Shinonome the Vaylantz Priestess

Shinonome the Vaylantnz Priestess – #TAMA-EN001

Pendulum Effect – During your Main Phase: You can Special Summon this card to your Main Monster Zone in its same column, also you cannot Special Summon non-“Vaylantz” monsters for the rest of this turn, except from the Extra Deck. You can only use this effect of “Shinonome the Vaylantz Priestess” once per turn.
Monster Effect – During your Main Phase, if you control this Special Summoned card: You can add 1 “Vaylantz” Spell from your Deck to your hand. If this card in the Monster Zone moves to another Monster Zone: You can add 1 “Vaylantz” monster from your Deck to your hand, except “Shinonome the Vaylantz Priestess”. You can only use each effect of “Shinonome the Vaylantz Priestess” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  November 7th, 2022

Rating: 3.25

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

We’re looking at the new Vaylantz archetype this week on CoTD, starting things off with a Pendulum Monster: Shinonome the Vaylantz Priestess

Small ATK/DEF Spellcaster Pendulum Monster, Shinonome as a Pendulum Spell can Special Summon herself to the next column Monster Zone she is next to. Anytime a Pendulum Monster can Special Summon themselves while being a Pendulum Spell it is handy. It will lock you into the archetype after that for the turn for Special Summoning, so if you have other monsters outside the archetype you want to Special Summon, get those out of the way first.

As a monster, when she’s been Special Summoned and you control her, she becomes a Spell searcher for your archetype. Shinonome is the only Vaylantz monster that doesn’t need a Field Spell to Special Summon themselves from the Pendulum Zone, making her Spell search critical to swarming with your Vaylantz monsters. Each turn she’s on the field you’ll get another Spell search, which can only help you in the long run. Move her to a different Monster Zone in any fashion and she becomes a Monster search. This is a bit more difficult as only one Spell Card (Vaylantz Wakening – Solo Activation) does this in the archetype, and it has to be banished while you have a Field Spell on the field. Two monsters: Nazuki the Vaylantz Ninja and Vaylantz Buster Baron can move any of your Vaylantz monsters to a different monster zone, thus triggering Shinonome’s effect. Outside the archetype, Throwback Thursday’s choice: Senet Switch is the Continuous Spell you’ll need to do your Monster movement once per turn.

Shinonome the Vaylantz Priestess is a good searcher that ties into what the archetype does: move Pendulum Monsters from the Pendulum Zone to the Monster Zone and then moves monsters to different columns. Either search you get will benefit you and while you won’t win any battles with her, she is the monster you probably want to see your first turn.



Until Next Time


Crunch$G Avatar

Finally getting around to Tactical Masters and we start with Vaylantz Week and probably the best of the Vaylantz monsters: Shinonome the Vaylantz Priestess.

Shinonome is a Level 2 Scale 1 WATER Spellcaster Pendulum with 500 ATK and DEF. Those stats aren’t doing anything, but some nice qualities for the card to have and being a Scale 1 is about the best you get for low scales.

The Pendulum Effect of this card simply lets you Special Summon this card from the Pendulum Zone to the Main Monster Zone directly above that Pendulum Zone, but you can’t Special Summon non-Vaylantz monsters for the rest of the turn, except from the Extra Deck, plus the standard HOPT on the card. So it’s very easy to get on the field as a monster, you just have to give up non-Vaylantz monsters that aren’t in your Extra Deck. At least they still let you do the standard Extra Deck stuff you want to do with Pendulums, otherwise this archetype might be dead in the water. Main negative about the Special Summon effect is you need to make sure you can clear the MMZ above whatever Pendulum Zone it’s in, whether you have to use the monster as material or outright move it.

