Merry Everything Pojo!

Was checking out Squishmallows when I spotted the Kanto crew at a corporate Hallmark where I found Pikachu Itty Bittys several months ago. I snatched up a set and checked online for info and lo, apparently there existed an Eevee also! Quick call to an independent Hallmark and I located the last Eevee in stock! Jackpot, as Eevee is the softest and fuzziest of them all! Great last minute holiday find while people are rioting over Squish, LOL, and I’m just chilling with Pokémon pals. To be fair, I did my Squishmallows battles already over the past few months. 2021 will live as the year of beat the resellers. Hope everyone is enjoying the season, gonna check my Pokémon Go and Pokémon Café Mix in a bit…