Vanquish Soul Razen
Vanquish Soul Razen

Vanquish Soul Razen – #WISU-EN016

If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can add 1 non-Warrior “Vanquish Soul” monster from your Deck to your hand. (Quick Effect): You can activate 1 of these effects, by revealing monster(s) in your hand with the listed Attribute(s);
● FIRE: This card cannot be destroyed by card effects this turn.
● FIRE & DARK: Destroy all other monsters in this card’s column.
You can only use each effect of “Vanquish Soul Razen” once per turn, and cannot activate more than 1 in the same Chain.

Date Reviewed:  August 7th, 2023

Rating: 3.83

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KoL's Avatar
King of


Hello Pojo Fans,

This week we’re tackling the Vanquish archetype, made up of a few different Type monsters, starting with Vanquish Soul Razen.

Razen is the searcher of the archetype, adding a Vanquish Soul to your hand that can’t be a Warrior-Type. Razen, being the only Warrior-Type, puts the typical restriction of searching another copy of the same searcher onto himself. Good stats for a searcher, searchable with RoTA and could have some FIRE support cards behind him as he and Pluton HG are both FIRE Attribute.

Aside from that search when he’s Normal or Special Summoned, Razen (like all Vanquish Soul monsters) has a Quick Effect depending on what you reveal in your hand. Reveal a FIRE (another copy of himself or Pluton HG) and Razen gets some destruction protection from card effects. Good protection for during your opponents turn or during your turn when something like a Ghost Ogre may be chained against your Razen.

If you reveal a FIRE & a DARK monster (Heavy Borger and Dr. Mad Love if revealing Vanquish Soul monsters), you’ll do a column wipe of monsters where Razen is positioned. Far better payoff as you can destroy up to two monsters for zero cost to you, while still having the FIRE monster in your hand to protect from destruction during your opponent’s turn. This effect makes Razen a great going second card as your opponent will likely tried to build a board of several monsters. Regardless of how many monsters they may have on the field, Razen should always be a +1 on the column destruction effect. The search ability of Razen can lead into the column destruction or set up the protection ability, though it will likely set up the column monster destruction.

For a standard searcher monster, Vanquish Soul Razen does some good stuff. He will get you to any other Vanquish Soul monster, then he can protect himself or destroy a monster(s) your opponent has. You just have to keep the needed cards in hand, like a reverse Infinity effect.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

The second of three Wild Survivors archetypes is probably the most hyped one competitevely, hence why Konami probably gave it 7 of the 10 Ultra Rare slots and 5 of the 15 Collector Rare slots, but I digress from that as we review Vanquish Soul Razen.

Razen is a Level 4 FIRE Warrior with 1800 ATK and 1500 DEF. Stats are pretty good for a Level 4, plus FIRE and Warrior works with a few cards when combined. Upon Normal or Special Summon, Razen searches for any other Vanquish Soul monster besides another Razen. Basically gets you to the whole archetype, which is full of monsters with easy to meet Special Summon effects or anything you could summon from the hand with Rock of the Vanquisher. Considering you are likely to summon this several times with said Rock of the Vanquisher, it makes it easy to generate advantage over time, something Vanquish Soul is good at overall. The remaining effect is a Quick Effect to use one of two effects by revealing monster(s) in your hand with the listed Attributes. Revealing just a FIRE monster prevents it from being destroyed by card effects, which is alright I guess. It’s solid protection for putting forth the bare minimum. Revealing both a FIRE and DARK monster destroys all other monsters in this card’s column, giving you some removal that you can manipulate after you bounce this to the hand and summon it off of Rock. Considering how many cards you should be building up in this archetype, and the amount of good generic FIRE and DARK monsters there are to run, it shouldn’t be that hard to trigger this ability. Hard once per turn on each effect and you can’t use both effects in the same chain, so some balancing to this. Still, it’s a great card for Vanquish Soul, mainly since it’s your searcher for the entire monster line-up. If you play the archetype, it’s an easy 3-of for the Deck.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4.5/5 We got a lot of fighters to choose from, I don’t blame you if you see him in a game and choose him.

Mighty Vee

Hot off the heels of the Yugioh World Championship and Evo 2023, it’s a wonderful coincidence that this week we’re covering the Vanquish Soul archetype from Wild Survivors, which has gotten some buzz after making it into the top 4 of Worlds despite being projected as an underdog. Our first card is Vanquish Soul Razen, a level 4 FIRE Warrior monster, meaning you can search it with Reinforcement of the Army, Isolde, or the deck’s in-house searcher, Stake your Soul!, which we’ll cover later this week. For a level 4 monster, Razen’s stat spread of 1800 attack and 1500 defense isn’t very impressive, but it’s about expected.

Razen has two hard once per turn effects and they can’t be activated in the same chain, which sounds a bit weird, but it’ll make sense eventually. Razen’s first effect is a standard Stratos, searching any non-Warrior (so basically any but itself) Vanquish Soul monster after being Normal or Special Summoned. The big targets are Vanquish Soul Dr. Mad Love to get to your disruptions, Vanquish Soul Heavy Borger for more advantage, and Vanquish Soul Caesar Valius if you need heavy board presence, though the former two will likely be the most common. Razen’s second effect is a Quick effect that ties into the archetype’s gimmick, letting you reveal a number of monsters of the appropriate attributes to apply one of two effects. By revealing a FIRE monster (so another Razen or Vanquish Soul Pluton HG, or Ash Blossom), Razen can make itself immune to destruction by card effects, which isn’t detrimental, though not super helpful with its low base stats. Alternatively, by revealing a FIRE and DARK monster, you can destroy all monsters in Razen’s column. With careful Link monster placement, you can actually turn this into strong disruption against Link decks by forcing your opponent to play into Razen’s column, though otherwise it can be easily dodged by simply not doing so. Razen is easily a three-of in the deck for the search effect alone, as it kicks off all of your combos; it’s to the point where you might consider running Small World for more copies of Razen.

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 4/5 Ironically, Razen seems to be the only Vanquish Soul character not directly inspired by an Arc System Works character, instead he looks an awful lot like a blue David Martinez.

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