The Monster Effect of this card has 2 effects. The first can trigger during your Main Phase while you control this Special Summoned card, letting you search for any Vaylantz Spell from the Deck. This helps the archetype get to their Field Spells or either Normal Spell that greatly improves the consistency of the archetype. The second effect only triggers if this card moves while in the Main Monster Zone, letting you search for a Vaylantz monster that isn’t another copy of itself. The archetype has a couple of ways to move their monsters, so this isn’t hard to trigger. You even have a way to search Senet Switch in the archetype to make sure you can trigger all your Vaylantz effects. Each effect again is of course a HOPT, cause search effects are the most likely to get this kind of limitation. Shinonome is of course the best of the Vaylantz for all the searching it can do and easy Special Summon effect. The archetype still needs the Extra Deck toolbox to really do anything, but this is one of your best consistency pieces.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4/5 Vaylantz do have some neat designs, mainly for their Spellcaster monsters.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Here I was thinking I was late for today only to see CotD hadn’t posted JUST yet.  (Though I didn’t know we were doing anything over the weekend, so apologies for missing those).  A rare-ish Pendulum review for today for y’all, as we start our first full week of November.  Shinonome the Vaylantz Priestess is a Level 2, Water/Spellcaster (for some reason) with 500 atk and def, and a 1 on the Pendulum Scale.  Being Scale 1 is fun enough on a low Level Monster anyway.  The Monster side of this card nets you a free Theme Magic card from your Deck so long as you control this Special Summoned card.  Furthermore, you can net yourself a Theme Monster (other than herself) again, from Deck to Hand, if this card moves from one Monster Zone to another.  You’ll note these things are both fairly common for this Theme as the week goes along, and a free card for either of those simple actions is a good thing.  Nothing to dislike on either front there, and both those options are Once per Turn.  

The Pendulum side of things plays into the Monster Effects, where it can move to a Main Monster Zone during your Main Phase.  So long as it’s in the same adjacent Column, of course, and then you can’t Special Summon non-Theme Monsters for the rest of the Turn.  However, there is a fun little addendum on that, instead of just the general blanket.  Non-Theme Monsters can be Special Summoned for that Turn, so long as they come from the Extra Deck, and that is awesome.  So you have to have the necessary pieces you need on the Field for your Extra Deck plays, or Normal Summon them, but the restriction being off the Extra Deck will make your life easier.  That Effect is also Once per Turn.

It’s a fun card.  It’s a bit mired and overly complicated, but it works well in the Theme, and is decent enough.

Rating:  3/5

Art:  4/5  Cute enough, the staff is fun, and the action pose is neat too

Mighty Vee

November is a new month, and we finally get to start covering a new box; this week we’re reviewing the Vaylantz archetype from the Tactical Masters box, starting with Shinonome the Vaylantz Priestess. Shinonome is a level 2 WATER Spellcaster Pendulum monster, which fits about half of the Vaylantz archetype so far; unfortunately, no particular synergies here. Level 1 is a great scale in a vacuum but we’ll see why you won’t be Pendulum Summoning much anyway. Fittingly, it has a meager 500 attack and defense, so don’t expect it to do well in combat.

Most of the low-level main deck Vaylantz monsters share a similar hard once per turn Pendulum effect, letting you Special Summon them to the Main monster zone above in the same column at the price of locking you into Special Summoning Vaylantz main deck monsters (notably, you can still summon whatever you wish from the Extra Deck). Shinonome in particular needs this effect (well, they all do, in a way) to trigger its monster effect, otherwise I would give this card a very, very low rating. The lock sounds brutal, but it’s a price to pay for what’s essentially a free body that will also search.

Shinonome has two hard once per turn monster effects; first, during the Main Phase, iif Shinonome was Special Summoned this turn (which it usually will be), you can search any Vaylantz Spell. It’s tempting to immediately grab their Field Spells, but you should usually search Vaylantz Wars – The Place of Beginning or their new Spell in Darkwing Blast, both of which are powerful extenders for this archetype. Shinonome’s second effect triggers if it’s moved from a monster zone to another monster zone, letting you search any Vaylantz monster as well except itself. Depending on what other cards you have, you’ll probably be searching any of the low-level Vaylantz or the high-level WATER Vaylantz, which have different applications for different openings. Notably, Shinonome can trigger almost by itself since Vaylantz Wars can search Senet Switch, so getting both effects is pretty easy. Most archetypes would kill for a double ROTA, so it’s safe to say for Vaylantz you’ll definitely be running 3 of this.

Advanced: 3.5/5

Art: 4/5 No relation to the Shinonome from Nichijou.

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