Raidraptor Rising Rebellion Falcon

Raidraptor – Rising Rebellion Falcon – #PHNI-EN045

5 Level 13 Winged Beast monsters
Unaffected by other cards’ effects. If this card is Xyz Summoned: You can destroy as many cards your opponent controls as possible, then if this card has 3 or more “Raidraptor” Xyz Monsters with different names as material, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the combined original ATK of the destroyed monsters. Once per turn: You can detach 3 materials from this card, then target 1 “Raidraptor” Xyz Monster in your GY; this card gains that monster’s effects until the End Phase.

Date Reviewed:  March 22nd, 2024

Rating: 4.33

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Raidraptor – Rising Rebellion Falcon is the biggest Xyz I think I’ve ever seen and ends our week. The newest Raidraptor Xyz Monster, it is a whopping Rank 13! You obviously need to use your Rank-Up Spells to get to this and Rise Rank-Up-Magic Raidraptor’s Force is the easiest way to do this. When you summon Rising Rebellion Falcon, you’re getting a 4000ATK monster unaffected by any other card effects and is an opponent’s board wipe. A beatstick boss that wipes everything your opponent has on the field when it is summoned and your opponent cannot defend against it, sounds like an OTK card to me. It gets worse for them. You are Xyz Summoning Rising Rebellion Falcon, and with Raidraptor’s Force attaching three monsters to Rising Rebellion Falcon, you will be able to do burn damage equal to the combined ATK of all the monsters you destroy with the board-wipe. Dropping this when your opponent has set up their field will likely deplete half the LP, and with Rising Rebellion Falcon sporting 4000ATK it is likely game over for them, especially if you summon RRF during your turn.

While it likely didn’t need another effect to go with its protection from card effects, the board-wipe upon its Xyz Summon, and the burn damage for monsters destroyed via the board-wipe, RRF, has the ability to copy a Raidraptor Xyz Monster’s effect for a turn. It costs you three materials, likely all the ones attached, but you’ve already benefited from them through the burn damage you dealt your opponent. Each Raidraptor Xyz Monster needs a material to detach for their worthwhile effect to go off, so you’ll have to attach something to Rising Rebellion Falcon before activating the copy ability, if you even do that.

Game-closing card, and it doesn’t even have to be in the middle of the game. You can power through your Xyz Summons to get Raidraptor’s Force online and go from there. If you summon this monster, you should win. I’m not sure how your opponent survives a turn if you summon this because as long as the summon isn’t negated they cannot do anything to Rising Rebellion Falcon. While you can summon it without using three materials, you want that burn damage to go with the board-wipe. The board-wipe with the burn damage may even end the game without you needing to attack. The very least you will do to your opponent in the turn is 4000LP damage, and that would be if you summoned it without three monsters. Raidraptors already had some pretty impressive Xyz Monsters as boss monsters, but they just got another one that tops them all.

Advanced- 4.5/5      Art- 4.5/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

The week ends off with the new ultimate Raidraptor boss monster to Rank-Up into: Raidraptor – Rising Rebellion Falcon.

Rising Rebellion Falcon is a Rank 13 DARK Winged Beast with 4000 ATK and 3500 DEF. Those are always great stats, just like DARK/Winged Beast is always a great combo. The standard materials are 5 Level 13 Winged Beast monsters, which is a total joke. You’ll 99.99% of the time summon this with the Rank-Up-Magic from eariler this week targeting Brave Strix and 2 Force Strixes (or preferably Force Strix and Raider’s Knight). It’s unaffected by other card effects, similar to Ultimate Falcon, which I’d hope the bigger monster would keep that kind of protection. Upon being Xyz Summoned, you can destroy as many cards the opponent controls as possible, and then if this card has 3 or more Raidraptor Xyzs as material with different names, you can inflict damage to the opponent equal to the original ATK of all the destroyed monsters. A field nuke on summon is always great, especially when it comes with 4000 ATK. The burn is a nice bonus, and is feasible thanks to Raider’s Knight, Force Strix, and Brave Strix all being combo pieces you’ll have access to for summoning your big bird. The final effect lets you detach 3 materials from this card to target a Raidraptor Xyz in your graveyard to have this monster gain that monster’s effects, maybe letting you copy Brave Strix or Force Strix for more searching. It’s a big, powerful bird that’s great to summon on the opponent’s turn. Being a 4000 ATK body with the ability to burn for a ton of damage should be enough to win you the game, certainly something to have as an end goal for the Deck.

Advanced Rating: 4.25/5

Art: 4.5/5 Big bird

Mighty Vee

Even after all these years, Raidraptors continue to evolve into increasingly ridiculous forms– closing the week is Raidraptor – Rising Rebellion Falcon, the new final boss of the archetype as a Rank 13 DARK Winged Beast Xyz monster. As the second Rank 13 ever, it takes 5 level 13 Winged Beast monsters. As you might guess, this is basically impossible to do manually, but fortunately Rise Rank-Up-Magic Raidraptor’s Force summons it easily using Force Strix, Brave Strix, and Raider’s Knight, all of which you naturally grab during your standard combo. Without it, you’ll be stuck ranking up Raidraptor – Final Fortress Falcon. Rising Rebellion has a fittingly excellent stat spread, with monstrous 4000 attack and a still above-average 3500 defense. As a bonus, Rising Rebellion will basically always have Brave Strix as a material, giving it a 1300 attack boost and raising it to a whopping 5300, which is coincidentally just enough to force a tie with a 3000-boosted Accesscode Talker. Planned!

Like its two previous forms, Rising Rebellion is unaffected by other card effects (unconditionally, unlike Final Fortress), making it the most powerful natural towers monster to date, not including Arrival Cyberse. Rising Rebellion’s first effect (not once per turn but good luck summoning it twice!) triggers if it’s Xyz Summoned, destroying all cards your opponent controls then burning your opponent for the combined original attack of the destroyed monsters if Rising Rebellion has three or more Raidraptor Xyz monsters as material. If you used Raidraptor’s Force as intended, Rising Rebellion will have exactly enough material for the bonus effect. This effect solves the issue of towers monsters generally lacking disruption, so you’ll almost always want to summon it on your opponent’s turn with Raidraptor’s Force unless you have an opening to OTK. The burn certainly doesn’t hurt either! Rising Rebellion’s other effect is a soft once per turn, letting you detach three materials to copy the effect of a Raidraptor monster Xyz monster in your Graveyard. The effect is great, but it’s not superbly useful since you’re likely on the fast track to winning on turn 3 anyway. Most builds will simply copy Brave Strix to grab more backrow, though note that Rising Rebellion will likely lose its attack boost from Brave Strix if you detach it. One might be terrified of the proverbial Kaiju, but fortunately the standard combo will also end on Ultimate Falcon, so your Kaiju alone won’t be enough to stop you. Overall, it’s an excellent boss monster that doubles down on Raidraptor’s boss trend, fixing the problems of relying on a single bungus to do your dirty work. 

+Extremely high stats with Brave Strix
+Towers can still cheese many modern decks
+Follow-up basically guarantees victory on turn 3
-Virtually impossible to summon without Raidraptor’s Force

Advanced: 4.25/5
Art: 4.5/5 In case the name didn’t make it obvious, it’s a combination of Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon and Ultimate Falcon– the ultimate culmination of Yuto and Shun’s bromance!

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