Where Arf Thou?
Where Arf Thou?

Where Arf Thou? – #SDFC-EN034

If you control a Level 1 monster: Add 1 Level 1 monster from your Deck to your hand. During the End Phase of this turn, take 2000 damage if you did not Normal Summon the added monster, or a card with the same name, after activating this card.

Date Reviewed:  March 7th, 2024

Rating: 3.75

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Where Arf Thou? is our Throwback Thursday choice this week and is a card that might make its way onto the ban list in the future.

Arf has Snake-Eyes written all over it. Needing a Level 1 monster on the field to search a Level 1 from the Deck gets you to any Snake-Eye monster or something you might have in the Deck that aligns with the FIRE Attribute (Kurikara). The LP damage you take if you don’t Normal Summon the monster you choose may be a quarter of your LP but LP don’t matter as much (said this multiple times in the past) and 2000LP is the cost of one Solemn Warning which no one had issue playing so the cost for searching any Level 1 you want is worth it. It isn’t unheard of that you will easily dodge this “negative”: Serach Poplar with Bonfire or something, Special Summon it because of its effect, get a search from Poplar, activate Arf and search any Snake-Eye monster you want and Normal Summon it…see? Easy! In other decks that may run Level 1 monsters, this can be used as an extra way of searching it aside from its archetype support.

Currently in the meta there are a ton of Level 1 monsters that are great: Snake-Eye monsters, Legendary Fire King Phonix, Voiceless Voice, Rescue-ACE Hydrant, in addition to many others that may be used as tech options. If you are willing to keep the monster in the hand and lose 2000LP, then there is no downside to this card, and almost all players are willing to lose that.

Advanced- 4/5
Art- 3/5- Turn around, get your pup, and go home

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

Throwback Thursday this week gives us our favorite searcher for any Level 1 monster in the game: Where Arf Thou?

Where Arf Thou? is a Normal Spell where if you control a Level 1 monster, you can add any Level 1 monster from your Deck to your hand. Technically you can search for a hand trap to use on the opponent’s turn at the worst like Effect Veiler, Droll & Lock Bird, and D.D. Crow. You can also search for cards to extend your plays for Decks like Lyrilusc and Snake-Eyes if you just want more consistency. If you don’t Normal Summon that monster, or a monster with the same name, after you activate this card, then you’ll take 2000 damage at the end of the turn, which will stack if you use more than 1 of these. You got to be careful in time, but if the card leads to your victory, then 2000 damage doesn’t matter at all. We did play Solemn Warning for years and still play Solemn Judgment and Strike to this day. If you run a Level 1 heavy Deck and need extra consistency, you can for sure run this. I don’t know about Snake-Eyes needing this right now, but you can for sure use it in Lyrilusc or something.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 Knowing this leads to Outstanding Dog Marron becoming Skull Dog Marron is very sad.

Mighty Vee

With Snake-Eyes getting the spotlight, a few people are raising a fuss about today’s card, Where Arf Thou? (which ironically isn’t played in the deck), a Normal Spell from 2012’s Return of the Duelist. Where Arf Thou has a single effect and can only be used if you control a level 1 monster, letting you search any level 1 monster. As a consequence, you’ll take 2000 damage during the End Phase if you didn’t Normal Summon the monster or any copy of it that turn. At a glance, it’s not too hard to see why people consider it the sleeper tech of the century, as you can search Snake-Eyes Poplar to summon it immediately, and it saw experimental play in Tri-Brigade Lyrilusc decks at the time to search Lyrilusc combo pieces. The drawback isn’t particularly big either, even if it can get you killed in fringe scenarios. Where Arf Thou’s main issue is that, like many similar cards, it requires you to already have a monster on the board to actually do anything. Sure, you can use it as insurance if Snake-Eye Ash gets zinged, but otherwise it’s a dead card and potentially bricks you. There’s also the obvious issue of summoning the monster you searched in the first place, which you hopefully have a means to do (hence why this card is pretty terrible in Floowandereeze, as the trigger timing for their extra Normal Summon will be long gone by the time you activate Where Arf Thou). It’s still a decent tech card, but its applied drawbacks are too great to justify its use in meta builds of decks that would want to use it.

+Consistency booster and combo fixer for many level 1-based decks
-Can’t combo by itself
-Potential brick if you have no level 1 monster access

Advanced: 3.25/5
Art: 3.5/5 RIP Marron…

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