Wee Witch's Apprentice
Wee Witch’s Apprentice

Wee Witch’s Apprentice
– #CYHO-EN049

2 DARK monsters All DARK monsters on the field gain 500 ATK/DEF, also all LIGHT monsters on the field lose 400 ATK/DEF. If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can target 1 DARK monster in your GY; add it to your hand. You can only use this effect of “Wee Witch’s Apprentice” once per turn.


Date Reviewed: September 14, 2018

Rating: 3.94

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Wee Witch’s Apprentice is a Link Monster I’ve personally been waiting for.

DARK-based decks get an Attribute-specific Link 2 that pumps up their DARK monsters even more and nets them a DARK from the grave when it leaves the field via battle or card effect. Two DARK monsters is nothing to even decks that use a combo of Attributes in their Main Deck. Every Attribute back in the day had a monster like this to pump up their Attribute, while decreasing a rival Attribute, then they got a Link version. It was only a matter of time before DARK monsters got theirs and I for one am happy they did. When you can use Fires of Doomsday to open up two Extra Monster Zones, it is a great day.

Advanced-4/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

WarlockBlitz's Avatar

Wee Witch’s Apprentice is a Link 2 Dark Spellcaster-type Link Monster with 1400 Atk and with Bottom Left and Bottom Right Arrows. She is properly Link Summoned with any 2 Dark Monsters. For your trouble you get the generic Attribute support of pumping All Dark monsters by 500 Atk and Def while decreasing All Light monsters by 400 Atk and Def. It’s enough to make Wee Witch a 1900 beater and pull a 2300 Atk Light Monster into crashing range. Then if she is destroyed by anything from anywhere you get to target a Dark Monster in the grave to add back to the hand. That last effect is a hard once per turn, but floating is nice. I can see this fitting very nicely with the new ban list to the point of resurrecting Burning Abyss. Honestly, all the attribute Link pumpers are pretty good without any drawbacks to running one or 2, and they look cool too. Happy Friday!

Score: 3.75/5     Art: 4/5

Crunch$G Avatar

We end this week off with the Link Monster for the DARK Attribute, We Witch’s Apprentice. 

Wee Witch’s Apprentice is a Link-2 DARK Spellcaster with 1400 ATK, arrows pointing Bottom Left and Bottom Right, and requires 2 DARK Monsters. Summoning requirements are easy to fulfil in DARK decks, DARK is obvious but good and Spellcaster is good, 1400 ATK is fine, arrows are amazing. Just a note, Fires of Doomsday immediately summons this, but has a similar restriction as to Scapegoat but you only get 2 Tokens, but I guess it is good in DARK decks. Now, while you control Wee Witch’s Apprentice here, all DARK monsters gain 500 ATK and DEF while all LIGHT monsters lose 400 ATK and DEF. Now, this was basically seen on all the Attribute Link monsters, boost the stats of your attribute while debuffing an opposite attribute. WATER-FIRE, WIND-EARTH, now DARK-LIGHT. This is why we only reviewed Mistar Boy basically, because if we review one, we basically review them all. The other effect on Wee Witch’s Apprentice is similar to all the others as well, as when it is destroyed by battle or card effect, you can add a DARK monster from the GY to the hand and this is a hard once per turn effect. Again, all the Attribute Link monsters do this for their respective Attribute, so this isn’t really special. DARK might be a better attribute, but that doesn’t make this card better than all the others. They all do the same job for their attributes, so you can kinda consider this a review for all 6 of them, they are important for now if your deck runs many of a single Attribute.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 The art is probably the only thing that varies in these Attribute Link monsters ratings, but I think Wee Witch’s Apprentice looks better than the original. She seems less evil happy and more happy happy.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Wee Witch’s Apprentice closes our week.  A Dark, Spellcaster, Link 2 Monster, with 1400 attack who needs two generic, but Dark Monsters for a Link Summon.  Arrows here point to the diagonal bottom left and right, respectively.  So she grants all Dark Monsters (not just yours but ALL) 500 attack and defense and detracts 400 attack and defense from all Light Monsters on the Field.

If Wee Witch is destroyed (by Battle or Card Effect, by you OR your opponent) so versatility here is nice…you Target a Dark Monster in your Graveyard and add it to your Hand.  That’s a nice 1-for-1 effect, and it doesn’t say she HAS to go to the Graveyard…or anywhere else, just she has to be destroyed.  So you’re all but getting a resource here assuredly.  

I like this.  Any of these are obviously great for a Deck that primarily focuses on a single attribute, so if you do, and want this help, you should use her.  Or whichever happens to fit your theme/attribute.

Rating:  4/5  (Good scores across the board this week, I like weeks like this)

Art:  5/5  Cute, nice use of color, and she doesn’t look unnecessarily evil

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