Sylveon – XY04 Promo

Date Reviewed:  May 16, 2021

Ratings Summary:
Standard: N/A
Expanded: 1.0

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We begin the week by taking a little break from reviewing cards from Battle Styles. This week is a pretty special week; since Sylveon debuted at Pokemon GO a few days ago, I wanted to make those COTDs a Sylveon week, and fortunately, there are eight Sylveon cards to review (seems like I missed the Forbidden Light version), including the unreleased Sylveon card that will eventually be released. Additionally, I also wanted this to be a tribute to Fairy types as a whole, because Fairy Energy is no longer Standard legal come next rotation. Plus, it’ll give time for other reviewers in case they’re aren’t able to chime in.

First up is Sylveon (XY Promos 4, Sylveon Half Deck 15/30, 30/30)! This card was available on the Sylveon Collection box which was released late 2013 (it costs around $250+ now), and serves as an introduction to the Fairy Type in the Pokémon TCG. This is a Stage 1 Fairy type with 90 HP, Metal Weakness, Darkness resistance, a retreat cost of C, and two attacks. As this is an Eeveelution, it can benefit from Energy Evolution, which can let Eevee evolve (even on the turn you put into play or even your first turn) if you attach a Fairy Energy from your hand into it. From there, it has two attacks. Disarming Voice costs Y for 20 damage, as well as inflicting the Confused Special Condition. Fairy Wind costs YCC for 60 damage.

The attacks, unfortunately, are underwhelming. Fairy Wind barely 3HKOs anything, and that’s before factoring HP buffs or Eviolite. Only the XY-era Dragons have the Fairy Weakness, so BW-era Dragons avoid taking double damage fro fairies. I don’t think this Sylveon card is meant to be playable, but I guess it does some things, just not enough to be competitive.


Standard: N/A (when it debuted, it would be a 1/5)

Expanded: 1/5

Sylveon is my longtime favorite Pokémon and Eeveelution, but I am being realistic regarding its playability. When this card debuted, it didn’t see any play. Being part of a half-deck further emphasize that this is something new players would first use before moving on to better decks.

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