Antihuman Intelligence ME-PSY-YA
Antihuman Intelligence ME-PSY-YA

Antihuman Intelligence ME-PSY-YA – #DAMA-EN024

Pendulum Effect – Any card sent to the GY is banished instead, except Monster Cards.
Monster Effect – You can reveal this card in your hand; add 1 other Pendulum Monster from your hand, or 1 card from your Pendulum Zone, to its owner’s Extra Deck face-up, and if you do, Special Summon this card. You can only use this effect of “Antihuman Intelligence ME-PSY-YA” once per turn. If another monster(s) is Normal or Special Summoned while you control this card: Send that monster(s) to the GY during the End Phase of this turn.

Date Reviewed:  September 3rd, 2021

Rating: 3.25

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Antihuman Intelligence ME-PSY-YA is our last card for the week and is one heck of a name.

Pendulum Effect is simple and devastating to things like Sky Striker: Everything but Monster Cards get banished when sent to the grave…makes you wanna side three against that one matchup. This would also pose a problem to decks like Drytron and Nekroz that like to cycle back their Ritual Spell cards.

As a monster, Antihuman has good stats for Level 8, with support behind it as a LIGHT and Cyberse. Special Summon by using another Pendulum monster makes this very easy to summon in a Pendulum Deck. After using a Pendulum Monster in your Pendulum Zone, pop it over to the Extra Deck to Special Summon Antihuman. This card can lock down your opponent with its final effect (as long as it lives), sending all monster(s) to the grave that were Normal or Special Summoned while you control Antihuman. This can hurt you unless you merely get rid of it on your turn. It doesn’t negate anything though, and while its stats are good, the odds of it living to the end of the turn against any deck out there are 50/50.

Could’ve been better if it had the added notation like many cards do “even if it leaves the field” but you can still protect it and if they can’t kill it they lose whatever monsters they summoned while Antihuman was out. Easy to Special Summon, a potentially good control mechanic, and at the very least a strong Pendulum Monster that can be a beater or fodder for Extra Deck summons.

Advanced-3/5     Art-3/5 

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Generic Pendulums aren’t something you see everyday, they’re usually tied to archetypes. Anyways, we end the week with Antihuman Intelligence ME-PSY-YA.

ME-PSY-YA is a Level 8 Scale 0 LIGHT Cyberse Pendulum with 2500 ATK and 3000 DEF. Fine stats overall, very good Scale, LIGHT is a great Attribute, and we still got a ton of Cyberse support from the VRAINS era.

As a Pendulum Scale, all you get is a Dimensional Fissure for all non-Monsters. Pretty good against Decks reliant on their Spells and Traps going to grave like Eldlich and Sky Striker. This is a pretty format dependant effect, but I already named Decks this could hurt. It’s simple, but pretty good.

As a monster, you can reveal this card in your hand, add a Pendulum Monster from your hand or Pendulum Zone to the Extra Deck, and then Special Summon this card. Easy 3000 DEF body or 2500 ATK beater if we needed, plus you just put a Pendulum in the Extra Deck to Pendulum Summon back. This is a hard once per turn effect. The non-HOPT effect doesn’t even have a once per turn clause where if another monster is Normal or Special Summoned while you control this card, send that monster to the graveyard during the End Phase of the turn. So basically this prevents other monsters from coming out, so hold this against the opponent so they lose everything when their turn ends, then use this as Link Material so you don’t have to deal with the downside, or just sit on this as long as you wish. Either way, okay effect to overall make up an okay card that’ll most likely find its formats.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 5/5 I’ve seen an OCG Ulti of this recently in the new style and love how the beams of light were exaggerated and how much detail the new rarity gave it.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

We haven’t looked at a Pendulum card in a minute, but here we are with Antihuman Intelligence ME-PSY-YA (is Mepsyya a play on Messiah, as in this is a Robotic Deity of sorts?)  Level 8, Light/Cyberese, 2500/2000, all fine there, and a 0 on the Pendulum Scale is a great thing too.  Being a 0 doesn’t do a lot likely NOW, but it could be a bigger thing later, but it is helpful in the now regardless too.  The Pendulum Effect is a great one, where all non-Monster cards are removed from play.  This may require a semi-constructed build for the player, unless having your own cards removed doesn’t hinder your strategy too much.  I’ve said before, I enjoy smart cards, cards you need to think and play with a bit to optimize, and this fits.

On the Monster side, revealing this card in your Hand lets you add another Pendulum from your Hand or your Pendulum Zone and return it (face-up) to the owner’s Extra Deck.  You get to Special Summon this card following that, if you were successful, naturally.  The free drop of a 2500 attacker like that isn’t anything to scoff at either.  Any Monster Normal or Special Summoned is sent to the Graveyard at the end of the current Turn, so long as you control this card.  It’s a LOT of fun, and a dedicated removal Deck might be able to wreak some hell with this.  If you either don’t care about the removal, can play through/around it, (plus remember you still get access to your Monsters without them being removed) it could do big things.

Rating:  3.25/5

Art:  5/5  Another superb picture here.  

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