Blissey - Sword & Shield Fusion Strike 203/264
Blissey – Sword & Shield Fusion Strike

Blissey – Sword & Shield Fusion Strike 203/264

Date Reviewed:
January 12, 2022

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 2.00
Expanded: 2.00

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To think that there’s another archetype other than “Round” based decks found on the early days of Black & White…

Blissey from Sword & Shield Fusion Strike has some features that players might compile a deck for such a gimmick. But first, she has an ability called Expert in Roundness, which states that it prevents all damage done to each of your Pokemon that has the “Let’s All Rollout” attack by attacks from your opponent’s Pokemon VMAX. That’s not a lot of protection; Baseline Pokemon, Pokemon-V, Pokemon VSTAR, and Pokemon V-UNION can still damage your Pokemon, and Pokemon VMAX seems to be reaching its climax as they appear much less frequently now in upcoming future sets. We haven’t even got to bygone mechanics in Expanded! Even if it were to include those types of Pokemon, there isn’t too many Pokemon with the “Let’s All Rollout” attack. Obviously Blissey has that attack, but so are several others from Fusion Strike:

-Marill (SS Fusion Strike 58/264)
-Wooloo (SS Fusion Strike 221/264)
-Togedemaru (SS Fusion Strike 187/264)
-Sandshrew (SS Fusion Strike 131/264)
-Jigglypuff (SS Fusion Strike 110/264)

All of them possesses the “Let’s All Rollout” attack, which costs CC (Twin Energy easily fulfills it) and does 20 damage for each of your Benched Pokemon that has the Let’s All Rollout attack. Pretty underwhelming as the most damage you can deal is 100 damage. Blissey and Wooloo won’t be able to exploit Weakness, but the other four can. I suppose Blissey would just sit on the Bench while the other four potential attackers (Marill, Togedemaru, Jigglypuff, or Sandshrew) tries to deal as much damage as they can. Expanded does help a little by increasing the maximum Bench size from five to eight via Sky Field from XY Roaring Skies. With a full bench of eight Pokemon with the Let’s All Rollout attack, that attack will do 160 damage.

And I realized that I was reviewing the entire archetype on top of Blissey.


Standard: 2.00
Expanded: 2.00

Another new archetype has been formed, but in this particular case, it requires a full Bench of extremely vulnerable Pokemon to deal as much damage as possible, which limits your options of putting other Pokemon into play without that attack, though I suppose there’s a plethora of trainer cards to make up for it. I’m afraid I haven’t done this archetype justice; there are deck lists that are already posted regarding this archetype and could be functional. I think it depends on what other players use. If they bring Pokemon VMAX into play, then Blissey is a hard counter.

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