Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf
Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf

Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf – #LD10-EN000

2 FIRE Effect Monsters
If a monster(s) is Normal or Special Summoned to the zone(s) this card points to (except during the Damage Step): You can add 1 FIRE monster from your GY to your hand, but for the rest of this turn, you cannot Normal Summon/Set or Special Summon monsters with the added monster’s name. During your Main Phase, if you control this card that was Link Summoned using “Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf” as material: You can add 1 “Salamangreat” Spell/Trap from your GY to your hand. You can only use each effect of “Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  October 12th, 2023

Rating: 3.92

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf is our Throwback Thursday choice and a cornerstone of the Salamangreat archetype.

Two FIRE monsters for this Link 2 made it an easy option for Salamangreat players. While you used to only have Jack Jaguar to trigger Wolf’s add from the grave ability, you now have Weasel to help with that. Now that you can summon Sunlight Wolf in any position on the board, your options for searching off a Normal or Special Summon in a zone Sunlight Wolf points to increase dramatically. You don’t have to give Jack Jaguar to your opponent to activate Sunlight Wolf if you can summon underneath Sunlight Wolf. With the amount of Special Summoning Salamangreats do, this won’t be a problem. Weasel on the other hand will give your opponent a Salamangreat so it’s best to do this with caution if you are able to, though Weasel can Special Summon itself so you could just do that instead.

Sunlight Wolf was the first to employ the “use myself to summon myself again” strategy to gain another effect. If you Link Summon Sunlight Wolf using itself as a material you get a Salamangreat Spell/Trap add back from the grave. Salamangreat Circle remains one of its most powerful Spell cards, and while it is a once per turn, as a Quick-Play you will always have access to activating it. Now you have more Spell/Trap cards in the archetype to search out like Salamangreat Gift to combine with Sunlight Wolf on the field to discard a Salamangreat monster to draw two cards, Salamangreat Roar, the archetype’s Solemn Judgment, or Will of the Salamangreat to add more Special Summoning to your arsenal.

Sunlight Wolf even four years ago was good off the cuff. You didn’t need to summon to your opponent’s side to gain the search, but if you did you usually had an answer like Fusion of Fire or a Miragestallio waiting. Now with no limitations to any of their cards it will be interesting to see if Salamangreats make it back to Tier 1 status.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-3/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Throwback Thursday this week brings us to what was once the go-to Link for the Salamangreat archetype, but still remains a solid card: Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf.

Sunlight Wolf is a Link-2 FIRE Cyberse with 1800 ATK and arrows pointing Up and Down. ATK is fine, Attribute/Type is good, and arrows can work for this card’s effect if the opponent plays into it. Materials are any 2 FIRE Effect Monsters, so it’s really for any FIRE Deck. If a monster(s) is Normal or Special Summoned to a zone this card points to, you can add any FIRE monster from your graveyard to your hand, but you cannot Normal Summon/Set or Special Summon monsters with the same name for the rest of the turn. The recovery is pretty good to have still, especially to get back playmakers for the next turn, or you can get back the almost always popular Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring for a hand trap. The second effect can be triggered during the Main Phase if it was Link Summoned using Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf as material, letting you add any Salamangreat Spell/Trap from the graveyard back to your hand. Another solid effect to recover your Circle, Rage, Roar, or Sanctuary if you have to. The old Salamangreat play was to always get either Rage or Roar into the grave so when you Reincarnation Link Summoned your 2nd Sunlight Wolf, you can easily get the card you sent back and keep being able to recycle said Spells and Traps. Hard once per turn on each effect is fine. Sunlight Wolf still has a place in Salamangreat, but it’s not the Link Monster to Reincarnation Summon and end on anymore. It’s still a good stepping stone to recover your cards, and FIRE Decks not named Salamangreat can still use this for that purpose as well. Now you don’t worry about Sunlight Wolf like you used to. Still play 2 in Salamangreat in case you can’t get to the Link-4, but it’s mostly just a card to climb into said Link-4 instead of being the Link you end on.

Advanced Rating: 3.75/5

Art: 4/5 Looks fine enough, don’t expect a boss-like presence from a Link-2.

Mighty Vee

A very special card in my Yugioh story! Throwback Thursday brings us arguably Salamangreat’s most powerful Link monster, Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf, a Link 2 FIRE Cyberse Link monster with up and down arrows, which aren’t the best but more than fine. Wolf requires any two FIRE effect monsters, making it trivial to summon in most FIRE decks (something that’ll come up in a bit). As expected of a Link 2, Wolf has an unassuming 1800 attack, which was more than enough to rustle my jimmies as Salamangreat was one of the first meta decks I dueled against coming back to Yugioh.

Wolf has two powerful hard once per turn effects, the first triggering any time a monster is summoned to a zone Wolf points to; you can commonly trigger this by reviving Salamangreat Spinny or Jack Jaguar. This effect will let you recycle any FIRE monster from your Graveyard back to your hand, though you won’t be able to summon monsters with the same name for the rest of the turn. Classically, people used this effect to recycle Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring and essentially have it ready every turn, or to recycle the recently unlimited Salamangreat Gazelle, one of the strongest combo pieces printed in Yugioh history. More recently, Rescue-ACE decks have been using Wolf as a tech to recycle Rescue-ACE Hydrant for follow-up, though admittedly it’s not as impactful outside of its own deck. Wolf’s other effect is arguably even more important, only usable if it’s Link Summoned using itself as material (easily done with Salamangreat Sanctuary), recycling a Salamangreat Spell or Trap from your Graveyard (which was probably dumped by Gazelle). You’ll almost always grab Salamangreat Roar, an omni negate, or Salamangreat Rage, a quick destruction; Roar is more versatile overall, but you can choose between the two depending on the matchup. I think Wolf embodies a lot of how midrange decks play that people outside of Yugioh don’t really get, which is a shame since many assume Yugioh is all about summoning swarms of strong monsters with negation and protection. Imagine how humbling it is to be beaten by a singular Link 2 with 1800 attack flanked by a set Trap card!

Advanced: 4.5/5

Art: 3.75/5 Pose is a bit stiff? But cool overall

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