Realm of Danger

Realm of Danger!
– #CYHO-EN086

Your opponent cannot target “Danger!” monsters you control with card effects during the turn they are Special Summoned. Once per turn: You can target 1 “Danger!” monster you control; while you control that face-up monster and this face-up card, that monster can attack directly, also your opponent’s monsters cannot target it for attacks, but it does not prevent your opponent from attacking you directly.


Date Reviewed: August 14, 2018

Rating: 2.88

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Realm of Danger! is in a fight with The Gates of Dark World for which Field Spell should be run in the deck.

Realm offers protection to “Danger!” monsters from targeting effects, which is useful, but it is only for one turn. Realm’s ability to single out a “Danger!” monster and allow it to attack directly can be a serious problem to your opponent, but if they can get rid of your Realm of Danger! then you lose that ability. Because Realm can make a “Danger!” monster of yours attack directly each turn, your opponent can do the same to you if you have only one “Danger!” monster. Because of their synergy with Dark Worlds, The Gates of Dark World works much better in my opinion. You don’t get targeting protection upon Special Summoning for a turn, but you get draw power and discard power that will activate your Danger! and Dark World monsters. Fiends get the ATK boost, but much like the direct attack bonus of Realm, it isn’t the best effect of the card.

It’s a good card, but Gates is much better for the speed of the deck.

Advanced-2.5/5     Art-3/5

Until Next Time

WarlockBlitz's Avatar

Realm of Danger! is a Field Spell Card that isn’t as good as some other Field Spell Cards. I like that it offers protection, but only to Special Summoned Danger! monsters and only the turn they are Special Summoned and only from targeting effects. You can also protect one from attacks, but then they can hit you directly or you can hit them directly, but only while both are face-up on the field. It does give a nice offensive and defensive option and is completely free. However, good Field Spell Cards are run in triplicate because they need to be. Realm of Danger! could just be searched and used for a push if necessary, but not every time. As such, it’s ok but not great. 

Score: 3/5     Art: 4/5 Don’t go there.

Crunch$G Avatar

It isn’t an archetype really without getting its own themed Field Spell and Danger! is no exception with Realm of Danger!

Realm of Danger! while on the field prevents your opponent from targeting Danger! monster you control with card effects during the turn they are Special Summoned. It would of been nice if Danger! monsters could just have the targeting protection forever since they don’t do anything on the field after they are Special Summoned, but oh well. The second effect is that once per turn, you can target a Danger! Monster you control and while you control that face-up card and this face-up card, that monster can attack directly and your opponent cannot target it for attacks, but it doesn’t prevent them from attacking directly. Using this on a Bigfoot would be the best since you can have a 3000 ATK body that can attack directly every turn. The only negative is now your opponent can bypass the monster if it is the only thing you control and attack you directly. Realm of Danger! has nice design, but honestly you’ll be able to pass without this when the deck is good enough to be played purely.

Advanced Rating: 2.5/5

Art: 4.5/5 So this is where all the cryptids are.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

I probably should have done this yesterday, and yesterday tomorrow, but whatever.  I did purposely choose this and yesterday’s card, as opposed to looking at the four monsters available in this pool at present.  Realm of Danger! adds to the seemingly genuine growing list of playable Field Magic cards.  We get a couple effects from this card.

First, we get a level of protection, as your Danger! Monsters can’t be targeted with card effects when they’re Special Summoned.  This is phenomenal, especially for the two of higher level (Bigfoot and Nessie) as you should only be Special Summoning them.  (Chupacabra and Jackalope are more likely to be Normal Summoned).  It’s limited protection, but welcome and necessary to the theme.

Additionally, once a turn, you can target one of your Danger! Monsters in a turn to attack your opponent directly (Bigfoot does have 3000 attack after all) so long as you control it and this card is face-up on the Field.  Your opponent can’t attack it with their Monsters, which is good, but obviously remember, a quick destruction of this card takes that direct attack away. 

Your opponent can still attack you directly if it’s all you control, so that’s kinda meh, but cool enough your Monster becomes immune, if you survive.  This IS a good enough card, but as said yesterday, I feel this Archtype needs more to it (specifically in Monster form) before it can really take off.  Danger! is very likely just for fun/casual play in the current time.

Rating:  3.5/5

Art:  4.5/5

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