Here are the SJC Top 16 Deck Lists for the format.

And a Download Link (<1 MB) of the files for the deck lists below files hosted by Pojo (to be uploaded straight into the dueling application of your choice).  Below is a gallery of many of the decks you will come across in this format.


J Hero

Lastly, this a deck that was created after the original format called J-Hero (named after Jazz and Jake, two players that heavily test legacy formats) and they claim this is a tier 1 deck deck.  Jake explained to me that this deck is designed around committing a small amount of resources on the board whilst accumulating hand advantage and then making explosive plays with cards like Metamorphosis.  Two Mystic Tomato’s helps offer a layer of protection and some extra speed for the deck while it plans its plays.  I asked him, “Where are the Card Troopers and Machine Duplications?”.  “In the side deck, of course”.