Supreme King Gate Magician
Supreme King Gate Magician

Supreme King Gate Magician – #AGOV-EN001

Pendulum Effect – “Supreme King Z-ARC” you control cannot be banished by your opponent’s card effects. During your Main Phase: You can destroy this card, and if you do, place 1 “Supreme King Gate” Pendulum Monster from your hand or Deck in your Pendulum Zone, except “Supreme King Gate Magician”. You can only use this effect of “Supreme King Gate Magician” once per turn.
Monster Effect – If you have a “Supreme King Gate” card in your Pendulum Zone, except “Supreme King Gate Magician”: You can send 1 “Pendulum Dragon”, “Xyz Dragon”, “Synchro Dragon”, or “Fusion Dragon” monster from your hand or Extra Deck to the GY, and if you do, Special Summon this card from your hand. If this card is Special Summoned: You can add 1 card that mentions “Supreme King Z-ARC” from your Deck to your hand, except a Spellcaster monster. You can only use each effect of “Supreme King Gate Magician” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  November 6th, 2023

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Supreme King Gate Magician begins a Pendulum-theme week here on CoTD, and it’s centered around Z-ARC and the “Supreme King” archetype of Pendulums.

As a Pendulum, Gate Magician protects Supreme King Z-ARC from being banished. With targeting and destruction protection already inherited, Z-ARC with this card on the field becomes almost invincible against your opponent. Pop Gate Magician in the Pendulum Zone to place another “Supreme King Gate” monster from the Deck into your Pendulum Zone. Much like the Igknight archetype, Gate Magician is thinning your Deck and getting you to another monster to use an effect other than just being another scale. This effect will search Infinity or Zero. Zero can get you to a Poly or Fusion Spell if you have Infinity as your other scale, while Infinity helps gain LP while Z-ARC is on the field. As monsters, each of these monsters gets you do a Dragon-Type monster in the Extra Deck, but they come out as a vanilla with 0ATK.

As a monster, Gate Magician has some Dark Magician stats going for it. Special Summon ability through Foolish Burial of a material for Z-ARC from your Extra Deck or from your hand. When you do Special Summon Gate Magician, it gets you to a card mentioning “Z-ARC” from your Deck to your hand. This Special Summon ability is meant to make the summon of Z-ARC easier. Search out Wednesday’s CoTD choice: Soul of the Supreme Celestial King, to setup up an easy Supreme King Z-ARC on your opponent’s turn which in turn clears their board.

Supreme King Gate Magician is better I think as a monster than a Pendulum Scale because of how easy it makes summoning Supreme King Z-ARC. Sure, you have to wait because SotSCK is a Trap and you have to meet its requirements, but it is a heck of a lot easier than getting four different Dragon monsters from your Extra Deck and the Fusion Spell to Fusion Summon Z-ARC.

Advanced-4/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Some of the AGOV cards will be held til 2024 since they could make the top 10 list this year, but we got to finish 2023 with something, so we’ll dive into the set now and start with the new Z-ARC support and an Astrograph Sorcerer retrain in Supreme King Gate Magician.

Supreme King Gate Magician as a Pendulum Scale is a Scale 1 that prevents Z-ARC from being banished by the opponent’s card effects, which is about some of the only protection Z-ARC himself lacks. Also you can destroy this card to place a Supreme King Gate from your Deck into the Pendulum Zone besides another Magician, so you get a monster in the Extra Deck to Pendulum Summon while setting up another Scale, likely Supreme King Gate Zero since it has no restriction on what you can Pendulum Summon.

Supreme King Gate Magician as a monster is a Level 7 LIGHT Spellcaster Pendulum with 2500 ATK and 2000 DEF. Pretty good stats on a Level 7, plus being a LIGHT Spellcaster has its benefits. So if you got a Supreme King Gate card in the Pendulum Zone that isn’t Magician, you can send a Pendulum Dragon, Xyz Dragon, Synchro Dragon, or Fusion Dragon from the hand or Extra Deck to the graveyard to Special Summon this from the hand. A good Special Summon ability that gets one of the Dragons needed in grave to try and summon Z-ARC. Getting another Gate in the Pendulum Scale isn’t hard with Darkwurm able to search them and this being able to get Supreme King Gates from the Deck. Also upon Special Summon, you get to search for any card that mentions Supreme King Z-ARC from your Deck to your hand, besides a Spellcaster monster. Basically, they don’t want you searching for Astrograph Sorcerer, but you can get Darkwurm or a bunch of the Spell and Trap support that Z-ARC himself has. Hard once per turn on each effect, of course. Supreme King Gate Magician offers a good amount for Pendulums in 2023, getting you a different Scale while going to the Extra Deck to later Pendulum Summon, along with its own easy Special Summon condition and the search for any card you might need pretaining to Z-ARC. Play 3 in Pendulum Magician, Supreme King Magician, or any variant of Z-ARC goodstuff you might run.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4.5/5 It’s nice as a purified version of Astrograph Sorcerer.

Mighty Vee

Forewarning: despite all of my practice and testing, I still can’t wrap my head around Pendulum Magician combo lines! This week we finally dive into the highly-anticipated Age of Overlord box, starting with its eponymous Supreme King support. Supreme King Gate Magician is a level 7 LIGHT Spellcaster Pendulum monster, mirroring its counterpart Astrograph Sorcerer. It even shares the Pendulum Scale of 1 and the decent stats of 2500 attack and 2000 defense, but does it make up for Astrograph still being limited?

Gate Magician’s Pendulum effect protects your Supreme King Z-ARCs from being banished, granting it another welcome layer of protection against non-targeting banish removal, though Z-ARC is still vulnerable to bouncing and shuffling. Additionally, on a hard once per turn, you can destroy Gate Magician to directly place a Supreme King Gate monster directly from your hand or deck to a Pendulum Zone. This is a nice effect to get both Supreme King Gates live, though I imagine you won’t use it too often since Supreme King Gate Infinity is still a horrendous card and the combos you’ll use Gate Magician with don’t really put it in the Pendulum Zone.

In terms of monster effects, Gate Magician also has two, both of them being hard once per turn. If a Supreme Gate King monster is in your Pendulum Zone except Gate Magician itself, you can Special Summon it from your hand by sending any Pendulum Dragon, Fusion Dragon, Synchro Dragon, or Xyz Dragon (that’s the mini-archetype of each, not just Dragon type monsters) from your hand or Extra Deck to the Graveyard. It doesn’t really matter what you send since it’ll probably become banish fodder to summon Z-ARC anyway, though either way it helps set up summoning Z-ARC with Miracle Synchro Fusion (if you still cling to the old-fashioned way of summoning Z-ARC, for some reason). Finally, if Gate Magician is Special Summoned, you can search any card card that mentions Z-ARC except for a Spellcaster (so basically, itself). Most of the time you’ll search Soul of the Supreme Celestial King since it provides disruption and cheats out the big guy himself (more on that later this week), though if you already have access to it or are searching it on turn 3, you can also search tomorrow’s card for follow-up instead. While Z-ARC isn’t the biggest meta threat at the moment, Gate Magician is an excellent combo piece to spearhead this wave of support, as opening it and any way to access Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm kickstarts an uncharacteristically simple but sweet combo for Pendulum Magician.

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 3.75/5 Astrograph but white?


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