Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle
Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle

Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle – #BLCR-EN015

If “Advanced Dark” is not in a Field Zone, send this monster to the GY. You can send this card from your hand or field to the GY; add 1 “Advanced Dark” from your Deck to your hand. Once per turn: You can target 1 “Advanced Crystal Beast” card you control; return it to the hand or place it on top of the Deck. If this face-up card is destroyed in a Monster Zone, you can place it face-up in your Spell & Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell, instead of sending it to the GY.

Date Reviewed:  December 7th, 2022

Rating: 3.25

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle vastly outshines its predecessor.

Instead of popping a Crystal Beast card back on top of the Deck, Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle can send itself from the hand or field to the grave and search your Advanced Dark Field Spell: a Field Spell searcher as a Crystal Beast…would’ve been nice for the original Crystal Beasts to be able to do that with Rainbow Ruins. ACBCE also can pop an Advanced Crystal Beast to the top of the deck or the hand. That second option helps keep your deck churning to get to cards you need rather than redraw a card. Because you need Advanced Dark for the archetype to work, it is so important to either draw it, Terraforming it, or discard this monster in your opening play to get that card. Other than that there isn’t much to say about this version of Cobalt Eagle.

Better than the first, but that isn’t saying much with what it had to go up against. No disruption with the pop back to the Deck or hand, but at least you now have a Field Spell searcher.

Advanced-3/5     Art-3.5/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Midweek brings us to a Crystal Beast that was once used for the utility it could offer, but now becomes one of the more important Advanced Crystal Beasts: Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle.

Cobalt Eagle is a Level 4 WIND Winged Beast with 1400 ATK and 800 DEF. Stats aren’t great, and neither is the Attribute, but Winged Beast is something at least. Same clauses on the other Advanced Crystal Beasts of course remain here. We once again, however, have two unique effects. The first lets you discard this card to search for Advanced Dark, which is key for Advanced Crystal Beasts considering they can’t exist on the field as monsters without it. We were going to need more ways to get to Advanced Dark without just hard drawing it, using Terraforming, or sending Rainbow Bridge of Salvation from Deck to grave to search it. Thankfully this adds 3 more copies of the card to your Deck technically. The other effect just returns an Advanced Crystal Beast you control to your hand or the top of your Deck, which I guess is better than just the top of the Deck if you want the options, so you can at least bounce Sapphire Pegasus. It’s important for Advanced Crystal Beasts cause you really want that Advanced Dark. It doesn’t do too much as a monster otherwise, but that’s fine since it actually has a proper use.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4.5/5 Probably one of the biggest upgrades over the original’s artwork.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Next Advanced Beast up for review is Cobalt Eagle.  Skipping the standard opening, everything else checks out as before.  Wind/Winged-Beast are great, 1400 atk (and 800 def) both leave plenty to be desired on a Level 4 though.  Dumping itself to your Grave from your Hand or Field to fetch Advanced Dark is rather useful.  Getting Advanced Dark as quickly as possible is rather important what with the not being able to be on the Field without it.  It also allows you to return an Advanced Crystal Beast from your Field back to your Hand or the Deck…which is something.  Outside of the first Effect here, this guy doesn’t really do much and is rather lackluster.  But being able to get Advanced Dark so easily is a definite boon to the player.  He’s worthy of 3 in your Deck for that alone, in my opinion.

Rating:  3.25/5

Art:  4/5  I like this, but the piece of Cobalt looks more evil (the shadows perhaps) than the Eagle itself.

Mighty Vee

Perhaps the weakest of the original Crystal Beasts, Cobalt Eagle gets a glow up as Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle, a level 4 WIND Winged Beast exactly like the original Cobalt Eagle. Sharing its pitiful stat spread of 1400 attack and 800 defense, surely it cannot be much of an improvement.

Just like the other Advanced Crystal Beasts, Eagle can be placed in the Spell/Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell if it’s destroyed, and if Advanced Dark is not on the field, it gets sent straight to the Graveyard. Shockingly, its first effect makes it easily the most useful Advanced Crystal Beast: by discarding it, you can search Advanced Dark, the card this archetype lives and dies by. Between three copies of Eagle, Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus, Crystal Bond, and the multitude of other Crystal Beast support, accessing Advanced Dark is a thing of the past. Eagle’s second effect is comparatively less exciting, a soft once per turn effect to return one of your Crystal Beasts from your field to your hand or to the top of your Deck, which can help with combos and follow-up but won’t come up very often. Make no mistake, Eagle is easily one of the most important cards for Advanced Crystal Beasts just by searching Advanced Dark alone, though it does not suddenly make Advanced Crystal Beasts good! After all, a searcher is only as good as what it searches…

Advanced: 3.25/5

Art: 4/5 Okay, now Cobalt Eagle looks really cool.

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