Arktos XII - Chronochasm Vaylantz
Arktos XII – Chronochasm Vaylantz

Arktos XII – Chronochasm Vaylantz – #PHHY-EN037

Pendulum Effect – You can activate 1 of these effects;
●Special Summon this card to your Main Monster Zone in its same column.
●Move 1 monster in your Main Monster Zone to an adjacent (horizontal) Monster Zone.
You can only use this effect of “Arktos XII – Chronochasm Vaylantz” once per turn.
Monster Effect – 2 Level 5 or higher “Vaylantz” monsters
Must first be Special Summoned (from your face-down Extra Deck) by Tributing the above cards. (Quick Effect): You can switch the locations of 2 monsters in your Main Monster Zones or 2 monsters in your opponent’s Main Monster Zones. If a card in the Monster Zone moves to another Monster Zone (except during the Damage Step): You can destroy 1 card on the field. You can only use each effect of “Arktos XII – Chronochasm Vaylantz” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  March 31st, 2023

Rating: 3.58

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Arktos XII – Chronochasm Vaylantz is a new Vaylantz card and ends the week on Pojo.

Pendulum Fusion monster that doesn’t require a Fusion Spell to Fusion Summon. Lets start with the monster effects. Doesn’t need a Fusion Spell to be Special Summoned and requires 2 Level 5 or higher “Vaylantz” monsters. With all the monsters being Pendulum and having Special Summon effects as Pendulum Scales revolving around the archetype’s two Field Spells, you shouldn’t have too much trouble playing two Level 5 or higher Vaylantz in your Pendulum Zones and then Special Summoning them because you have the specific Field Spell. Once on the field, Arktos XII will help the column-based strategy of Vaylantz through its ability to switch up to two monsters to different columns on either side of the field. When Arktos XII does this, it triggers its second effect, a nice spot removal of any card on the field. The movement of monsters is a Quick Effect, allowing Dominator Duke and Archer to disrupt your opponent’s turn. This monster doubles the movement of monsters and triggers your Vaylantz monster effects, it is needed to get more bang for your effects.

As a Pendulum Spell, Arktos XII can Special Summon itself to the Main Monster Zone in the same column it is currently in, falling in line with the archetypes theme. If you don’t want to Special Summon Arktos XII, you can use the other effect and move a monster in your Main Monster Zone to another one. You could use the monster effect to do a double move and then use another effect to move Arktos XII to the Pendulum Zone and activate the move effect again, netting three moves of monsters in one turn, but with 3000ATK/DEF it boasts some serious power and should be kept on the field, especially with that Quick Effect.

Arktos XII cranks up the speed of the Vaylantz and gets the most out of their effects. It can hold its own but you want your best Vaylantz monsters on the field alongside it.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

The week ends off with the final boss monster for the Vaylantz archetype that they lacked previously: Arktos XII – Chronochasm Vaylantz.

Arktos XII in the Pendulum Scale is a Scale 12, which is a near perfect high scale, with two effects you can choose from with a hard once per turn, letting you either Special Summon this card to the Main Monster Zone in the same column or to move a monster in your Main Monster Zone to an adjacent Main Monster Zone. Being able to either resummon itself or move your Vaylantz is pretty good for the archetype as the standard stuff you want to see for it.

As a monster, Arktos XII is a Level 12 EARTH Fairy Fusion Pendulum with 3000 ATK and DEF. Honestly the stats leave a bit to be desired for Level 12, but EARTH and Fairy is fine. The Fusion Materials are any 2 Level 5 or higher Vaylantz monsters, so you got options with 4 different monsters in the Main Deck along with the 2 other Fusions. It must first be Special Summoned (from your face-down Extra Deck) by tributing the above cards, so thankfully you don’t need to use your moving effects on Hojo for his Fusion effect. The first effect is a Quick Effect to swap zones of 2 monsters in your Main Monster Zone or 2 monsters in the opponent’s Main Monster Zone. You’ll mainly use this on your own monsters more than likely to trigger 2 Vaylantz effects at once, though there might be some niche situations where you’d move the opponent’s monsters, so it’s nice to have the option. The second effect triggers if a monster in the Monster Zone moves to another Monster Zone, letting you destroy a card on the field. Good to go with the first effect to trigger this and get some disruption, though a Quick Effect to just pop is more versatile for disruption. You still take what you can get here, and it’s a fine effect still. Hard once per turn on each effect. No effect on its own to put itself in the Pendulum Zone, but Vaylantz can do that for you. It’s the best of the 3 Fusions for the Vaylantz archetype since it probably has the most useful effect, and it’s easier to summon since you don’t need to move Hojo for the Fusion Summon or try to get your Vaylantz in the column of the Extra Monster Zone. A good final boss for the archetype.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 3/5 Sir, the Vylons are down the hall.

Mighty Vee

Closing the week is a card that was as much of a surprise in lore as it was for players, Arktos XII – Chronochasm Vaylantz (talk about a mouthful), another boss for the Vaylantz archetype. Building on the other bosses, it’s a level 12 EARTH Fairy Fusion Pendulum monster; though it is an EARTH Fairy, this doesn’t have much bearing for an Extra Deck monster. While it takes two level 5 or higher Vaylantz monsters as Fusion material, you’ll have to Special Summon it by its own effect first, by tributing those monsters while Arktos is face-down in the Extra Deck, so don’t bother bringing Polymerization. Having a Pendulum Scale of 12 is unfortunate, since it can’t revive another copy of itself if it finds its way to the Pendulum Zone. With 3000 attack and defense, its stats are good enough for general usage, though rather low for a level 12 monster.

Arktos’s Pendulum effect is a hard once per turn, letting you either Special Summon it into the column above or move any of your monsters to a horizontally adjacent monster zone. Considering Arktos’s monster effect, you’ll probably want it to get back into the fray ASAP, but the second option is a consideration if you need it for a bigger combo play, since that’ll trigger your combo pieces like Shinonome, the Vaylantz Priestess.

Arktos has two hard once per turn monster effects, thankfully not one per turn. On a Quick effect, you can swap the locations of any two monsters in a Main monster zone on either your side of the field or your opponent’s side of the field. Going first, like with the Pendulum effect, you can trigger your Vaylantz combo pieces, but against your opponent, you can potentially mess up a Link play, especially if they’re playing a deck that relies on co-Linking. More importantly, Arktos’s second effect triggers if any card in a monster zone moves to another monster zone, letting you destroy any card on the field. The first effect leads perfectly into this one, making it essentially a free pop every turn for both boardbreaking and disruption. Unfortunately, the elephant in the room is whether or not Arktos is better than the meta strategy for Vaylantz, which involves using Cyber Stein or Gallant Granite to build strong boards, both of which are arguably stronger and more efficient than summoning Arktos. Arktos isn’t a bad card and is a great boss, but it’s just overshadowed by other strategies.

Advanced: 3.25/5

Art: 3.75/5 Lost Vylon jokes aside, hard to take him seriously when he’s basically a giant unicycle– and I think that just adds to the Vaylantz charm.

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