Rivalry of Warlords
Rivalry of Warlords

Rivalry of Warlords
– #HISU-EN059

Each player can only control 1 Type of monster. Send all other face-up monsters they control to the Graveyard.


Date Reviewed: 
April 25, 2019

Rating: 4.13

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Rivalry of Warlords is our Throwback Thursday choice, and is still a great choice for the Side Deck.

Some may run it in the Main Deck, but Rivalry is a sure choice for the Side Deck if you have the space. Limiting your opponent to one Type of monster can bottleneck strategies that depend on multiple monsters. Thunder Dragons use Dragon and Thunder monsters, Subterrors use multiple types, and any deck that techs in the Danger monsters will suffer because of Rivalry. However, Rivalry is ineffective against decks like Altergeist and Trickstar, as they use only one main type. Gozen Match and Rivalry have always been toss ups for the Side Deck, and having three of each in the Side Deck is still an acceptable strategy. There Can Only Be One has thrown itself into the mix, and at this point it is up to player choice.

Rivalry still serves a great floodgate purpose.

Advanced- 4/5


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WarlockBlitz's Avatar

Throwback Thursday gives us Rivalry of Warlords. It’s a free Continuous Trap Card that makes it so you can only control 1 type of monster. Everything else is sent to the grave. I wish there was a card that made it so you could only control Toons, Flips, or subtypes in general. Rivalry of Warlords is like Gozen Match in that if you won’t be hurt by it, run it in the Side Deck in case your opponent will be hurt by it a lot. Otherwise it is an extremely versatile stall card, and while defense won’t win the game, it is a free option. 

Score: 4/5     Art: 4/5

Crunch$G Avatar

We looked at Gozen Match not too long ago, so I thought we should space it out before we got to Rivalry of Warlords.

RoW is a Continuous Trap that allows each player to only be able to control 1 Type of monster and any face-up monsters with a different type from what’s on the field, your choice when this is activated and you control multiple Types, you’ll send those monsters to the grave. This is arguably better than Gozen Match in a sense that archetypes typically vary in Types more than they do Attributes, even if not all the time. It isn’t too big, but you prevent Salamangreat from using the Fire Charmer Link and potentially a Phantazmay if that would come up. Thunder Guardragon decks will struggle with this when they work with Thunders and Dragons mainly. Altergeist wouldn’t care about this as they vary in Attributes and not Types, so that’s a case where Gozen Match is better. Rivalry is arguably better than Gozen Match, but that can always change when Konami decides to design a meta archetype with varying Attributes and same Types, so in the end it gets the same score.

Advanced Rating: 4.5/5

Art: 3/5 I like the Six Samurais on the other floodgates similar to this, but I get this card came before the Six Sams.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Four weeks ago, Throwback Thursday gave us Gozen Match.  Today, we look at Rivalry of Warlords (also never reviewed).  There’s not a whole lot of difference, where Gozen Match prevents a player from using more than one TYPE of Monster, while the latter here prevents a player from using more than one ATTRIBUTE of Monsters on the Field at a time.  

This is still a fun card and a card much like the latter you probably have to have a specific theme to run most effectively.  Most cards and Monsters even in a theme build are going to be of various Attributes, so shutting down all of them (but whatever they have on the Field) is going to hurt your opponent, ideally, while not hurting your own playing.

There’s going to be times where Gozen Match would be a better option most definitely, but just the same, Rivalry of Warlords will be better at others.  I feel this card has slightly more potential, and I wouldn’t fault anyone for carrying a copy of either card in their Side-Deck.  You never know what you’re going to come against, and both can be helpful to you.

Rating:  4/5

Art:  3.75/5  Gozen Match has a better picture, but the setting in this is better.

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