Relinquished Anima
Relinquished Anima

Relinquished Anima
– #DUOV-EN053

1 Level 1 monster, except a Token
You can target 1 face-up monster this card points to; equip that face-up monster to this card (max. 1). You can only use this effect of “Relinquished Anima” once per turn. This card gains ATK equal to that equipped monster’s.

Date Reviewed: 
June 1st, 2020

Rating: 3.00

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Relinquished Anima starts our week off on Pojo and is a Link you likely won’t be seeing too much of.

Level 1 monsters aren’t quite frequent and if you see them they are usually part of a combo piece, but this Link Monster needs one that isn’t a Token, limiting its play even more outside its archetype. Same effect as Relinquished, but revolving around its link point, which does allow your opponent to play around that once you summon Anima, and if there isn’t a monster aligned with the Extra Monster Zone you are out of luck. Even if this ends up in the Main Monster Zone your opponent can still play around it once it is out. Anima gains the ATK of the equipped monster like its predecessors but it doesn’t gain any protection in terms of effects or battle protection. The card is good for dealing with monsters on the field and should be a good 1-for-1 if you can get the effect off, but once it’s out there you likely won’t get to use its effect again because of the restriction Anima has.

Anima isn’t as good as Relinquished or Thousand-Eyes Restrict, even if it is easier to bring out than Relinquished. Thousand-Eyes and Anima are one-turn absorb and link away answers to opponents monsters, but Thousand-Eyes may still be easier to bring out as Instant Fusion is easier than having a Level 1 monster in most cases.

Advanced-3/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

One more week of Link Monsters and we’ll start with a more simple Link that retrains an old classic, Relinquished Anima.

Anima is a Link-1 DARK Spellcaster with 0 ATK and an arrow pointing Up. No ATK isn’t something you’d want to see, even for a Link-1, but it makes up with a decent Type and Attribute. The arrow, while not appealing at first, is where the effect becomes useful. First I’ll mention the summoning requirement of any Level 1 that isn’t a Token, so you have a wide range there. The lone effect is that you can target a face-up monster this card points to in order to equip that monster to this card. Classic Relinquished effect to steal an opponent’s monster as an equip, also has the old Relinquished downside where you can only have 1 monster attached to this, but you’ll probably only try for 1 before you Link this away. It is a hard once per turn effect, but that’s fine again since you’re likely only trying to get this off once. The second effect is mostly if this stays on the field, where it gains ATK equal to the ATK of the equipped monster’s. Again, a classic Relinquished effect, so that gives this card a little bit of power. It’s a pretty solid card, even if it does depend highly on zone placing. You can steal a boss the opponent carelessly put near the EMZs to steal said monster with Relinquished Anima or have your other Link Monsters set up so you can summon this to a MMZ pointing to the EMZ the opponent is using, or the opponent gives the arrow for you. This card is a good counter to something like Borrelsword Dragon and it can make Apollousa waste a negate. Anima is a nifty card that could help you if everything is placed in the right positions to get any value from this.

Advanced Rating: 3.75/5

Art: 4/5 Still terrifying ‘ol Relinquished.

Dark Paladin's Avatar
As June begins, we look at a Link version of Relinquished to open the week.  Relinquished Anima is a Link 1, Dark/Spellcaster, with 0 attack and arrows pointing directly above.  Link Summon is performed by any Level 1 non Token Monster.  
There isn’t a great deal to be said about this card in my opinion.  Easier to bring out than its Ritual counterpart is a plus.  The effect is similar, being able to absorb a Monster this card points to and absorbing its attack. 
Type and Attribute are well supported for a plus, and being able to steal or absorb an enemy Monster is good too.  I think any protection here at all would’ve been nice though.  Obviously dependent on where Monsters are.  
But the attack boost is cumulative and this card, for a change, can further be used as Link Material.  It’s cool to see Links that can be. Not game breaking to me, but by no means bad.  
Rating:  3.25/5
Art:  4/5  Honestly, I’m not sure I like it MORE than Relinquished, but I think it’s a creepier picture.  I like the green theme and tones, as well as the claws.  

   Here is a card that can fit into a very specific niche while working in a very specific situation. The card is not competitive in the slightest.

   That aside, I was able to make it work nicely in a few decks while testing it. The most prominent deck was my Mecha Phantom Best deck. I usually just used it if there was a place I could Special Summon it with an appropriate target before laddering into my next step. Deskbot 001 made it really easy to pull off, and would generally be used for a Link Summon anyways.

   The situations were uncommon, but not impossible. It was also able to take care of certain Link Monsters that posed a problem otherwise and pointed to my Main Monster Zone.

   The card may be overbalanced. I think if it was a Quick Effect, it would be a nice tech card to find a way to plant in front of the opponent’s Extra Zone while controlling the other.

   The art is rad. I appreciate the green aura a lot. The menace is well captured.

Versatility – 2

Rogue Plays – 4

Art – 5

Balance – 3

Uniqueness – 2

I score this card a 2/5. It’s underwhelming for the time being.

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