Synchro World
Synchro World

Synchro World – #DUNE-EN051

Each time a monster is Synchro Summoned, place 2 Signal Counters on this card. If this card in its owner’s control is destroyed by an opponent’s card effect: You can Special Summon 1 “Crimson Dragon” from your Extra Deck. You can remove 4, 7, or 10 Signal Counters from your field; apply the appropriate effect.
● 4: Increase or decrease the Level of 1 face-up monster you control by 1.
● 7: Special Summon 1 Tuner from your GY.
● 10: Special Summon 1 Synchro Monster from your GY.

Date Reviewed:  September 12th, 2023

Rating: 2.67

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Synchro World is all about gaining counters through Synchro Summoning.

Doesn’t matter which player Synchro Summons, Synchro World gets 2 Signal Counters for each Synchro Summon. The more counters you get, the better the effects. There are a few cards that will place Signal Counters onto cards, but this is the most direct way. Removing 4 counters can drop or raise a Level by 1 of any monster of yours, which can mean the difference in which Synchro Monster you can summon. This effect ties in well to boost up Revolution Synchro when it Special Summons itself from the grave but its Level is at 1. Removing 7 counters gets you a free Tuner Special Summon from your graveyard. Great effect to continue synchro climbing, though if you got as high as 7, you might as well try for the 10 and get the Special Summon of a Synchro Monster from your graveyard.

Without any other cards like Signal Warrior or On Your Mark, Get Set, DUEL! adding counters to any of your cards on the field, this card will need five Synchro Summons to generate 10 counters. The middle around of 7 counters seems most likely the high point of this card, unless there is a loop you can continue to keep generating endless counters to dump for Synchro Monsters in your grave. After five Synchro Summons to get the 10 counters you SHOULD have established a good deal of advantage to the point where you are controlling the game or ending it. With no protection for itself, Synchro World may not last very long, even less if the opponent sees it as a threat depending on your playstyle.

An okay Field Spell but only for those who Synchro Summon A LOT. I’d say using Hyper Librarian to gain advantage through multiple Synchro Summons would be more advisable than depending on this card.

Advanced-2.5/5    Art-3/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Next up is a new Field Spell for Synchro Turbo strategies that somewhat reminds me of Gateway of the Six: Synchro World.

Synchro World is a Field Spell that gains 2 Signal Counters each time a monster is Synchro Summoned, which I guess it has to generate the counters for its effects somehow. If it’s destroyed by an opponent’s card effect while in its owner’s control, you get to summon a Crimson Dragon from the Extra Deck, which we’ll get to. Finally, you can remove 4, 7, or 10 Signal Counters from your field to apply an effect based on the number removed with 4 letting you increase or decrease the Level of a face-up monster you control by 1, 7 letting you revive any Tuner from your graveyard, and 10 letting you revive any Synchro from your graveyard. Overall, 3 effects to help you keep turboing out Synchros in the middle of your Synchro combos. No HOPT anywhere, but the costs does get steeper the better the effects get and you got to be Synchro Summoning a ton to use any effect to begin with. It’s good for continuning combos, but does nothing to get them started. A fine card in Synchron Turbo strategies, especially the earlier you see it.

Advanced Rating: 3/5

Art: 3/5 Wheel Synchron in Speed World.

Mighty Vee

Synchro World continues our Synchron coverage, a Field Spell searchable with Duelist Genesis and tomorrow’s card, Crimson Dragon (no point in hiding it since it’s in the text anyway!). While it’s on the field, Synchro World gets 2 Synchro Counters each time a monster is Synchro Summoned. Synchro Counters will stack up very quickly in Synchron decks, though more conservative decks like Swordsoul can reasonably see 2-6 counters. As a shout-out to Speed Spells from the anime, Synchro World lets you remove either 4, 7, or 10 counters (not once per turn, though this is largely moot outside of decks like Synchron) to activate the appropriate effects:

4: Increase or decrease the level of one of your face-up monsters by 1 (potentially useful, but not worth running Synchro World for)

7: Special Summon a Tuner monster from your Graveyard (Useful!)
10: Special Summon any Synchro monster from your Graveyard (Very useful!)

With this in mind, you’ll definitely need a way to summon four or more Synchro monsters (AFTER activating Synchro World) to get any meaningful mileage out of the card, which isn’t really feasible outside of decks like T.G. and Synchron. It’s a very strong extending effect for the decks that can use it, though you’ll have to make Crimson Dragon very early to weave it into combos. Synchro World also has an effect to Special Summon Crimson Dragon straight from your Extra Deck if it’s destroyed by your opponent’s card effect while you control it. We’ll talk more about Crimson Dragon tomorrow, but while it’s a nice bonus, it’s never good to rely on your opponent to float into combo pieces. Overall, it’s a fine casual tech in Synchro decks, but the only deck that can use it seriously is Synchron, and they have a much simpler search target that accomplishes exactly the same thing as Synchro World with less work.

Advanced: 2.5/5

Art: 3/5 Where’s Lakitu?

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