Tearlaments Rulkallos
Tearlaments Rulkallos

Tearlaments Rulkallos – #DABL-EN039

“Tearlaments Kitkallos” + 1 “Tearlaments” monster – Other Aqua monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle. You can only use each of the following effects of “Tearlaments Rulkallos” once per turn. When your opponent activates a card or effect that includes an effect that Special Summons a monster(s) (Quick Effect): You can negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it, then, send 1 “Tearlaments” card from your hand or face-up field to the GY. If this Fusion Summoned card is sent to the GY by a card effect: You can Special Summon this card.

Date Reviewed:  February 10th, 2023

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Tearlaments Rulkallos…well…this is awkard in light of the new banlist, but lets review it as if that didn’t happen.

Bigger version of Kitkallos, needing Kitkallos and another Tearlament monster for the Fusion Summon. Because you need Kitkallos for this summon, you’ll have to Fusion summon her first and then fusion climb, which in Tearlaments isn’t hard to come by. Send another Tearlament monster that you haven’t used for the Kitkallos Fusion Summon, and boom! You’ve got Rulkallos. This is even easier to come by if you use Instant Fusion to summon Kitkallos and then mill a Tearlament monster that can perform the Fusion Summon through any kind of milling or discarding means. Tearlaments have their own effects to mill, they have the Ishizu monsters, and they’ve got Tearlament Grief, Tearlament Heartbeat, and Tearlament Scream in the form of Spell cards to send/mill to get that Tearlament in the grave to perform another Fusion Summon.

Rulkallos protects all other Aqua monsters from battle destruction, some good broad protection for your Main Deck Tearlament monsters and any other Fusion Tearlaments you may summon. You might even lock your opponent out from battle destruction with double Rulkallos on the field. Rulkallos also has negation ability against Special Summoning for your opponent once per turn as long as you can send a Tearlament card from your hand/field to the grave. A great 1-for-1 as you will only gain advantage off of this. Every Tearlament card nets you something when it hits the grave and even if you had to give up your Rulkallos she will give you something. Stopping that first Special Summon your opponent does can disrupt their plays, or save it for after they’ve gotten their board set and go for a boss monster. She may not have effect negation, however she has battle protection ability for your Aqua monsters and a good negation ability that will spur advantage for you on either turn.

Rulkallos when she hits the grave will come back as long as she is Fusion Summoned first. That last part prevents Rulkallos from returning infinitely. A sneaky trick you could do with relative ease is to summon Rulkallos and then use a Tearlament to Fusion Summon Kitkallos using Rulkallos. Rulkallos will come back and you will have another copy of her that will be able to return once as well. Two 3000ATK monsters with a Special Summon negation each once per turn sounds pretty good.

Easy to summon in Tearlament, good protection ability within the Type, negation of any kind is good, even better when the cost results in you creating advantage for yourself. As of Monday though, this card ain’t seeing play unless you use a substitute for the Fusion Summon of her. Not sorry the Tearlament Ishizu deck bit the dust hard on the banlist though, Yu-Gi-Oh can be fun again.

Advanced-4/5 (before banlist)

Art-4.5/5- the entire archetype has great artwork

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Crunch$G Avatar

The week ends off with the new boss monster for the Tearlaments archetype, and an upgraded form of Kitkallos, Tearlaments Rulkallos.

Rulkallos is a Level 8 WATER Aqua Fusion with 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF. Good stats for a Level 8, WATER is pretty good, and Aqua is supported pretty well. Materials are Tearlaments Kitkallos and any Tearlaments monster, which mentioning a specific material does mean King of the Swamp can replace it, and he already synergizes well with Tearlaments since he is an Aqua. Will likely be relevant if Kitkallos gets banned in the TCG like it did overseas. Your other Aqua monsters can’t be destroyed in battle, so protection for your smaller Tearlaments monsters. The remaining effects are a hard once per turn. The first being a Quick Effect when the opponent activates a card or effect that would Special Summon a monster(s), letting you negate the activation and destroy it, then you send a Tearlaments card from your hand or face-up field to the graveyard. Alright negation since there’s a ton of effects that Special Summon other monsters, especially if you’re in a Tearlaments mirror. It also triggers all the Tearlaments graveyard effects, especially its own if you send it off this effect cause if it’s sent to the graveyard by a card effect and it was Fusion Summoned, you can revive it, giving your 3000 body more staying power. Rulkallos is a good boss for Tearlaments, especially while Kitkallos is still legal. If that ever changes, get ready to play King of the Swamp more, cause this will still be a monster worth summoning.

(Update: Well, looks like we’re officially using King of the Swamp to summon this thing now.)

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 I don’t know, I just liked how Kitkallos looked better.

Mighty Vee

Finishing the week is a card that became much worse after the news of the banlist, Tearlaments Rulkallos, a new boss for the Tearlaments archetype. Combining its original form and Tearlaments Kaleido-Heart, Rulkallos is a level 8 WATER Aqua Fusion monster. As you might guess, the Fusion materials are the original Tearlaments Kitkallos and any other Tearlaments monster, which is normally trivial, but after the ban of Kitkallos, you now have to use a Fusion substitute like the ubiquitous King of the Swamp. It has a sizable stat boost compared to Kitkallos as well, boasting a solid 3000 attack and 2500 defense (hilariously, this means Rulkallos has classic rival boss stats compared to Kashtira Unicorn’s protagonist stats, a level 7 monster with 2500 attack and 2100 defense).

Rulkallos protects other Aqua monsters from being destroyed by battle, which isn’t totally useless, but probably won’t come up too often since you don’t want your Tearlaments monsters (other than Rulkallos itself) sticking around on the field too long; they’ll hopefully be used as Fusion fodder before the Battle Phase even starts. Both of Rulkallos’s following effects are a hard once per turn; the first is a Quick effect, negating a card or effect that Special Summons one or more monsters and destroying the card, then sending any Tearlaments monster from your hand or field to the Graveyard. While not as versatile as an omni negate, it’ll put the hurt on any combo that needs to use an effect that Special Summons a monster (notably, in the mirror match, you can zing your opponent’s Tearlaments Fusion Summons, and you can stop Nibiru, the Primordial Being as well). Sending a Tearlaments monster is obviously more of a benefit than a hindrance, since it’ll immediately trigger the Fusion effect (unless you sent Tearlaments Reinoheart) letting you go immediately into Predaplant Dragostapelia, or Tearlaments Kaleido-Heart if necessary. In a jam, you can even send Rulkallos itself if you have no other Tearlaments names to send, which leads to the other effect! If a Fusion Summoned Rulkallos is sent to the Graveyard by card effect, you can Special Summon it back to the field. It’ll only work once since Rulkallos will no longer be considered Fusion Summoned, but being able to keep Rulkallos as a body is pretty nice; it can help OTK on follow-up or even be fodder to make yet another Dragostapelia. Otherwise, Rulkallos is also nice fodder to send with Tearlaments Cryme or Tearlaments Sulliek since it’ll bring itself back, which, again, is helpful if you don’t have any Tearlaments names to spare. Overall, excellent new boss for the archetype; it has a different role from Kaleido-Heart, so you’ll definitely play both. Of course, it’s a lot harder to make now without Kitallos, so you’ll have to cope on milling King of the Swamp if you want even a chance of making it.

Advanced: 4.25/5

Art: 4.25/5 I see that Ari- I mean Kitkallos has claimed the throne from Urs- I mean Reinoheart!

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