Branded Fusion
Branded Fusion

Branded Fusion – #SDAZ-EN021

Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster that mentions “Fallen of Albaz” as material from your Extra Deck, using 2 monsters from your hand, Deck, or field as Fusion Material. You cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck, except Fusion Monsters, the turn you activate this card. You can only activate 1 “Branded Fusion” per turn.

Date Reviewed: December 23, 2022


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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Really thought Branded Fusion would be higher up than #6 on the countdown…another one I had wrong.

A Normal Spell that has been splashed around, Branded Fusion was just limited in the OCG and for obvious reasons. Fusion Summoning something involving “Fallen of Albaz” is one thing, but being able to Fusion Summon using materials from your hand Deck or field is a bit much: a double Foolish Burial turn one can set up the grave and further future plays, all the while getting a 2500ATK monster with good effect(s) that will get you something when it leaves the field. With 8 monsters to choose from that involve “Fallen of Albaz” you aren’t short of choices for summoning. Branded Fusion will lock you into Fusion Monsters from the Extra Deck the turn you activate it…you’ll likely be Fusion Summoning more in the turn anyways or going for a specific Fusion Monster to sit on for the turn. Branded Fusion is highly searchable and its ability to perform that double Foolish Burial I mentioned is what makes it a great card. Weeding out certain cards that align with a Fusion Summon thin your deck and put at least a DARK Dragon monster in Albaz into the grave for use later. Albaz himself when Normal or Special Summoned can perform a Super Poly, making him dangerous, but things you can throw into the grave are only limited by which Fusion Monsters (or you choose to run in the Extra Deck. The other monster needed besides Albaz is always generic so almost any deck willing to run Albaz could run Branded Fusion and we have seen that within the meta.

Branded Fusion made a pretty good splash this year in the meta…not enough to make it to the top, but it is rough competition up there. Great card as long as you are willing to run Albaz and at least one Fusion choice…if you have room.


Art-4/5- Stand by what I’ve said before…Konami, you’d best give Albaz a happy ending. No twisted game of emotions!

Until Next Time


Crunch$G Avatar

The week ends with number 6, and it might give an idea for how strong of cards we got this year when a card like this is at number 6, from the Albaz Strike Deck, we got Branded Fusion.

Branded Fusion is a Normal Spell that lets you Fusion Summon any Fusion that lists Fallen of Albaz as material by using 2 materials from your hand, Deck, or field as material. You are limited to 2 materials, but that doesn’t really prevent you from summoning anything off this right now. It’s best to summon Lubellion the Searing Dragon and then use his effect to summon Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon, which has a powerful removal effect. You can only summon Fusions from the Extra Deck the turn you use this card, but that shouldn’t affect you when you only play Fusions like how Branded Despia would do. Hard once per turn as well, making this pretty fair, but it’s an insanely good card that I can understand why the OCG has put to 1. These Fusion Spells using the Deck is pretty strong.

Advanced Rating: 4.5/5

Art: 5/5 The card kinda tells you how to use it.

My #6: Keldo the Sacred Protector/Mudora the Sword Oracle (they’re the same purpose, so I couldn’t really choose between one or the other)

Mighty Vee

Merry Christmas Eve Eve? This card completely slipped my mind while I was submitting my votes, so I’m glad it made it on the list; Branded Fusion is number 6 on our countdown, a Normal Spell that debuted in the notorious Albaz Strike structure deck. We’ve also covered this card before, but as a recap, it’ll let you Fusion Summon a monster that lists Fallen of Albaz as a material by sending the materials from your hand, Deck, or field to the Graveyard, at the cost of locking you into Fusion Summoning from the Extra Deck the entire turn. Simply activating it will give access to a litany of monsters, including Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon and El Shaddoll Winda, but by far the most dangerous combo was making Lubellion the Searing Dragon then immediately making Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon. Being able to send miscellaneous DARK or LIGHT monsters like Despian Tragedy or Fairy Tail Snow gives even more value. While Branded Despia decks in the OCG were content with simply passing on Mirrorjade, TCG combos took it a step further by making Guardian Chimera on the opponent’s turn with Branded in Red, destroying cards and drawing in the process. With Power of the Elements, Branded Despia has largely fallen off, especially in the OCG where the deck continues to receive hits. However, here in the TCG the deck still retains most of its consistency and strength, so who knows when the deck will be ready to rise again.

Advanced: 4.75/5

Art: 4.5 Simply superb, especially with the contrasting colors.

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