Want all of your Shaddoll and Shaddoll accessories? Hello Pojo Readers, Crunch$G back here to tell you what you should know about the latest Structure Deck, Shaddoll Showdown. This was a Structure Deck voted on by the OCG players, and I’m sure some TCG players as well, for what archetype got support and the favorite was Shaddoll, so here we are with a whole Structure Deck to reprint the archetype and give it some new support. As many might already know, Shaddoll is a Fusion-based strategy that is based on using the archetype’s monsters, which are mostly FLIP monsters, and monsters with different Attributes for Fusions, and this Structure Deck doesn’t change that, but supports it, so let’s see what we got.

The Sinister Shadow Showdown

First off, we get to talk about the new Shaddolls, and we now have cards in the Main Deck that aren’t DARK. Qadshaddoll Keios is a LIGHT monster that has a FLIP effect to summon a Shaddoll from your hand in either face-up or face-down Defense Position and it being sent to the grave by a card effect lets you send a Shaddoll from the hand to the graveyard to boost all your monsters by 100 ATK times the sent monster’s level during that turn. Reeshaddoll Wendi is a WIND monster that has a FLIP effect to summon a Shaddoll from the Deck in face-up and face-down Defense Position and being sent to the grave via a card effect also lets you summon a Shaddoll from the Deck in face-down Defense Position, both times you can’t summon another Wendi of course. Naelshaddoll Ariel is a WATER monster with a FLIP effect to Special Summon a banished Shaddoll in face-up or face-down Defense Position and being sent to the graveyard by a card effect lets you target up to 3 cards in the graveyards and banish them. Resh Shaddoll Incarnation is a Normal Trap that can revive a Shaddoll from the graveyard in either face-up or face-down Defense Position and can be banished from the graveyard to either change a monster to face-up or face-down Defense Position. Finally, El Shaddoll Apkallone is a new DARK Fusion of 2 Shaddoll monsters that have different Attributes, must first be Fusion Summoned, has protection from being destroyed in battle, can negate the effects of a face-up card on the field upon being Special Summoned, and being sent to the graveyard lets you add a Shaddoll card from your Deck or graveyard to your hand and then makes you discard a card.

Noteworthy Reprints

Now it’s time for the reprints, and as expected you got a lot of Shaddoll related cards. First, I should mention that instead of El Shaddoll Construct and El Shaddoll Winda just getting regular reprints, they were instead reprinted with alternate arts. Besides that, every other Shaddoll is just regular stuff. You got Shaddoll Falco, Hedgehog, Squamata, Dragon, Beast, Hound, Zefranaga, Zefracore, Curse of the Shadow Prison, El Shaddoll Fusion, Shaddoll Fusion, Nephe Shaddoll Fusion, Shaddoll Core, Sinister Shadow Games, and Purushaddoll Aeon to make sure you have every single Shaddoll card in the Main Deck. You also got the Extra Deck with the aforementioned Construct and Winda alongside Grysta, Wendigo, Anoyatyllis, Shekhinaga, and Shaddoll Construct. There’s also some good stuff beyond Shaddolls. You got a reprint for Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning for a boss monster, alongside Dark Armed Dragon. Lava Golem is a good spot removal card to have in here. You got some good Shaddoll options like Performage Trick Clown, Armageddon Knight, Kuribandit, and Mathematician. Other cards to be Fusion Materials like Felis, Lightsworn Archer and Peropero Cerperus. You got great Fusion cards like Super Polymerization and Instant Fusion. You also got Allure of Darkness and Foolish Burial to synergize well with Shaddolls. Pot of Avarice is good since it was just unbanned. Living Fossil is a useful reprint. Twin Twisters is always good to have. You finally have some good Traps like Lost Wind and Unending Nightmare.

In Conclusion

You do got some pretty solid Shaddoll cards like Wendi and Apkallone to add to the Shaddoll strategy. You especially have some great reprints in here as well. I don’t think this Deck will make pure Shaddolls meta on its own, but it does make splashing in Shaddolls into other Decks more viable. It’s fairly good support with room for more since we didn’t get a Shaddoll monster for every Attribute in the Main Deck. It’s an excellent Structure Deck to pick up. Also, don’t worry you Sacred Beast fans, because it seems you’ll get that Structure Deck anyways. 😉