Yowie - #BROL-EN007
Yowie – #BROL-EN007

Yowie – #BROL-EN007

If this card is Summoned (and no other cards): You can activate this effect; your opponent skips their next Draw Phase. You can only Special Summon once, the turn you activate this effect. You can only use this effect of “Yowie” once per Duel.

Date Reviewed:  January 3rd, 2022

Rating: 2.75

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Yowie starts off the New Year and is a monster many of us saw in the anime, however, this one has restrictions.

Has to be summoned on its own, so no Pendulum Summon involving this card. Skipping your opponent’s next Draw Phase is always good. Limiting yourself to one Special Summon this turn, that’s okay, you can save that for a boss monster, and many would be okay with that if they were skipping their opponent’s next Draw Phase. One per Duel…that is expected considering how many times you could potentially spam this effect. Being a low ATK monster, Yowie can be Special Summoned with something like Giant Rat, or normal means like Monster Reborn. It is a good one-off card, especially in a Reptile deck as it will fuel Reptile effects and carries the EARTH Attribute like many other Reptiles.

Yowie on your first turn is hilarious, late game or in a top-deck situation it is devastating. The limitations of this card are acceptable and hold it in check from being abused.

Advanced-3/5- can be used anywhere, but you wouldn’t waste a spot on it in every deck


Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Well it’s a new year, and with no cards from 2022 to review left, we’ll take care of some lingering 2021 stuff from Brothers of Legend and later Burst of Destiny by starting things off with Yowie.

Yowie is a Level 3 EARTH Reptile with 500 ATK and DEF. Stats aren’t good, but EARTH is nice and Konami has boosted Reptiles recently. You got a hard once per Duel effect where if this card is summoned and you control no other cards, you can activate the effect to skip your opponent’s next Draw Phase, and you can only Special Summon once the turn you use this effect. So really this isn’t too useful unless you can empty the opponent’s hand and then get this summoned to skip their draw, but if a combo like that exists, it’s probably difficult to pull off. Being a hard once per Duel is needed here cause you can just keep bringing this back to prevent your opponent from ever drawing otherwise. I feel there’s something you can do with this still. If it can be figured out, it should likely be a near guaranteed win, but figuring out the perfect combo with this is the tricky part.

Advanced Rating: 2.5/5

Art: 3.5/5 It’s like the evil version of Ipiria I guess, which fits since that lets you draw cards and this prevents the opponent from drawing.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Happy New Year y’all, as we enter our first CotD week of said year.  Yowie kicks things off as our first card, and this is a rather interesting card, with a lot of potential.  Earth/Reptile, and the atk/def are pretty irrelevant, you’re using this for the Effect payoff. A Hand Trap of sorts, and a variation of Time Seal, this card can skip your opponent’s Next Draw Phase…so long as certain criteria are met.  If this card is Summoned, in any manner, so long as no other cards are, your opponent, as mentioned, skips their next Draw Phase.  This card is one, and certainly one you’re not going to get every time, but that makes it a smart players’ card.  See, either you need to chain or accompany this with something to ENSURE nothing else can be Summoned when you’re shooting for this, otherwise you just have a weak Monster on the Field and no Effect granted.  Sure, you may luck into this, but if you’re opponent has anything to chain to this to bring out a Monster of their own, you just lose out.  Definitely a ‘worth you’re investment’ IF YOU PLAY IT PROPERLY card.  You’re also only able to Special Summon once the Turn you do this, which is a more than fair trade, if you’re opponent loses a Draw Phase out of the deal.  Finally, you can only use this once per Duel.  Also motivation there to ensure it goes in your favor since you don’t get a second chance.

Rating:  3.5/5  Potential factors in here, as does it not working, but I like what’s given to me here.

Art:  2.5/5

Mighty Vee

This week covers some of the miscellaneous anime cards released in Brothers of Legend, starting with a Yowie, a rather obscure monster that hadn’t been printed since its debut in Yugioh GX until now. It’s a level 3 EARTH reptile, which isn’t so bad since reptiles have been experiencing a bit of a renaissance lately, and level 3 is at least fine for Phantom Knights synergy. It also has 500 attack and defense, which are rather pathetic stats for a level 3, but hopefully it doesn’t come up often– at least it can be used to summon Salamangreat Almiraj!

Yowie is clearly meant to be a substitute for Yata-Garasu, a card that’s been banned since the inception of Yugioh’s banlist (and one that we’ll cover later this week, hint hint). Yowie’s effect can only be used once per duel, which is the hardest a once per turn that a hard once per turn can get. If you summon it by itself (and no other cards, which means no group pendulum summon), your opponent skips their next draw phase. That’s it. Additionally, you can only special summon once the turn you activate Yowie’s effect, so if you normal summon it, there is very little you can do– even less if you special summon it. While preventing your opponent’s draw is a very powerful effect, the severe restrictions that Yowie places you under are not worth it at all since you will likely end up with a weak board consisting of Yowie and maybe one other actually useful monster. I can see it being a situational advantage card in anti-meta decks, but you’ll have to plan it well, especially when it’s only once per duel. Yowie might not be the Yata-Garasu replacement we wanted, but it is great for a good laugh and might be a killer in the right deck.

Advanced: 2/5

Art: 3/5 Honestly I find this art really funny, it reeks of the classical mix-and-match monsters that were all over the place in old Yugioh.

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