Regigigas – Crimson Invasion

Date Reviewed:
July 4, 2018

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 1.37
Expanded: 1.25
Limited: 1.25

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Reviews Below:

vince avatar

I think we have set a record there…180 HP on a non EX/GX Basic Pokemon! Regigigas really showed that anything in the TCG can happen! Of course, HP alone won’t be enough when the rest of the card is bad. And that’s when the disappointment comes in. It has an attack that does 160 damage for FIVE energy and discards a Stadium card in play. But on top of that, it’s ability prevents itself from attacking if you don’t have Regirock, Regice, and Registeel in play. You have to devote three Bench space of non EX/GX Regi trips just to make Regigigas launch it’s expensive attack. However, you can shut down abilities with Garbodor or Alolan Muk and you don’t have to put three specific Pokémon on the Bench. Even so, having five energies on one Pokémon means Gardevoir GX can OHKO with just one Energy, and other Pokémon that does more damage based on energies attached to the Defending Pokemon will love to hop in and demolish this titan. This card did caught my eye, but the rest of the card is underwhelming. Not to mention that the Fighting weakness already put me off from trying this; Buzzwole-GX can almost OHKO this via Jet Punch backed with Beast Energy and Diancie Prism Star, assuming a Sun & Moon format onwards.

Standard: 1.25/5
Expanded: 1.25/5
Limited: 1.25/5

21 Times Avatar

Regi… Regigigi … Regigigag… eh forget it.  Reggie (CIN 84) stomped its way into the meta out of the Crimson Invasion expansion set.  This Colorless REALLY Big Basic Pokemon has a whopping 180 – yes that number is correct ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY – HP… but is a single prize Pokemon.  It’s not an EX, not a GX, it’s just a regular single prized Pokemon.  

Its ability and attack are irrelevant.  This card had its fifteen minutes of fame back in January, and I actually had a TON of success with it.  I paired it with SLG Hoopa, and they combined to make an extremely annoying mill / stall deck.  I actually went 27 W 13 L with a couple of different versions of the deck.  The theorymon behind it is simple: run a bunch of hammers, Rocket’s Handiwork, Counter Catchers, your typical mill deck paraphernalia.  If you’re up against Zoroark GX, Gardevoir GX, or Buzzwole GX, you get out Hoopa.  Otherwise, you throw a Fighting Fury Belt on Reggie and hope you get a bunch of Max Potions.  Sometimes it was a little bit of a guessing game and sometimes it was a little bit of a juggling act, but there’s no question that it was an extremely difficult deck for most archetypes to work around.

And it worked well the majority of the time… until this ridiculous Baby Buzzwole card came along and made both Reggie and the Hoopster completely unplayable.  Sorry guys but Baby Buzz would just cut right through this deck today.  It’s unfortunate as this deck was probably the easiest deck ever to play.  I’m sure it was a lot harder for my opponents who were either trying to figure out how to OHKO Reggie or dig for their one non GX attacker that might be able to combat the never ending stream of Hoopas I could stream against my opponent because I could always dig out a KO’d one with Rescue Stretcher.  Most of the time for me, though, it was just sit back and watch some TV or write a Pojo review while my opponent was sweating bullets trying to figure out a way to counter Reggie and the Hoopster.


Standard: 1.5 out of 5


At least it had a minute where it was successful and forced the best decks in the format to adjust and keep their decklists honest.  For many of the THKO GX Pokemon that were extremely popular six months ago, the Regigigas Hoopa combo was almost impossible for them to deal with.


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