Tsumuha-Kutsunagi the Lord of Swords
Tsumuha-Kutsunagi the Lord of Swords

Tsumuha-Kutsunagi the Lord of Swords – #CYAC-EN024

Cannot be Special Summoned. You can Tribute Summon this card by Tributing 1 Normal Summoned/Set monster. If this card is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up: Activate this effect; your opponent can send any number of cards from their field to the GY, then each player draws the same number of cards as were sent to the GY by this effect. During the End Phase of the turn this effect was activated, shuffle all cards into the Deck from the field, the GYs, and that are banished. Once per turn, during the End Phase, if this card on the field was Normal Summoned or flipped face-up this turn: Return this card to the hand.

Date Reviewed:  June 9th, 2023

Rating: 2.08

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Tsumuha-Kutsunagi the Lord of Swords ends the week and is a big Level 11 that involves both players.

As a Spirit you can’t Special Summon Tsumuha-Kutsunagi and it will bounce itself at the End Phase like all Spirit monsters, so you know what you are in for when you play this card. Making a Level 11 able to be summoned by tributing a Normal Summoned/Set monster is Monarch-like and gels with another Spirit monster: Nikitama, which can make this a one-turn summon instead of two turns (also may get you a draw off Nikitama if not countered).

When you do summon Tsumuha-Kutsunagi, you give your opponent a choice: send cards to the grave and we draw that many cards. This can benefit your opponent greatly as so much works immediately in the grave, even during your turn, and while you will gain cards and they will only break even initially, it’s that extra potential of the cards they send to the grave that makes me flinch when I read this.

When Tsumuha-Kutsunagi does bounce in the End Phase like all Spirits do, it will shuffle back everything except cards in the hand back to the deck. This is great to clear out your opponent’s grave and the field, but you are going to be left with nothing during your opponent’s turn as well, and that isn’t good. Tsumuha-Kutsunagi does dodge its own effect by being a Spirit bouncing itself back to the hand, but it would have been nice if it was the one Spirit-Type monster that wouldn’t bounce back and could avoid its own effect.

In a dedicated Spirit deck would be where Tsumuha-Kutsunagi would shine the best. You could play it elsewhere and use its effects, but your opponent can always select zero and that effect will essentially have fizzled. The cycle-back effect is tougher to negate and does perform a Fiber Jar-like reset if successful. If you were to have Nibiru or Infinite Impermanence in your hand for your opponent’s turn you would be okay but you won’t always have that.

Advanced-2/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

The week ends off with a modern boss monster for the Spirit mechanic: Tsumuha-Kutsunagi the Lord of Swords.

Tsumuha-Kutsunagi is a Level 11 WIND Warrior Spirit with 3000 ATK and DEF. Stats are fine, WIND is still meh, but Warrior is nice. So you got the standard clause for most Spirit Monsters where it can’t be Special Summoned, so we are keeping that restriction 20 years after we saw the first Spirits. You can Tribute Summon this card by tributing just 1 Normal Summoned/Set Monster, which most of those might not stick on the field long, so the best way to do this is getting effects to offer more Normal Summons, but it’s at least fairly easy to do if you can get more Normal Summons or your monster sticks around, though 2 monsters is far from impossible. If this card is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up, you can make the opponent send any number of cards from their field to the graveyard and then make each player draw cards equal to the number sent. So overall, your opponent doesn’t have to get rid of anything of value and they still get to draw along with you, which considering they’ll know they have to send cards to let you draw, it likely won’t be much even then. During the End Phase of the turn this effect was activated, though, you shuffle all the cards on the field, in the graveyards, and in the banished pile back into their owner’s Deck, which would be the only reason the opponent would send stuff to the graveyard I’d assume, so at least trying to get you a chance to draw as many cards as possible, but the same still goes for the opponent. Finally, once per turn, during the End Phase of the turn this was Normal Summoned or flipped face-up, it returns to the hand, so you can get it back in the hand before the field is completely wiped. It sounds like a cool card in theory, but you do have to Tribute Summon it, and you always won’t be able to do so with just 1 monster I’m sure unless you play dedicated Spirits and use the new Sakitama. The main issue is the choice of the opponent to send cards to let both players draw, and I’m sure they can still choose 0 if they wanted to, meaning you won’t get any draws before everything else is reset into the Deck and you end up with less resources than before. Some changes could of made this card better, but said changes could of also made it broken potentially, so I get what they were trying to do.

Advanced Rating: 2/5

Art: 3/5 I don’t know, some of these previous big boss monsters like Chaos Ruler, ZEUS, and Underworld Goddess just looked cooler than this.

Mighty Vee

If Fiber Jar didn’t foreshadow it enough, closing the week is Tsumuha-Kutsunagi the Lord of Swords, a level 11 WIND Warrior Spirit monster joining Cyberstorm Access’s bizarre menagerie of one-off cards. Being a Warrior is always helpful thanks to the vast amounts of Warrior support, though level 11 and WIND are not particularly helpful properties, and being a Spirit monster doesn’t inspire confidence either. On the bright side, Tsumuha-Kutsunagi has a good and balanced stat spread of 3000 attack and defense, though it can’t really take advantage of that defense as a Spirit monster anyway.

Like all Spirit monsters, Tsumuha-Kutsunagi can’t be Special Summoned, though thankfully it only needs one Tribute to be Tribute Summoned, though you’ll still need to rely on cards like Sakitama or Double Summon to get it out in a timely manner. Additionally, it’ll return to your hand during the End Phase the turn it’s Normal Summoned or flipped, again like all Spirit monsters. After being Normal Summoned or flipped, Tsumuha-Kutsunagi’s main effect triggers, letting your opponent choose to send any number of cards from their field to the Graveyard to allow both players to draw the same number of cards. This effect isn’t particularly reliable for a number of reasons, but the main reason is that it’s completely optional; your opponent can simply choose no cards and nothing would happen. If they did, they’d likely only choose the cards that benefit them; sure, you might draw the card you need to change the tide of battle, but so might your opponent! Tsumuha-Kutsunagi’s other effect triggers during the End Phase as long as its first effect was triggered (which should usually happen, since it’s mandatory unless it gets negated), shuffling all cards on the field, in the Graveyard, and from Banished into the deck. It doesn’t quite reset the hands like Fiber Jar, but it’s still a massive change in game state. A few people have floated this card as an anti-Runick tech, but there are so many issues with teching it that I can’t really see it being used generically. You’d have to build around it in dedicated Spirit decks, and to what end? Overall it’s a fun card, but like Fiber Jar, I wouldn’t be too worried about it making rounds in the meta.

Advanced: 2.25/5

Art: 4.5/5 Never knew I needed to see Samurai Unicron before.

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