Hello readers! Vince here, and I’m going to compile a personal list of what I think are the best cards of the Black & White Base Set! The Pojo crew starting doing top 10 cards of the set since BW Next Destines, so looks like I can get to fill in the missing sections. Also, I’ll try not to talk too much of what the cards would be like now, but to talk about how well they did on their time Standard. I might as well give it a modified score on its time. Without further ado, let the list begin!

#10: Bouffalant (91/114)

Bouffalant #91

I chose this Pokémon at #10 because of one attack. For CC, Revenge does 20 damage, plus 70 more damage if one of your Pokemon is Knocked Out by your opponent’s attack during his or her last turn. That makes it 90 for CC, which is enough to KO most small Basic, Stage 1, and very few Stage 2s as well as a Zekrom that just used Bolt Strike! The drawback would be not having a DCE on time as well as relying too much on that condition.

Rating: 3/5

#9: Emboar (19/114)


You might by wondering why I chose that card when there’s a better one out there. That’s because it has Flare Blitz that does 150 damage, knocking out most of the Pokémon in the card pool sans 160 HP or higher. The RRCC attack cost may be expensive, but the other Emboar can fuel up fire energy with ease.

Rating: 3.5/5

#8: Zoroark (71/114)


The ability to copy attacks can have some potential depending on the Defending Pokemon in question. Against meta decks like the Unova dragons, you can Foul Play and smack them for 120 damage! Against uncompetitive cards, Zoroark would have no business either, except using Nasty Plot to search your deck for a card and put it onto your hand. Pretty dependent overall so it’s usefulness might fluctuate.

Rating: 3/5

#7: Reuniclus (57/114)


This Pokémon carries an ability that moves your damage around, like what Alakazam Base Set did back in the day. Although being a super frail stage 2 with 90 HP, it was essential ingredient for a certain rogue deck that eventually took 2nd place at 2011 Worlds.

Rating: 3/5

#6: Klinklang (76/114)


This Pokémon also possesses an energy transfer ability for Metal types, which would’ve been pretty good. At the time this set was released, there weren’t enough partners to take advantage of it. And Reshiram decks rendered grass and metal decks unplayable. It’s one card to keep in mind for future releases.

Rating: 3/5

#5: Serperior (6/114)


This Pokémon has an ability that heals 10 damage from each of your Pokemon between turns. Unlike Nidoqueen from Rising Rivals, Serperior’s ability stacks! With 4 of them, you heal 40 damage between turns! This makes it hard to KO unless fire decks are present.

Ratings: 3.5/5

#4: Emboar (20/114)

This Pokémon possesses an ability that provides unlimited attachments of Fire energy to any of your Pokemon, which makes it easier to meet any attack that cost C or R energy. Even if some attack costs discard Fire energies, Energy Retrieval can replenish lost energies back to your hand, ready to be fueled up once again!

Rating: 4/5

#3: Reshiram (26/114)


This and Zekrom have a 130 HP body, Outrage attack, and another attack that does 120 damage. For Reshiram’s case, Blue Flare discards 2 Fire energies attached to it. With Emboar or Typhlosion Prime support, Blue Flare can be constantly used.

Rating: 4.5/5

#2: Zekrom (47/114)


Likewise, it’s Bolt Strike Attack also does 120, but does 40 damage to itself, which is risky despite potentially powering up Outrage’s damage output. This was used as a donk deck. Paired with Pachirisu and Shaymin, and at least three Lightning energies, you can do 120 damage on your first turn! With a little help with Plus Power, you can KO any Basic Pokémon at the time! Same can be said for Reshiram of its Blue Flare.

Rating: 4.5/5

#1: Professor Juniper (101/114)


The only trainer card in this set that isn’t a reprint, except that discarding your hand and draw 7 cards is seen on Professor Oak, except that Juniper is a Supporter card. So it looks like half-reprint half-new card. Always the first card to write down when writing a decklist!

Rating: 4.75/5


Well, there’s a brief summary of the top 10 cards of Black & White Base Set. Not too long and not too short. It is fun to talk about older cards and how it was awesome during its time. This countdown is a start, perhaps I should better be working on Emerging Powers and Noble Victories.