Soul of the Supreme Celestial King
Soul of the Supreme Celestial King

Soul of the Supreme Celestial King – #AGOV-EN069

Tribute 1 Spellcaster Pendulum Monster with 2500 original ATK; Fusion Summon 1 “Supreme King Z-ARC” from your Extra Deck by banishing Fusion Materials mentioned on it from your hand, Deck, Extra Deck, field, and/or GY, but negate its effects unless at least 1 each of your “Pendulum Dragon”, “Xyz Dragon”, “Synchro Dragon”, and “Fusion Dragon” monsters are currently banished. You can only activate 1 “Soul of the Supreme Celestial King” per turn.

Date Reviewed:  November 8th, 2023

Rating: 3.83

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Soul of the Supreme Celestial King was mentioned alongside Gate Magician on Monday, and is an easy way to summon out Z-ARC.

Normal Trap that trades your Gate Magician or Astrograph Sorcerer (most likely choices in the archetype) for Z-ARC as a Fusion Summon. Gate Magician is likely to search it out, though Triple Tactics Thrust can also search it, and that card is seeing some play right now. You banish the Fusion Materials from the Deck, Extra Deck, and/or graveyard, making it easy to just thin the Extra Deck all your needed Dragon-Type monsters for the Fusion Summon. Effect negation unless you have at least 1 Pendulum Dragon, Xyz Dragon, Synchro Dragon, and Fusion Dragon are banished, but that is what this card’s cost is for. At worst you should still have a 4000ATK beater on the field for the cost of two cards.

This is a fast-track way to get to Z-ARC, plain and simple. Slow because it’s a Trap card, but you can’t complain when you can banish all the requirements for this card using that one card and one monster on the field that you are readily playing because one of the options searches this card. Late game if your Extra Deck doesn’t have all the options would be the only way I see Z-ARC coming out as a vanilla, but at that point it may be caveman Yu-Gi-Oh time. This couldn’t be a Spell, it would’ve cost you half your LP, can’t attack that turn, and likely something else that would make it not as good as it is. Want to make this faster? Summon Makyura the Destructor and link it away with something while your Spellcaster Pendulum is on the field.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

We did get an easy way to summon Z-ARC earlier this year, but now we got another way to do it while letting the monster keep its effects: Soul of the Supreme Celestial King.

SotSCK is a Normal Trap that lets you tribute a Spellcaster Pendulum with 2500 original ATK to Fusion Summon a Supreme King Z-ARC by banishing its Fusion Materials from the hand, Deck, Extra Deck, field, and/or graveyard, but its effects will be negated unless you have a Pendulum Dragon, Xyz Dragon, Synchro Dragon, and Fusion Dragon currently banished. Basically you get to summon Z-ARC the way Astrograph Sorcerer could in the anime, which is cool. You’d want the mentioned Dragons to be the ones you banish so Z-ARC can have its effects live to nuke the field and have all the protection he comes with, but thankfully you’ll only need to have maybe 1 spot dedicated in the Main Deck for this since the rest will be in the Extra Deck more than likely. Hard once per turn, of course, but it’s an easy Z-ARC that isn’t just a 4000 ATK vanilla hoping the opponent uses a Spell to split into more Dragons, instead being a powerhouse on its own. Play this if you’re going to play Z-ARC.

Advanced Rating: 3.75/5

Art: 4/5 Funny enough, it isn’t corrupted old Z-ARC that’s coming from this.

Mighty Vee

We get to the real search target for Supreme King Gate Magician, Soul of the Supreme Celestial King, a Normal Trap that can only be activated once per turn and serves as a superior version of Soul of the Supreme King. Soul has a single effect, tributing any Spellcaster Pendulum monster you control with 2500 original attack (basically Gate Magician and Astrograph Sorcerer) to Fusion Summon Supreme King Z-ARC by banishing materials from basically everywhere except banished (duh)– hand, deck, field, Graveyard, and even Extra Deck monsters are all fair game. As a consequence, much like its inferior version, Z-ARC’s effects are negated, however you can prevent that if a Pendulum Dragon, Fusion Dragon, Synchro Dragon, and Xyz Dragon monster are all banished, which will hopefully be the case since you likely used those as Fusion material. This changes everything about cheating out Z-ARC; not only does Z-ARC keep its protection, but it also keeps its nuke effect, which is much more potent when triggered during your opponent’s turn through Soul. Soul greatly streamlines Supreme King as a deck so you don’t have to rely on convoluted Pendulum Magician combos or gimmicky Isolde plays just to make Z-ARC, which was formerly prohibitively hard to summon despite not being that great. This’ll be your main way of summoning Z-ARC, as Gate Magician and Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm are both highly accessible and function as your bread and butter combo. My only complaint is that it isn’t a Quick-Play Spell to let you summon Z-ARC immediately going second, but it’s not a humongous issue since the deck can also easily summon Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon going second if need be. Overall, a fantastic card that simplifies the combo and lets the deck actually revolve around Z-ARC instead of relying on generic endboard pieces.

Advanced: 4.25/5 

Art: 3.25/5 Time to Fusion Summon Z-ARC, I guess.

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