Bystial Dis Pater
Bystial Dis Pater

Bystial Dis Pater – #CYAC-EN041

1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner Dragon monsters
You can target 1 banished LIGHT or DARK monster; Special Summon it to your field. When your opponent activates a monster effect (Quick Effect): You can target 1 banished card; shuffle it into the Deck, then if you shuffled it into your Deck, destroy that monster, or if you shuffled it into your opponent’s Deck, negate that activated effect. You can only use each effect of “Bystial Dis Pater” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  July 14th, 2023

Rating: 4.00

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Bystial Dis Pater ends the week looking back at the Albaz storyline with the final form of Dogmatika Maximus.

Level 10 Synchro that has obvious great synergy with the Bystial monsters within its archetype: Aluber and any of the Bystial Dragons can make this Synchro.

Besides being easy to Synchro Summon using those previoulsy mentioned monsters, Dis Pater can bring back a LIGHT or DARK monster that had been banished. Not caring who owns the monster, Dis Pater can get you the monster you banished to Special Summon your Bystial dragon, giving you access to your opponent’s monsters better than Aluber tries to. When it comes to your opponent’s monsters you may end up with smaller ones you were using your Bystial Dragons to remove when your opponent was attempting graveyard moves, however this still serves a purpose with Link Summoning. The bigger the monster the better for attacking though, especially if you could align a big attacker alongside this 3500ATK behemoth.

Monster negation potential for Dis Pater, depends on you. When your opponent activates a monster effect you can cycle back any banished card to the Deck: If it is your card, you destroy the monster without negation, if it’s your opponent’s card, you negate but don’t destroy. Obviously you need banished cards to be able to perform this effect so Dis Pater can potentially have no negation at all. If you have both at your disposal it really depends on if you want that monster destroyed or prefer negation. Turn-starting effects like searchers likely get the negation, while boss monsters get the destruction. Once per turn means no multiple use which could have been broken if able to be used multiple times in one chain. While still needing Dragon-Type monsters to be Synchro Summoned, Dis Pater could be thrown into decks that banish a lot but are outside the Bystial archetype due to Bystial Dragons being played heavily in Side Decks as well as used as Main Deck psudo-Hand Traps.

Dis Pater may look like a mess of a monster but it has some serious power (3500/3500) and control potential. It really depends on how many banished cards you and your opponent have and then it really is up to how you want to use that negation/destruction power. Unlike Maximus, you’re in full control of this power.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

We saw what a Level 10 Dragon Synchro looked like 14 years ago, now let’s see what 2023 offers with Bystial Dis Pater.

Dis Pater is a Level 10 DARK Dragon Synchro with 3500 ATK and DEF. Those stats are overall great and like I said with Bystial Aluber, DARK and Dragon has to be one of the best combinations in the game. Materials are any Tuner and any non-Tuner Dragon(s), so still a little Dragon specific, but you got some room to play around with the Tuner. Pretty good with Accel Synchro Stardust Dragon and any Level 2 Tuner you revive. The first effect of this lets you target any LIGHT or DARK monster that’s banished and Special Summon it, which is great for allowing for more plays, especially considering you’re getting one of the two best Attributes in the game. The second effect is a Quick Effect when the opponent activates a monster effect, letting you shuffle a banished card into the owner’s Deck and then you either destroy the monster if you shuffled a card into your Deck or you negate the effect if you shuffled the card into the opponent’s Deck. Pretty versatile options depending on the situation. You do need your opponent to have banished cards, but that’s more common than ever, especialy if you run this with other Bystials since they might be likely to run at least 1 LIGHT or DARK monster, or they could just run any Spell/Trap that banishes itself for a graveyard effect. Hard once per turn on each effect of Dis Pater, which is fair. It’s overall a great Synchro, which was unexpected for Bystials. I’d recommend running it in anything that could summon it and make use of the effects it has since they’re both great.

Advanced Rating: 4.5/5

Art: 5/5 Dogmatika Maximus has had a long journey turning into Dramaturge of Despia, Dogmatika Alba Zoa and now this.

Mighty Vee

Maximus achieves his final form as Bystial Dis Pater, finishing up this week’s coverage of the Albaz support in Cyberstorm Access (though certainly not the last). Bystial Dis Pater is a level 10 DARK Dragon Synchro monster and requires any Tuner with any Dragon non-Tuners, making it right at home in Dragon Link decks as they can easily make level 10 Synchro monsters while under the restriction of Rokket Tracer. With The Bystial Aluber, Branded decks could make it using Aluiber and a level 6 Bystial, though considering you will have to use Etude of the Branded, it might not be a fantastic idea. Dis Pater’s excellent stats of 3500 attack and defense gives it solid offensive and defensive presence as well, being ahead of the curve in both aspects.

Dis Pater has two hard once per turn effects, the first letting you Special Summon any banished LIGHT or DARK monster. This effect has incredible extending potential, given that in Dragon Link, you will almost certainly have a Chaos Dragon or a Bystial banished for you to bring back. Additionally, it can give your board the last oomph it needs to finish off your opponent once your turn rolls back around. Dis Pater’s other effect is a Quick effect, responding to your opponent’s monster effect activation by shuffling a banished card from either player into the deck. The monster is destroyed, and if it was your opponent’s monster, the effect is negated as well. The intended usage is to shuffle a card you may have banished with Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon (or any cards your opponent may have naturally banished for their combos) and gain the bonus effect, but in a pinch you can always just shuffle your own banished cards (likely a Bystial) for the basic disruption. Dis Pater may not be the flahsiest final boss in Yugioh lore, but it’s still a very strong card for the decks that can make it.

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 4.25/5 Maximus is a Synchro monster now? If you can’t beat’em, join’em!


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