Happy new years and happy 18th birthday to the 21st century: It’s an adult now.

What I least expected in 2017 was a complete overhaul of Pojo.com.  Years ago, I’ve discussed overhauling the website with Bill, practically begging him to do something about it almost every week until I eventually gave up on that effort.  Then, one October morning, I wake up and find an email that Pojo.com is going to be moved to a new server and have a completely different format.  Not much in life shocks me (I’ve seen and done a lot), but this truly made my jaw drop.

This WordPress format is simply better.  Much of the site is automated rather than having to hand-write the HTML code on each page or use a template designer and upload the file.  Writing articles for the site is much easier on my part since I have the freedom to save and edit the drafts a little bit at a time until I feel like they are finished.  Directly submitting it to the website rather than relaying a Word document file through email is much easier. 

The additional benefit of being able to edit my own articles after they are published is a blessing.  Occasionally, new information about a particular subject comes out and I can simply make a quick update (or I’ll think of a really good point I hadn’t thought of while writing the article and then add it in). 

Being able to revise errors or inaccurate information is perhaps the most useful aspect of this change.  It always bothered me that an incorrect comment on a card ruling I made or a rating on a Card of the Day that I went overboard on would stay on the site forever.  On the old site, contacting Bill every time I needed a word or two revised on an article would have been trivial and irritating (so I didn’t do that).  Having to add to the header of the next article I wrote that I made a mistake in the previous article was inefficient as well.  But from the launch of this new site onward, there is less pressure in that regard.

Those who were most critical of the direction the site has gone once pro players (such as Jae Love) left mentioned inaccurate information as one of the reasons they felt that Pojo.com lost credibility for them.  And I’m happy that this new web format can help us begin to fix this problem.

Cheers and I thank you for following us on our journey to make this the best website it can possibly be for 2018 and onward. 


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