Predaplant Bufolicula
Predaplant Bufolicula

Predaplant Bufolicula – #DIFO-EN018

Pendulum Effect – During your Main Phase: You can Fusion Summon 1 DARK Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand or field as Fusion Material. You can only use this effect of “Predaplant Bufolicula” once per turn.
Monster Effect – If this card is sent to the GY or added to your Extra Deck face-up because it was used as Fusion Material: You can add 1 face-up DARK Pendulum Monster from your Extra Deck to your hand, except “Predaplant Bufolicula”. You can only use this effect of “Predaplant Bufolicula” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  July 4th, 2022

Rating: 3.42

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Dark Paladin's Avatar

Today’s CotD is brought to you by the number 0.  Predaplant week starts with Bufolicula, which is a Level 1, Dark/Plant, with 0 atk and def, as well as a Pendulum scale of 0.  The Monster Effect nets you a Dark/Pendulum from your Extra Deck to your Hand, other than itself.  So long as this card is sent to your Grave or Extra Deck (face-up) having been used as Fusion Material.  Straight forward as it can be, while still managing to be rather restrictive, despite the ease of Fusion in the Theme.  You should get this ability more than not.

The Pendulum side, again, scale here is 0, which is fine for a Level 1, and he may not be on the Field often long enough for it to matter.  This is your money Effect for the Theme player, where Once per Turn, you can Fusion Summon a Dark/Fusion from your Extra Deck, using Material from your Hand or Field, standard waiver clauses etc etc.  Once per Turn here, and only during your Main Phase, but that it only has to be Dark/Fusion gives that side playability in other Decks, despite the plethora of Fusion options available, it was worth noting.  

A resource and combo card, middling, but certainly not a bad card.

Rating:  3/5

Art:  4/5  Bad acid trip right here folks

KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

We continue on with the Pendulum into the first week of July with Predaplant Bufolicula.

Lowest stats and scale that you can get, Bufolicula is allows you to summon anything in your Pendulum Summon with it being a scale of zero. With 0/0 stats, Bufolicula isn’t going to be used for any attacks. If you use it as Fusion Material for a Fusion Summon, Bufolicula will get you a different DARK Pendulum Monster from your Extra Deck to your hand to replace itself. Not shabby, Predaplants fuse a lot. Splashing this in as generic DARK support involving DARK Pendulum monsters in different archetypes isn’t a bad idea, there are over 100 DARK Pendulum monsters in the game, but Predaplant make the most sense.

As a Pendulum Spell, Bufolicula acts as a Poly for a DARK Fusion Monster each turn. A scale that acts as a fusion facilitator makes Bufolicula more useful as a Pendulum Spell than a monster. Any deck, even if they don’t run Pendulum Monsters, if they fusion DARK monsters this card could be useful, especially with it being searchable. Once again there are over 100 targets for this card to be involved with and many archetypes that have their own form of fusion Spell, but having this also functioning as a Pendulum Scale increases its usefulness. Performapal, Starving Venom, and Odd-Eyes are a few Pendulum archetypes this can help in alongside its Predaplant archetype, even Fallen of Albaz it can assist in alongside the Branded Spell cards that help Fusion Summon.

Despite being designed for a specific archetype and having both effects center around that archetype’s strategy, Predaplant Bufolicula works decently well in many other archetypes. If you have a reasonable way of getting to it, it will be a good Fusion facilitator for you each turn you keep it on the field.



Until Next Time


Crunch$G Avatar

From an actual Pendulum archetype to a Fusion archetype Konami wanted to force Pendulum cards into, Predaplant Week starts with Predaplant Bufolicula.

Bufolicula is a Level 1 Scale 0 DARK Plant Pendulum with 0 ATK and DEF. I mean, stats are of course bad, but being a Scale 0 is nice for a Pendulum, alongside the DARK and Plant. The Pendulum Effect lets you Fusion Summon any DARK Fusion during your Main Phase from the Extra Deck by using monsters from your hand or field as material. Another searchable way to Fusion Summon in Predaplants is nice, while also being able to utilize this being a Pendulum as well. Hard once per turn on this effect, so you don’t get infinite Fusion Summons with this. Monster Effect triggers upon being sent to the graveyard or added to the Extra Deck face-up because it was used as Fusion Material, letting you add a face-up DARK Pendulum from your Extra Deck to your hand that isn’t this guy. I mean, it works mainly with the other Predaplant Pendulums cause this needed something in archetype to work with, and there’s really only 1 other good Predaplant Pendulum. Hard once per turn on this as well, otherwise you might get a decent bit of advantage. Bufolicula is actually a decent support card for Predaplants honestly. It isn’t broken by any means, but it’s an actual good Pendulum in the Deck that lets you do more Fusion Summons.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4/5 Looks ugly, I kinda like it.

Mighty Vee

Much to my chagrin, we still have a few Pendulum cards to go through as this week covers the new Predaplant support in Dimension Force. Predaplant Bufolicula is a level 1 DARK Plant Pendulum monster; though being Pendulum is new, being a DARK Plant is on brand for Predaplants. It has a Pendulum Scale of 0, which is great, and fitting for a level 1 monster, it has a measly 0 attack and defense, though this does let you search it with Piri Reis Map if you really wanted to.

Bufolicula’s Pendulum effect is the main effect you’ll be using; it’s a hard once per turn effect that allows you to Fusion Summon a DARK Fusion monster using monsters from your hand or field. While it doesn’t do anything by itself, having a Fusion enabler tied to a monster instead of a Spell is nice considering there are many ways to search Predaplant monsters, and you’ll want to save your Fusion searchers for Instant Fusion (we’ll get to why later this week). Also, tomorrow’s card goes great with Budfolicula!

Though you’ll usually activate it as a Pendulum monster, Bufolicula’s monster effect also comes up, allowing you to add a DARK Pendulum monster from your Extra Deck back to your hand except itself if it’s sent to the Graveyard or Extra Deck as Fusion Material. While this does have some synergy with the majority DARK Pendulum Magicians, you’ll usually use this effect to recycle tomorrow’s card, Predaplant Triantis (or the terrible Predaplant Spider Orchid) for follow up plays or as additional Fusion material. A lot of Predaplant Despia decks have been seeing success running this guy at 3, which makes sense since it’s a generic Fuser, so might as well run 3 frogs wherever you go.

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 4/5 THAT is a freaky looking frog.

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