Venusaur V
Venusaur V

Venusaur V – SWSH Promo

Date Reviewed:  June 13, 2021

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Venusaur V (SW – Black Star Promos SWSH100) is a promo I thought we could look at as we bide our time for the next set.  It is a Basic, [G] Pokémon V with 220 HP, [R] Weakness, no Resistance, Retreat Cost [CCC] and knows two attacks. “Leaf Drain” is priced at [GC] and does 50 damage while healing 30 from Venusaur V (the Pokémon using it).  [GGC] pays for “Double-Edge”, which does 190 damage but also causes Venusaur V to hit itself for 30.

Being a Basic Pokémon is a good deal, and having 220 HP goes a long way towards offsetting being worth two Prizes when KO’d.  [R] Weakness was dangerous, last I checked, though I’m not sure how things will change after SW – Chilling Reign becomes legal.  The lack of Resistance and Retreat Cost of [CCC] are the worst, though not that bad.  Any Resistance is better than none, but -30 in a single matchup only goes so far, even with 220 HP.  Retreat Cost [CCCC] looks like it should be worse, but past [CC] you’re probably relying on switching effects, and you might benefit from access to cards like Buff Padding.  As for being a Grass type… not especially helpful right now.

The attacks are underwhelming, but this is an evolving Basic Pokémon V, so that too isn’t terrible.  The damage for the Energy is underwhelming for both attacks, even when factoring in the healing of the first and especially when factoring the self-damage of the second.  What really hurts Venusaur V is I think Venusaur V (Champion’s Path 001/073) is a tiny bit better.  The stats are all the same, and its attacks each cost [G] more than today’s Venusaur.  However, they seem just a tiny bit more useful.  Well, “Pollen Bomb” probably isn’t.  80 for [GGC], even with guaranteed Sleep and Poison for your opponent’s Active, is overpriced, and probably about as good at stalling (since it takes longer to prep) than Leaf Drain.

The thing that elevates the older Venusaur V is, I think, “Solar Beam”.  It isn’t that Solar Beam is a good attack; it costs [GGGC] and does 220 damage, plus has an effect that states this Pokémon cannot use Solar Beam next turn.  Even though the Energy cost makes it somewhat hard to access… you’re OHKOing most Basic Pokémon V (and smaller) targets.  You’re setting up most larger targets for a 2HKO as well, albeit one that requires resetting Solar Beam’s effect or using another attacker.  “Another attacker” includes just evolving into Venusaur VMAX.  Yes, there’s a VMAX.  I’m going to make a judgment call; considering the entire line, and the fact there’s an alternate choice that is slightly better…


  • Standard: 1/5
  • Expanded: 1/5

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(short review today)

As a card that is part of a V Battle Deck as a Level 1 product, I don’t expect today’s Venusaur-V to contribute much to the competitive scene. It can be used as a stepping stone to evolve into Venusaur VMAX, but today’s card is facing competition with another Venusaur-V card from Champion’s Path, which is slightly better than today’s card due to their attacks. As such, I find this card underwhelming.

Standard: 1

Expanded: 1

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