Walkabout Mini Golf is a Virtual Reality Golf Game made by Mighty Coconut Games.  It is available on Meta Quest, Steam VR, and PSVR2.  My review is based on gameplay on a Quest 2 headset.  

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Walkabout Mini Golf isn’t just a VR take on a classic pastime; it’s an immersive and endlessly enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned putt-putt pro or a VR newbie, Walkabout Mini Golf has something for everyone, offering:

Pirate Island Mini Golf at Night
  • Beautifully themed courses: From the pirate-y splendor of Lost Lagoon to the neon-drenched majesty of Cosmic Canyons, every course is meticulously crafted with stunning visuals, catchy soundtracks, and clever hole designs that will challenge and delight.  The base game comes with 8 unique 18-hole courses to master (plus there are many more DLC courses available). 

Which way to go?
  • Realistic physics: The feel of putting is spot-on.  The satisfying “thwack” of contact, and the unpredictable bounces all translate smoothly into VR. Mastering lag puts and navigating tricky slopes feels truly rewarding.

Using a found Smiley Face ball with my unlocked Pirate Sword putter.
  • Solo or social fun: Play through the courses at your own pace, soaking in the atmosphere and perfecting your swing. Or, gather up to seven friends for some friendly (or not-so-friendly) competition. The in-game voice chat lets you banter, cheer each other on, or unleash your inner trash-talker.

  • Constant content updates: The developers haven’t stopped adding to Walkabout Mini Golf since its release. New courses keep things fresh, while hidden collectibles and unlockable clubs add an extra layer of engagement. 

Golf inside a Japanese Garden

Beyond the core gameplay, Walkabout Mini Golf excels in its atmosphere. Lush environments, charming details, and subtle environmental storytelling create a sense of place that’s truly captivating. Whether you’re putting next to a beached pirate ship, or navigating a Japanese garden, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another world.

It’s not all perfect, of course. Some may find the cartoonish visuals a bit too simplistic, and some holes crazily unfair.  But these are minor blemishes on an otherwise polished gem.

The Cliffs of Ireland

Overall, Walkabout Mini Golf is a must-play for VR enthusiasts. It’s a game that’s easy to pick up, endlessly replayable, and packed with charm, challenge, and social fun. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing solo escape or a competitive showdown with friends, Walkabout Mini Golf delivers the putt-putt perfection you crave.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of golf balls you can unlock!  Choose any to play with!

Pojo Notes: There is a lost golf ball to find on every hole on every course.  You build your ball collection by searching for these lost balls.  Each course also has a more difficult layout to unlock, and these harder versions have scavenger hunts to discover varying wild and wacky putters to use.  Some folks find the putter and ball hunts more fun than the golf!

Walkabout Mini Golf Myst

Many of the downloadable golf courses are based on existing video games, movies, and stories like: Jim Henson’s Labyrinth; the video Game Myst; and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  And, additional courses only cost a few dollars each.  

As a VR gamer that gets Motion Sickness pretty easily, Walkabout Mini Golf is a game that I can play without getting dizzy.  Players can teleport from shot to shot, reducing VR motion sickness.  The game might get to someone with a fear of heights of heights though.  The VR is so good that you will feel like your are standing on the edge of a massive cliff putting on some courses. 

Deadeye Golf Club Grip

You can even add a putting grip to your controller to give the game a more realistic putting feel.  The Deadeye Golf Club on Amazon works great for Walkabout Mini Golf and Golf+. There are also other great putter attachments on Amazon and Etsy. It’s nice to be able to put your off-hand onto a putting grip while playing. 

Pojo’s Wishlist: My biggest wish is for mallet putters to be included in the game.  All the putters in Walkabout Mini Golf appear to be blade putters.  I play a lot of real golf, and love mallets for putting.  😉

Verdict: 5 out of 5 stars. An instant VR classic that puts all other mini golf games to shame.  If you love mini golf in real life, then this is an absolute must buy!

At the time of this writing, Walkabout Mini Golf retails for $14.99.  That’s a great price for one of the best games in VR, and it comes with 8 different themed courses! 

Code to save 25% off Walkabout Mini Golf from the Meta Store 

I hope to review all of the of Downloadable Add-On Courses in the near future.