Platinum Gadget
Platinum Gadget

Platinum Gadget
– #DUPO-EN039

2 Machine monsters
Cannot be used as Link Material the turn it is Link Summoned. During your Main Phase: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Machine monster from your hand to your zone this card points to. If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 “Gadget” monster from your Deck. You can only use each effect of “Platinum Gadget” once per turn.


Date Reviewed: 
June 21, 2019


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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Platinum Gadget rounds out our week.

Machine-centric Link 2 with the good kind of arrows (corners), you get a Level 4 or lower Special Summon of a Machine-Type from the hand, much like its predecessor gadget monsters. It may be an unoriginal effect for the archetype, but it is a necessity for getting smaller gadget monsters on the field to gain advantage and summon bigger monsters. You are locked out of using Platinum for link material the turn you link summon it, and you need to special summon off its effect to a zone it points to, but that’s becoming standard procedure for many link monsters. Especially with gadgets you want to balance them, otherwise you’d have one of the easiest Link 3 summons in the game within the archetype. If Ultimate Offering were still available you could very well see an Extra Link with this archetype, but that might be said regarding a lot of archetypes that spam the field. Platinum will replace itself with a gadget from the deck upon destruction, which in turn should kick off getting you pluses and re-establishing your board even during your opponent’s turn. If they Mirror Force you’ll merely press on with the monster(s) you get off of Platinum’s destruction.

Another good gadget for the archetype and while it can’t be used in all machine builds, it still is good.

Advanced-4/5     Art-3/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

We end the week off with a Gadget Link monster that does wonders for several Machine decks, Platinum Gadget.

Platinum Gadget is a Link-2 LIGHT Machine with 1600 ATK and arrows pointing Bottom Left and Bottom Right. ATK is fine for a Link-2, LIGHT is nice, Machine is nice, and arrows are great. The summoning requirements are any 2 Machine monsters, which isn’t that hard at all with Gold and Silver Gadget along with many other things. The turn Platinum Gadget is Link Summoned, you cannot use it as Link Material, which is a good restriction for balance that many other Links should have. During your Main Phase, you can Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Machine from your hand to a zone this card points to. Nice way to extend plays in Machine decks, I’m sure there are a ton of combos to do with this, including summon a Gold/Silver Gadget to summon another monster for an immediate Rank 4, or summon ABC pieces for Dragon Buster. Platinum Gadget also summons a Level 4 Gadget (because Morphtronics for some reason had other Gadget monsters) from your deck upon being destroyed, which is nice to make up for losing your Platinum Gadget and makes Red, Green, and Yellow more useful in 2019 along with making Silver and Gold more accessible. Each effect of this card is a hard once per turn, as it should, but it’s great for combo making in Machine decks that have Level 4 monsters, so having a copy or two is great to get to your Rank 4s or ABC-Dragon Buster.

Advanced Rating: 4.25/5

Art: 4.25/5 Very shiny.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Tis a Gadget!  Remember when he had but three Gadgets?  But I digress.  Platinum Gadget is a Link 2, Machine, Light Monster, who is XYZ Summoned with two Machine Monsters.  PG has 1600 attack (not so bad for a Link 2) and has arrows that point to the respective bottom diagonals.  So, first we see it can’t be used as Link Material the turn it’s Link Summoned.

That actually strikes me as a bit odd, given the fluidity of the Gadgets, you’d think that wouldn’t be necessary, but it wasn’t up to me.  Next, you can Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Machine to a zone this card points to (this is done during your Main Phase).  Free Monster Summoning is good, where it goes is appropriate, and it’s a fair, balanced effect as the Monster has to come from your Hand.

Lastly, if this card is destroyed by Battle OR Card Effect (even your own) you’re able to Special Summon a Gadget from your Deck.  Each effect is once per turn, go figure.  It’s really good for the theme, the attack is enough to make it not suck too.  It’s a useful theme card that isn’t overpowered or broken, and I appreciate that a great deal as well.

Rating:  4.5/5

Art:  4/5  The Gadget itself I’m not too interested in, but I love the darkness in the background as well as the light streaks and the (portal again?) in the center of the picture.  The body just doesn’t inspire me much. 

WarlockBlitz's Avatar

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