Venusaur · Base Set
Venusaur · Base Set

Venusaur – Base Set

Date Reviewed:  January 10, 2024

Average eBay Sale as of today (1st Edition):

PSA 10: $10,800
PSA 8: $2,000
PSA 3: $290


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Throwback Flower Power

Ah, the iconic Venusaur from the Base Set. This card is not just a staple in many collections but also competitive during its era. With its 100 HP, Solarbeam attack, and Energy Trans, Venusaur brings both power and nostalgia to the table.


  • HP: Clocking in at 100 HP, Venusaur is no pushover. It can withstand a couple of hits and still stay in the game.

  • Type: Grass – While it might be vulnerable to Fire types, Fire decks were not prominent in the early days of Pokemon.   

  • Attacks:

    • Solarbeam: This signature move can dish out 60 damage for 3 energy. Given the energy acceleration options available during the Base Set era, this attack was often easier to pull off than you’d expect. Plus, with the right deck build, Venusaur could be a consistent damage dealer.

Partners in Crime: Venusaur paired well with Scyther, and several colorless Pokemon from that time period, like: Dodrio, Chansey and Dodrio.  

Strategy: In the early days of the Pokémon TCG, Venusaur decks revolved around energy acceleration and disruption. Cards like Energy Retrieval and Bill made sure that Venusaur could keep churning out Solarbeams, putting pressure on the opponent. Kangaskhan’s Fetch helped you draw out cards you needed, and was a nice attacker was as well.  

Limitations: While Venusaur was powerful, it wasn’t without its flaws. Being a Stage 2 Pokémon meant you had to evolve it, which could be a challenge against faster decks – like the ever popular Haymaker decks. 

Final Thoughts: Venusaur from the Base Set is more than just a card; it’s a piece of Pokémon TCG history. Its combination of power, nostalgia, and strategic depth made it a favorite among players and collectors alike. Whether you’re reminiscing about old battles or exploring the TCG’s rich history, Venusaur remains an essential card to have in your collection.

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