Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Eagle
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Eagle

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Eagle
– #FIGA-EN016

2 Beast-Warrior monsters
You can only Special Summon “Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Eagle(s)” once per turn. You can activate “Fire Fist” monsters’ effects without sending “Fire Fist” or “Fire Formation” card(s) from your hand or field to the GY. You can target 1 “Fire Formation” Spell/Trap you control or in your GY; return it to the hand, then send 1 “Fire Fist” monster from your Deck to the GY. You can only use this effect of “Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Eagle” once per turn.


Date Reviewed: 
October 8, 2019

Rating: 4.67

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Fire Fists gets their Link Monster in Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Eagle.

Corner link points always appreciated and what you look for in Link 2 monsters. Good ATK, stats align with the archetype. Needing Beast-Warrior only does give other Beast-Warrior-based strategies a Link 2 option, even if it won’t entirely help them with its effect. Cost-free effects for your Fire Fist monsters is a great support effect to keep your Fire Formation spell/trap cards on the field while still gaining advantage. While you can recycle the cards, this effect keeps from having to do that. Tensu and its extra Normal Summon stays on the field, while other cards that give you ATK boost stay as well incombo with Eagle. Foolish Burial for a Fire Fist to retrieve a Fire Formation spell/trap from your grave is a plus while thinning your deck. Elephant, Buffalo, and Rooster are a few monsters that will benefit from being summoned from the grave, all available with Dragon (who won’t have to pay cost to do so with Eagle on the field). Being able to merely target a Fire Formation spell/trap of yours on the field and get the Foolish Burial effect with the pop back can also work with Tenki and Tensu to abuse their effects.

Fire Fists were pretty good when they came out. Now they have a great Link monster to help with one of the issues their archetype had. That is how archetype-specific Link Monsters should work.

Advanced-4/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

The only Fire Fist that isn’t exactly new, only an OCG Import from their Link Vrains Pack 2, is next and of course it’s a Link Monster in Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Eagle.

Eagle is a Link-2 FIRE Beast-Warrior with 1700 ATK and arrows pointing Bottom Left and Bottom Right. Nice ATK stat for a Link-2 and the arrows are perfect for a Link-2 like Eagle. The summoning requirements are any 2 Beast-Warrior monsters, which is a piece of cake and makes Raven better since Linking that card away nets you a Fire Formation set from your deck while summoning the Eagle at the same time. You can only Special Summon Eagle once per turn, so I guess the main downside there is that you can’t Link this away and revive it with Dragon or Monster Reborn or something, but you’ll likely keep this on the field anyways. You can activate the effect of Fire Fist monsters without having to send Fire Fist or Fire Formation cards from your hand or field to the graveyard. Nullifies the cost of every single Fire Fist monster, making certain ones much better. Bear and Gorilla can now pop a Monster or Spell/Trap respectively for free. Bear popping Tiger King lets you summon 2 Level 4 or lower Beast-Warriors with the same ATK from the deck for free. Rooster can set Fire Formation Spells/Traps from the deck for free. Dragon revives your Fire Fist monsters for free. Buffalo now revives himself for free and can be setup with Eagle’s other effect. Everything is for free and that’s perfect, though sometimes you might still want to send the Fire Formations to the graveyard just to clear up space in the Spell/Trap zone. Know as well there is no once per turn limit on not having to pay the cost, so that just lets Fire Fist do their thing without any issues of paying any sort of costs. Eagle can also activate its effect to target a Fire Formation Spell/Trap on your field or in your graveyard and add it to your hand, and then send a Fire Fist from your deck to the graveyard. Making your Spells/Traps reusable like Tenki is great, you can also get back Tensu, Sinto, Gyokkou, or the new archetypal Field Spell since it’s always treated as a Fire Formation just to name a few. You also get graveyard setup for something like Dragon, Coach Soldier Wolfbark, or Spirit to revive something for play making or just send Buffalo and use his effect for free to revive himself. This effect of Eagle is a hard once per turn because similar to yesterday, too much self-bouncing and graveyard setup spells disaster. Eagle is an amazing Link for the archetype as it helps bring it up to speed with the modern format a lot, it made decent Fire Fist monsters a million times better, so having multiples in the Extra Deck feels standard for Fire Fists.

Advanced Rating: 5/5

Art: 5/5 It’s an Eagle, of course it was going to be amazing.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

This is one of those cards we’re going to stare at the artwork for a second before we begin…Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Eagle is a very good card.  Link 2, with arrows pointing to the respective bottom diagonals here.  Still appropriately a Fire and Beast-Warrior Monster, with 1700 attack (which is rather delicious on a Link 2 card) needing two Beast-Warriors for a Link Summon.

So, note you can only Special Summon one of these a turn.  The first part of this really breaks the game open for the Fire First player.  You no longer have to send theme Magic or Trap cards from your Hand or Field to activate effects of the Brotherhood.  While the cycling is good, and it’s easy to retrieve them from the Graveyard, you won’t ALWAYS have them or be able to do so.  Free effects are good after all, right?

The second effect here is a bit of a spin on what normally happens where he can Target and return a theme Magic or Trap from your Graveyard back to your Hand (big step up over the Deck, like yesterday) you then dump a theme Monster from your Deck to the Graveyard, but that sets up combos of its own, and you can still Special Summon what you dump.  This card is GREAT.  The 1700 attack is low (but necessary/appropriate).

Rating:  5/5  Just phenomenal in the theme

Art:  5/5 too, the armor is cool, the differentiating in the warm and dark colors, the background, I love everything about this.

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