Prayers of the Voiceless Voice
Prayers of the Voiceless Voice

Prayers of the Voiceless Voice – #PHNI-EN066

This card can be used to Ritual Summon any LIGHT Ritual Monster. You must also Tribute LIGHT monsters from your hand or field whose total Levels equal or exceed the Level of the Ritual Monster. If a face-up LIGHT Ritual Monster(s) you control leaves the field by an opponent’s card effect (except during the Damage Step): You can banish this card from your GY; Special Summon 1 “Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended”, “Saffira, Queen of Dragons”, or “Skull Guardian, Protector of the Voiceless Voice” from your hand or Deck, ignoring its Summoning conditions. You can only use this effect of “Prayers of the Voiceless Voice” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  April 9th, 2024

Rating: 3.58

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Archetype Ritual Spell time!

Prayers of the Voiceless Voice or PotVV is the archetype Ritual Spell for VV, though can be used for any LIGHT Ritual Monster. Same kind of restrictions you see on Ritual Spells: meet or exceed the total amount of Levels for the Ritual Monster, this one happens to restrict you to LIGHT monsters only.

As with most Ritual Spells nowadays, there’s a graveyard effect. Replacing a LIGHT Ritual Monster you lose on the field via opponent card effect with a Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended, Saffira, Queen of Dragons, or Skull Guardian, Protector of the Voiceless Voice from your hand or the Deck is a Ritual Summon cost-free, and all it takes is banishing your Ritual Spell. Been a while since we saw a Ritual Spell able to summon a Ritual Monster just by banishing the Ritual Spell in question. The restriction of it being a responsive effect rather than an activation you could do either turn is a good balance. It wouldn’t be fair to use Prayers to summon out any of your Voiceless Voice Ritual Monsters only to get another one out for free, it’s already bad enough you can use Lo for the entire Ritual Summon and then Special Summon her and get a Continuous Spell/Trap search for the archetype.

Prayers of the Voiceless Voice is a Ritual Spell you could see thrown into any LIGHT Ritual archetype to help out, especially if they ran something like Sauravis alongside their Ritual Monsters. Not restrictive as you can exceed the Levels required for your Ritual Summon (or just use Lo), and with it replenishing your field with another Ritual Monster after you lose yours pays for itself more than twice over. A powerhouse Ritual Spell considering the monsters it can summon.

Advanced- 4/5     Art- 4.5/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

It would feel off to review a Ritual archetype and not cover its Ritual Spell, so here we are with Prayers of the Voiceless Voice.

Prayers is a Ritual Spell that can be used to Ritual Summon any LIGHT Ritual by tributing monsters from your hand or field whose combined Levels equal or exceed that of the Ritual Monster, which is about as cookie cutter as it gets for Ritual Spells, though nice it’s generic for any LIGHT Ritual. The other effect triggers if a face-up LIGHT Ritual Monster(s) leaves the field by an opponent’s card, letting you banish this card from the graveyard to summon a Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended, Saffira, Queen of Dragons, or Skull Guardian, Protector of the Voiceless Voice directly from the hand or Deck, ignoring the summoning conditions. Pretty strong to let you swap a LIGHT Ritual for any of those three after the opponent outs it. Mentioning the three monsters does also make them targets for Pre-Preparation of Rites, a staple in Voiceless Voice Decks. The summon from Deck is a hard once per turn, but I doubt the opponent will try to run into this all that much anyways. Overall, a lot of times you might only use this to send from Deck to grave for the effect of Saffira, Dragon Queen of the Voiceless Voice to search for any LIGHT Warrior/Dragon Ritual, and losing the Ritual Spell isn’t the worst since she can banish herself from grave to do a Ritual Summon for you. Drawing this, however, isn’t the worst since you can still do a Ritual Summon, and you don’t mind searching it off Pre-Prep along with one of the Rituals you’ll likely summon with it. 2 seems standard for Voiceless Voice, it’s easy to recover back into the Deck, but 1 is still too few to rely on.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4.5/5 No representation for Sauravis or Skull Guardian I see, but still pretty artwork.

Mighty Vee

A Ritual Archetype (usually) isn’t complete without its own Ritual Spell, and in this case we have Prayers of the Voiceless Voice. Not to be confused with Lo proper, Prayers is a Ritual Spell, making it searchable through a variety of methods, though the most common ways you’ll be accessing it is through either sending Herald of the Arc Light off of Diviner of the Herald or through Pre-Preparation of Rites (more on that later). Prayers can Ritual Summon any LIGHT monster, tributing LIGHT monsters that equal or exceed the target monster’s level; in Voiceless, you won’t have to worry about that since Lo will fulfill the entire tribute and all of the deck’s other monsters are, thankfully, level 7 LIGHT monsters, so they will perfectly meet the criterion as Ritual materials. Prayers has one other hard once per turn effect; by banishing it from your Graveyard after your opponent removes one of your LIGHT Ritual monsters by a card effect, you can cheat out Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended, Saffira, Queen of Dragons, or the archetype’s boss, Skull Guardian, Protector of the Voiceless Voice straight from your hand or deck. This effect is pretty useful, as Skull Guardian is your main muscle and keeping it around is ideal. More importantly, however, it mentions three potential targets for Pre-Preparation of Rites! While it won’t combo on its own, it opens up opportunities for 2 card combos and follow up. Saffira hasn’t aged well, but Sauravis is still quite a strong card, so it’s an alternative target. Though this card isn’t the archetype’s main way to Ritual Summon (that will actually be Saffira, Dragon Queen of the Voiceless Voice), you’ll still run two copies, just as a Pre-Prep target and as a mill target for Saffira.

+Enables Pre-Preparation of Rites
+Decent backup protection for the deck’s boss
-Classic Ritual Spell issue of needing multiple cards 

Advanced: 3.25/5
Art: 4/5 Saffira answered Lo’s prayer to finally become a real monster.

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