together, they scored the lowest test scores in the history of the Academy! Crushed, they both joined the Sunny town bike gang, and, eventually joined Team Rocket,
        While James may seem odd because of his crossdressing habits and his odd, feminine way of approaching things....(can anyone say..”Knock ‘em dead Koffing!”?)..he has an excuse. While he was still young, Jessebelle crushed his spirit and any trace of masculinity the boy had, but he ran away before he regained any. Meeting with Jesse in Pokemon Tech made him act in that submissive way he once acted with Jessebelle, only he liked this one, because she was nicer. And so, he grew up acting feminine, and girlish, because of what that warped fiance of his did to him when he was young. Naturally, what
better way is there to get along with a girl than act more like one? Of course, he has his non crossdressing moments, and sometimes even stands up for himself! Being with Jesse has given him a bit of a backbone, which is good!
        James has three Pokemon, Koffing/Weezing, Victreebel, and Growly, his Growlithe. Weezing has been with him for years, and was apparantly an X-mas present. Victreebel was caught in the Safari zone (..though I believe that was the one where Team Rocket threatened the Safari Warden with a gun. Naturally, they cut it.), and it has a bad habit of attempting to swallow James instead of fighting in Pokemon battles. Growly was his Childhood pet, the only friend he had. When James ran away, he left Growly at home to keep an eye on his parents.

- PcktMonSenshi


James is not what you’d call the most masculine guy out there, actually he’s a real coward at times, but he isn’t AS dumb as you might think. He always comes up with  brilliant schemes to catch Pikachu, and they all probably would have succeded if not for Ash(Grrrr.), and he knows a fair amount about pokemon.

He has a Weezing(lv.35-45), Victreebel(lv.30-40, has a very annoying habit of
attacking James instead of Ash’s pokemon.),and a Growlithe, Growly( James’s
childhood best friend, lives at his mansion, lv.40-50), and Meowth(lv.45.).


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