Radiant Eevee

Radiant Eevee – Sword & Shield Promo

Date Reviewed:  July 7, 2023

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 2.00
Expanded: 2.00
Limited: N/A

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Unfortunately, I had yet to determine which cards to look at for Paldea Evolved at the moment, so I went back to some of the older expansions in hopes that I would have an easier time to review. Various Pokemon products seem intriguing, but it did have one of my favorite Pokemon featured in a product: Radiant Eevee! Since it has the Pokemon GO logo, I assume that this side expansion contains most of Generation 1 Pokemon, with a few from other generations such as Sylveon!

Radiant Eevee has an attack that’s worth mentioning, and that is Twinkle Gathering. For the low cost of a single energy, that attack lets you search your deck for a number of cards up to the number of different types of Pokemon you have in play. So, with a full Bench of different types of Pokemon as well as Radiant Eevee, you can fetch for six cards from your deck! Or nine cards in Expanded if you have Sky Field in play and nine different types of Pokemon in play. Getting to fetch for anything seems amazing and powerful, but it doesn’t remove the possibility of your opponent to easily shuffle your hand via Iono or Judge and net you a lower hand yield. But, if your opponent doesn’t do that, then there’s a lot you can do on your next turn!

To make the most of Twinkle Gathering, you’ll need to run a deck with multiple different types of Pokemon, and there might be a deck that would like to have Radiant Eevee around. Sylveon VMAX’s Max Harmony attack also does extra damage based on having multiple different types of Pokemon in play, for a maximum of 220 damage. If Radiant Eevee stays long enough to not be KOed, then it would help fuel Sylveon’s damage output. The idea would be to hopefully begin the match with Radiant Eevee and choosing to go second so that you can use that attack, and then retreat next turn. I don’t completely agree of Eevee being restricted to one per deck, and it does clash with other Radiant Pokemon competing for deck space. Radiant Greninja is still the #1 Radiant Pokemon of choice (despite Path to the Peak possibility shutting down Concealed Cards ability), and its Water typing also helps Sylveon VMAX decks with running a variety of different types of Pokemon. Radiant Charizard is also a nice inclusion for when you want to deal tremendous amounts of damage for only a single energy when your opponent takes four prizes.

So, I guess Radiant Eevee would be skipped due to these factors. Not saying that you should not use Radiant Eevee, but to determine which effect is worth using that would be worth consideration.


Standard: 2/5
Expanded: 2/5
Limited: N/A

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