Senet Switch
Senet Switch

Senet Switch – #TAMA-EN042

Once per turn: You can target 1 monster in your Main Monster Zone and choose 1 of its unused adjacent (horizontal) Monster Zones; move that target to the chosen adjacent zone.

Date Reviewed:  November 9th, 2022

Rating: 1.42

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Senet Switch first appeared in Cyberdark Impact, but is reprinted and back as our Throwback Thursday choice.

Tailor-made for the archetype, Move a monster to a different Main Monster Zone once per turn. Continuous Spell and needed for decks like Vaylantz. This doubles your ability to move to a different Main Monster Zone and trigger your Main Deck Vaylantz Monster Effects. In the archetype, it can move your monsters out of the way from Spell/Trap Zones that are occupied so your plays won’t conflict with your Field Spells. The main use though is to get another Vaylantz Monster Effect that turn by shifting its placement on the field. All Vaylantz monsters benefit from this card. The only problem with it is that it’s once per turn.

Not much else to say about the card. Searchable in the archetype, needed for the mechanics, play it you don’t need many copies. The card isn’t fantastic, and won’t be why you win, it’s just a helper.


Art-4.5/5- board game archetype using a board game name for a card involved in its archetype

Until Next Time


Crunch$G Avatar

Throwback Thursday this week brings us to a piece of the game’s history we tried to forget about, that being Cyberdark Impact trying to make zone placement important, and one of the only cards to generically move monsters: Senet Switch.

Senet Switch is a Continuous Spell that once per turn lets you target a monster in your Main Monster Zone and choose an unused adjacent horizontal Main Monster Zone for it to move to. So really outside of the few archetypes that are based on column placement like Vayalntz and Mekk-Knights, it’s useless. The only reason this might be important is for summoning more Link Monsters, especially since we eliminated most of the restrictions from Master Rule 4, and you can just put monsters where they best fit so you don’t have to worry about the Link Zones too much. It’s just good mainly in Vaylantz to move your monsters for their effects since Mekk-Knights don’t need to move too much and when they do, they’re able to get to their way to do so easily. Senet Switch is also searchable off a Vaylantz Spell, so it has a legit place in the Deck. It just basically does nothing outside of Vaylantz and I doubt that ever changes. The archetype existing at least makes it slightly higher than a 1/5, but it’s a bad card you really only play in Vaylantz since they really love moving and you got a way to access this.

Advanced Rating: 1.25/5

Art: 3.5/5 Board games are fun.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

With all the nonsense these guys do about moving around Columns, Senet Switch is appropriate a card as any for Throwback Thursday.  A Continuous Magic, and a simple, all buy useless one at that, despite it being fairly common for Column Effects even outside of this Theme.  You simply get to Target one of your Main Monster Zone Monsters and move it to an open, adjacent Monster Zone.  This seems niche, even for the Theme, as they do so much of it on their own, and it’s so unused as a whole, that calling it niche anywhere else is probably overdoing it.  I suppose it could help with some Link plays occasionally but I just don’t see enough or any real consistency with this card for it to warrant any play.  

Rating:  1.5/5

Art:  4/5  They are playing Senet, and this is a blip from Google about what it said about the game:

Senet or senat is a board game from ancient Egypt. The earliest representation of senet is dated to c. 2620 BCE from the Mastaba of Hesy-Re, while similar boards and hieroglyphic signs are found even earlier. The game fell out of use following the Roman period, and its original rules are the subject of conjecture.

So it’s nice to see Egyptian representation, always, in the card art.

Mighty Vee

Throwback Thursday gives us Senet Switch, which comes all the way from Cyberdark Impact in 2006. A Continuous Spell, Senet Switch’s sole effect lets you move a monster in a Main Monster Zone to an unoccupied zone on the left or right. Amusingly, Vaylantz can directly search this card with Vaylantz Wars – The Place of Beginning, and it’ll trigger Vaylantz Priestess – Shinonome’s effect as well. Not much else to say in terms of Vaylantz; it can brick you, but if you open good enough it’s a valuable extender, since you’ll want to move your Vaylantz monsters to make room. Run at least 1! 

Outside of Vaylantz? Still as useless as ever. Back when Link monsters were introduced, some people thought Senet Switch would be a staple because then you could move Extra dEck monsters around and play new ones. In practice, this ended up being incredibly clunky, resource-intensive, and not worth the effort with an unsearchable Spell. It’s even more redundant now with the Master Rules Revision. It could save you in very niche scenarios, like, say, against Decode Talker Extended? But at that point, you could save yourself the trouble and play stronger power Spells like Raigeki. Please do not play this outside of Vaylantz.

Advanced: 1.5/5

Art: 3/5 I’ve seen a board game like this before, I’m just blanking on it. (Right after pasting this, Vee discovered that the game is, in fact, called Senet.)

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