Borrelsword Dragon
Borrelsword Dragon

#1 – Borrelsword Dragon
– #CYHO-EN034

3+ Effect Monsters Cannot be destroyed by battle. Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can target 1 Attack Position monster; change it to Defense Position, also, this card can make a second attack during each Battle Phase this turn. Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to this effect’s activation. Once per turn, when this card declares an attack on a face-up monster: You can activate this effect; until the end of this turn, this card gains ATK equal to half that monster’s current ATK, and if it does, that monster’s current ATK is halved.

Date Reviewed: December 31, 2018

Rating: 5.00

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Closing out our Top cards of 2018 countdown (I mentioned earlier how I did better on the front half, and my #1 is #1) is Borrlesword Dragon.  Random note, I’m pretty sure it’s Borrle-Sword when pronounced, but Borrles-word would also be correct, no?  So, to start with the givens here…Link 4, 3000 attack, Dark and Dragon have insane support and arrows are fantastic at up, down, as well as left and bottom diagonal left.

3+ Effect Monsters are required, which is insanely easy, and they can all be the same, no stipulation as to differently named.  So, we’ve got a 3000 attacker here who is immune to Battle Destruction, which is nifty.  Onto the Quick effect, you’re able to shift an opponent’s Monster into defense position and make a second attack in the current Battle Phase, which is also delicious.  

Said effect is once per turn, and cannot be responded to by cards or effects by the opponent, so you’re getting this off when you decide to use it.  The second effect, also once per turn, is a Metalmorph type effect, with the bonus of halving the attack of the Monster it attacks additionally.  This card can do a behemoth’s worth of Damage, has OTK possibilities, and is great now still.

Rating:  5/5

Art:  4.75/5  I like it a lot, I just wish there was a bit more color in there, on the Dragon.  The multi-colored brightness in the background IS awesome.

King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Our #1 spot, and the last card of 2018 is Borrelsword Dragon…and that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Link four with 3000ATK like it’s brother, Borrelsword has two arrows that point to your Main Monster Zones, but this isn’t a monster to facilitate your Extra Deck plays. Can’t be destroyed by battle protection shrinks options for opponents, though the wider protection belongs to Borreload Dragon. Enemy Controller ability on any monster on the field to gain an additional attack is an effect you should get off every time you attack. Protection against negation of this effect, Borrelsword might as well be a fortress. On top of that, Borrelsword has an Enemy Controller and Shrink ability all in one. Pick any monster, half it’s ATK, gain the half you took away from that monster. Borrelsword can gain a ton of ATK with the right monster on the field and shrink down a boss monster your opponent controls. Now onto the Enemy Controller ability. Shift a monster to defense to grant an additional attack. This is like BLS’s second attack ability. Shift a monster you attacked already with, turn it to defense, then attack again with Borrelsword. The ATK gain isn’t a quick effect, but that really doesn’t matter. Shrink your opponent, gain the ATK, attack with a weaker monster, attack with Borrelsword, then activate the other ability to shift that weaker monster to defense and go direct with your attack.

Borrelsword is so easy to make and will gain complete control over the field once summoned. Link Summoning it can end the game or put your opponent back on both heels. So much protection and effects that disrupt your opponent and ways to take away their resources, it’s not question why Borrelsword is #1 form 2018.

Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Advanced-5/5  Art-5/5

Until Next Time


Certainly a no-brainer, Borrelsword Dragon is number 1 for the year for being a boss with protection and excellent offensive abilities. Borrelsword Dragon starts as a Link 4 Dark Dragon-type Link Monster with 3000 Atk and with Up, Left, Bottom, and Bottom Left Arrows. Not needing 4 monster to properly Link Summon this is nice, but 3 or more Effect Monsters as a requirement is totally worth it. For your trouble, Borrelsword Dragon cannot be destroyed by battle. Then, as a free Quick-Effect you can target any face-up attack position monster and turn it into defense position to make a second attack. This particular effect cannot be responded to, and is dangerous because you can target your own monsters after they have attacked. Meaning the right monster plus Borrelsword lets you OTK very easily. If that wasn’t enough, you also get to gain half the Atk of an opponent’s monster when you attack it. That monster loses half its Atk which computes to you hitting for 3000 battle damage once per turn. The Atk gain lasts until the end of the turn so feel free to hit twice with a boosted dragon. Basically we have an easy to summon, free effect, protected, Dragon beater. That’s number 1 material for sure. Happy New Year!

Score: 5/5     Art: 5/5


There are always going to be noteworthy cards missing from this list, which is why I’m going to do a Honorable Mentions article for 2018 like I did last year. With that said, I do think number 1 is warranted of its spot, even though I gave mine to a different card we already mentioned. Coming from Cybernetic Horizon, we have Borrelsword Dragon, and boy what a way to end 2018.

Borrelsword Dragon is a Link-4 DARK Dragon with 3000 ATK and arrows pointing Up, Left, Bottom Left, and Bottom. ATK is great for a monster you’re investing at most 4 monsters into, DARK and Dragon is great especially as Savage Strike gets closer and gives us more good Dragon cards, and the arrows are fine and I’m not going to get too upset when a Link monster gives the opponent one arrow pointing towards them. The summoning requirements are 2+ Effect Monsters, which Link Climbing with Tokens works and this is easy to summon with or without that. This card cannot be destroyed by battle, because 3000 ATK is so easy to run over, right? Once per turn (Quick Effect), you can target 1 Attack Position monster on the field and change it to Defense Position, also this card can make a second attack during the Battle Phase the turn this effect is used and your opponent cannot respond to this effect at all. All these effects are meant to trigger Rokket monsters, which we reviewed before the Top 11. With that said, you can target anything on the field to give this a second attack, even during the Battle Phase after a monster attacked. This can allow for massive damage. Speaking of massive damage, once per turn when this card declares an attack on a face-up monster, you can have this monster gain half that monster’s ATK and if you do, that monster that is being ATK loses the ATK this card gained. This gets around cards that are unaffected by other card effects by doing the ATK gain first, meaning Borrelsword should easily get over 4000 ATK. Borrelsword is an OTK machine and is worthy of the number 1 spot. It was good in 2018, it’ll be good in 2019, and it’ll probably be good beyond unless it is banned for some reason.

Advanced Rating: 5/5

Art: 4.5/5 The ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

My #1: Summon Sorceress


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