Rikka Petal
Rikka Petal

Rikka Petal
– #SESL-EN014

During your Main Phase: You can take 1 “Rikka” monster from your Deck, except “Rikka Petal”, and either add it to your hand or send it to the GY, also you cannot Special Summon for the rest of this turn, except Plant monsters. During your opponent’s End Phase, while this card is in your GY, if you control no monsters or all monsters you control are Plant monsters: You can Special Summon this card. You can only use each effect of “Rikka Petal” once per turn.

Date Reviewed: 
June 15th, 2020

Rating: 4.08

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This card shines in it’s own archetype. It can search for another Rikka monster and add it to the hand it send it to the GY. Both locations have benefits depending on when in the duel you are, but adding to the hand is always a good effect in Yu-Gi-Oh!

This card can revive itself from the GY during the opponent’s End Phase if you don’t control any non-plants.

This card is a feasible choice for Lonefire Blossom searches or One for One if you have a plan for it. The Rikka archetype benefits from aggressive protection of its assets, so the slow speed isn’t too terrible. You don’t want to draw into multiple copies of this card, though.

The card is balanced by its non-existent stats and HOPT across the board.

The art stands out and keeps the card easily recognizable on the table.

Versatility – 2
Rogue Plays – 2
Art – 5
Balance – 5
Uniqueness – 4

I score this card 4/5. It’s an important component to the Rikka deck, and it might have use in Plant decks in general.

Crunch$G Avatar

From Rocks we now go to Plants with the Rikka archetype and one of their best monsters: Rikka Petal.

Petal is a Level 1 WATER Plant with 0 ATK and DEF. Stats are not great, WATER is good, and Plant has some good support. Its first effect is during your Main Phase to let you take a Rikka monster in your Deck that isn’t another Petal and either add it to your hand or send it to the grave. You’re most likely adding it to hand for the effect it has, there isn’t really much you can do with the graveyard in Rikka compared to searching the cards. It’s a once per turn searcher while you control it, which likely won’t last long if it wasn’t for the second effect. Using the search or send locks you to Plants, which works fine in an archetype full of Plants. The second effect is during the opponent’s End Phase while this card is in your grave while you control no monsters or only Plants, where you can revive this card. It’s a great card to keep reviving to keep getting the search each turn, and the fact it doesn’t banish itself means you can keep reviving it as long as you don’t control anything that isn’t a Plant. Rikka Petal helps make plays in the archetype for its search, and it has a great revival effect you can use over and over again. It’s a 3 of in Rikka.

Advanced Rating: 4.25/5

Art: 4.5/5 It’s cute artwork overall, like the monster coming from the blooming flower.

Dark Paladin's Avatar
The Rikkas are in bloom this week and Rikka Petal kick things off.  Water/Plant, Level 1 and having 0 attack and defense doesn’t have things off to a great start.  But this card can get a lot of things done.  
She fetches a Theme Monster beside herself during the Main Phase which you can dump or add to your Hand.  Getting what you want, putting it where you want, and not being reliant on a Summon?  Love it.
If in the Graveyard during then opponent’s End Phase, you can Special Summon it.  SO long as you control no Monsters or only Plants.  She probably won’t stay on the Field long, but given the ease of cycling her, it isn’t important.  
Rating:  4/5
Art:  5/5  She’s very pretty and I like the flower too.  But those glowing eyes are a bit ominous 
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