Soul of the Supreme King
Soul of the Supreme King

Soul of the Supreme King – #MAZE-EN027

Pay half your LP; Special Summon 1 “Supreme King Z-ARC” from your Extra Deck, ignoring its Summoning conditions, but negate its effects. It is returned to the Extra Deck during the End Phase of the next turn. When your opponent activates a Spell Card or effect: You can banish this card from your GY and 1 “Supreme King Z-ARC” from your face-up Monster Zone; Special Summon up to 1 each “Pendulum Dragon”, “Xyz Dragon”, “Synchro Dragon”, and “Fusion Dragon” monsters from your hand, Deck, Extra Deck, and/or GY.

Date Reviewed:  May 20th, 2023

Rating: 4.0

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Crunch$G Avatar

We make it to the last few History Archive Collection cards and one that is kinda timed very well after seeing the Z-ARC support a few days ago, Soul of the Supreme King.

Soul of the Supreme King is a Normal Trap that on activation lets you pay half your LP to summon a Supreme King Z-ARC from your Extra Deck, ignoring the summoning conditions, with its effects negated and it returns to the Extra Deck during the next turn’s End Phase. So basically you get a free 4000 ATK monster that would go to your Pendulum Scale if the opponent destroyed it. Thankfully if it lasts until your turn, you got the new version of Z-ARC you can use to tribute the original in order to summon so you can keep the 4000/4000 statline on your field and have a monster with actual effects. With all that said, if you’re playing this to summon Z-ARC, you likely don’t intend to keep it on the field cause when the opponent activates a Spell Card or effect, you can banish this card from your graveyard alongside Supreme King Z-ARC in your Monster Zone to summon up to 4 monsters with at least 1 of each Pendulum Dragon, Xyz Dragon, Synchro Dragon, and Fusion Dragon directly from your hand, Deck, Extra Deck, and/or graveyard. It isn’t negating the Spell that’s activated, but it does become 4 gigantic Dragon monsters for your opponent to deal with. For the Pendulum Dragon I imagine you go with Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon to negate all the effects of monsters with 0 ATK and probably to banish whatever might destroy it in battle. Your Xyz Dragon will likely later be used to summon Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon Overlord potentially, so go with Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon or more preferably summon Odd-Eyes Rebellion Xyz Dragon so the Overlord you summon later can have 3 attacks. For the Synchro Dragon, you can either use Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon for monster effect negation or Crystal Clear Wing Synchro Dragon for Spell/Trap negation, depending on what you need. Finally for your Fusion Dragon, since Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon can’t be summoned off this effect, you can just summon Starving Venom Predapower Fusion Dragon for raw stats and the hope you might generate some Predator Counters, or just summon a Starving Venom Fusion Dragon you might already be running for Super Polymerization and make use of the effect copying ability it has if you can. Overall, the ability to summon 4 big Dragons just because the opponent used a Spell Card is very good, but easy to play around since the opponent could just not use Spells until the Z-ARC is gone, but even then you’re still inconviencing the opponent, especially if your Z-ARC sticks around to summon the new one so you got something that’ll stick around much longer until the opponent decides to use a Spell or they can out the new Z-ARC (which sadly won’t have the protection original Z-ARC has). Either way, a pretty good Trap to make running Z-ARC a bit more worthwhile for some strategies like Pendulums and even Dinomorphia.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 5/5 So the art here is a reference to the moment after Z-ARC is defeated and the Dimension Dragons split apart from Z-ARC once again. In this card, you see the Supreme King Dragon forms of the 4 Dimension Dragons, which funny enough cannot be summoned by this card’s second effect.

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