Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon
Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon

Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon – #BACH-EN038

“Blue-Eyes White Dragon” + 1 Dragon monster
Must first be either Fusion Summoned, or Special Summoned from your Extra Deck by Tributing 1 “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” equipped with a Fusion Monster. Unaffected by Trap Cards or effects. This card can attack all monsters your opponent controls, once each. Once per turn, at the end of the Damage Step, if this card battled: You can target 1 Trap in your GY; Set it to your Spell & Trap Zone.

Date Reviewed:  April 13th, 2022

Rating: 4.00

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon is an incredible dragon to add to the Blue-Eyes arsenal.

Unable to be summoned via Ultimate Fusion, BETD will almost always be summoned using a Blue-Eyes White Dragon and a Dragon monster you control, you rarely will be attaching a Fusion Monster to a BEWD and then tributing it for BETD. 3400ATK isn’t as strong as the new Ultimate Dragon Fusion versions, but is still incredibly powerful. Unaffected by trap cards and their effects prevents BETD from being hindered by things like Skill Drain, Torrential Tribute, or Infinite Impermanence. Old school Tyrant Dragon effect combined with the 3400ATK will clear the field with ease and, when combined with the previously-mentioned Skill Drain make it a tough boss to get rid of through monster effects.

The set of a Trap from your grave each turn if you battle encourages BETD to attack, and can lock your opponent into a cycle of facing down one of your great traps over and over while never being able to gain advantage for themselves. Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon doesn’t have any monster effect protection so pairing it with Skill Drain is the way to go, and the reason I mentioned it several times (also, Skill Drain at 3 currently).

A great Fusion that can be Fusion Summoned easily by conventional means. Recycling something like Impermanence or Strike over and over can make quick work of your opponent, and with Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon being unaffected by stuff like Skill Drain and Torrential Tribute further allows your big boss dragon to control the field.

Advanced-4/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Alright, Fusion time, and we get one that was only ever recognized as a separate card in the dub only while the original just said it was just Blue-Eyes White Dragon equipped with Tyrant Burst Dragon, but we finally got Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon.

Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon is a Level 8 LIGHT Dragon Fusion with 3400 ATK and 2900 DEF. Stats are basically Blue-Eyes plus the buff from Tyrant Burst, and it’s good, while it’s great to be a LIGHT Dragon. Fusion Materials are Blue-Eyes White Dragon and any Dragon monster or you got the alternate option to summon this by tributing a Blue-Eyes White Dragon equipped with a Fusion Monster, which the option is nice but you’re likely Fusion Summoning this properly. At least it can be any Dragon and not Tyrant Burst Dragon, or this review wouldn’t be as positive. Other than the Special Summon clause, it must be Fusion Summoned. First effect makes this unaffected by Trap cards or effects, which is simple enough protection for a card this easy to summon, and a lot of the removal options you might see are Traps, but not all of them so that’s something to remember. Second effect lets you attack all monsters your opponent controls once each, which should ensure you get over them all since this is 3400 ATK. Finally we get a soft once per turn at the end of the Damage Step where this battled to target a Trap in your graveyard and set it to your field. I don’t know how many Traps you’re running in Blue-Eyes, maybe Imperm for a generic option and likely True Light cause it’s a pretty good option to run. It’s a pretty good Fusion for Blue-Eyes and probably the better of the two options between this and Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon since the second material doesn’t specifically have to be Blue-Eyes White Dragon. If you’re using Ultimate Fusion, this is your likely target to be running. It’s solid.

Advanced Rating: 3.75/5

Art: 4/5 It’s a little more than just Blue-Eyes White Dragon with bigger wings, so I like it.

Mighty Vee

You can’t have a new fusion spell without a fusion monster to go with it; Battle of Chaos also introduces Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon to Kaiba’s repertoire, a level 8 LIGHT dragon fusion monster. The fusion materials are merely Blue-Eyes White Dragon and any other dragon monster, so Blue-Eyes decks can make this easily through either of the stones or through any generic dragons you choose to run (and it’s a consideration for Super Polymerization in some matchups). Alternatively, you can also special summon it from the extra deck by tributing a Blue-Eyes White Dragon equipped with a fusion monster (you’ll be doing this with Tyrant Burst Dragon), but that method is too much effort for not enough gain for my taste. For a level 8 fusion monster, 3400 attack is quite high, exceeding the average of 3000 attack for most boss monsters. 2900 defense isn’t particularly high, being beaten by most of said 3000 attack bosses, but it’s still pretty beefy.

Tyrant is unaffected by trap cards and effects, so it’s able to survive all manners of pesky traps, including Eldlich cards, Ice Dragon’s Prison, or Torrential Tribute, though it’s still vulnerable to monster and spell effects. Tyrant can also attack all monsters your opponent controls once each, making it a good board beater if need be thanks to its stellar 3400 attack. Tyrant’s last effect is a soft once per turn, allowing you to set a trap straight from your graveyard to your spell and trap zone at the end of the damage step if this monster battled. This effect is meant to bring back something like Mirror Force, which you used to make Tyrant Burst Dragon, but you’re better off using it to bring back True Light or even generic power traps like Infinite Impermanence and Compulsory Evacuation Device. Overall, Tyrant is a pretty good alternative to Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon with a variety of niche applications, so I see no problem with running at least 1.

Advanced: 3.75/5

Art: 4.25/5 Fittingly, it’s a Tyrant Burst Dragon reference! Blue-Eyes looks pretty cool here, especially with the energy wings.


At first glance I thought this card was some strange fusion between Blue-Eyes and Tyrant Dragon (the one from Legacy of Darkness) since it has Tyrant in the name and also has an effect granting it protection from Traps. But after some digging, I believe this is actually a reference to the Waking the Dragons arc of the anime. Blue-Eyes combined with the Tyrant Wing trap supposedly gives rise to this thing.

Thankfully when Konami printed this card in the TCG they made its summoning requirements a bit more forgiving (so that it’s actually playable).

3400 ATK is really good! Being immune to all Traps is really good! Being able to hit ALL opposing monsters is really good! Being able to reuse your own Traps is really good! Add all these effects together and…you get a card that’s really good (shocker, I know).
Can you imagine how overpowered this card would be if you could call back a Trap for every attack it made during a turn (since it can attack every monster)?! But thankfully, it’s just the one Trap. Obviously exceptions exist, but traps still aren’t that common in the game of YuGiOh anymore since they’re too slow for most people’s liking. Still being protected from them is really nice (can’t be Striked or Judged or hit with Imperm). Also being able to resuse your own powerful traps is a nice addition to a Blue-Eyes player’s arsenal since it gives you some interruptions that you wouldn’t normally have.

This guys literally does it all. High attack that can wipe a field is great for ending games. Calling back a resource each turn is good for the grind game. Taking any 2 dragons (including a Blue Eyes) is easy to pull off. And imagine him with Skill Drain! That card IS back at 3 now…

Advanced Rating – 4.5/5
Art – 2/5 He looks more like a white dino with holographic wings

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