Performapal Duelist Extraordinaire
Performapal Duelist Extraordinaire

Performapal Duelist Extraordinaire – #MAZE-EN024

Pendulum Effect: Once per turn, at the start of the Damage Step, if a monster battles another monster: You can return this card to the hand, and if you do, banish 1 Spell from your Deck. For that battle, your monster cannot be destroyed, also the battle damage you take is halved.
Monster Effect: When this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent: You can add 1 “Supreme King Dragon” monster, “Supreme King Gate” monster, or “Soul of the Supreme King” from your Deck to your hand. Once per turn, during the Standby Phase: Activate this effect; each player can banish 1 Spell from their Deck. Once per turn, when a monster declares an attack: Activate this effect; the attacked player can apply the following effect.
● Add 1 of your banished Spells to your hand, then discard it, and if you do, negate that attack.

Date Reviewed:  May 21st, 2023

Rating: 2.0

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Crunch$G Avatar

We make it to the final card, and while Arc-V didn’t get some sort of new boss-like monster compared to the other series, it got a cool card in Performapal Duelist Extraordinaire.

Performapal Duelist Extraordinaire as a Pendulum Scale is a Scale 8, solid high scale, with a soft once per turn effect at the start of the Damage Step where a monster battles another monster, you can return this card to your hand and banish a Spell from your Deck and then for that battle, your monster cannot be destroyed and the damage you take is halved. It’s an okay effect, to be honest. I don’t know of too many Spells you want to banish with this, and those you do are mainly in Decks that can already do it without this. You don’t really need to use this effect unless your monster is weaker, so I don’t expect you have to use this too much hopefully. Overall, not too good of an effect.

Performapal Duelist Extraordinaire is a Level 4 LIGHT Spellcaster Pendulum with 1800 ATK and 400 DEF. The ATK stat is fine on a Level 4, LIGHT and Spellcaster also go well together. The first effect triggers when it inflicts battle damage to the opponent, letting you add a Supreme King Dragon/Supreme King Gate card or a Soul of the Supreme King from your Deck to your hand. It’s a searcher for yesterday’s card at least, plus you can get to Darkwurm, Gate Zero, Gate Infinity, and the new support coming up. With that said, a search effect relying on dealing battle damage is not great anymore, even if you can use it multiple times in a turn if you get multiple attacks. Search effects like this are honestly just too slow. The second effect is a soft once per turn that triggers in the Standby Phase, letting each player banish a Spell from their Deck. I mean, the same from earlier in the Pendulum Effect applies, though I don’t know if you want to gamble on the opponent benefiting off this. Finally, a once per turn effect when a monster declares an attack, letting the attacked player add a banished Spell to their hand, then they can discard it to negate that attack. Overall, this basically just becomes a slow way to search a Spell, since you don’t have to discard it, and if the card is really good then you likely won’t discard it and just take the attack. Only issue is the opponent would have to play into this and it makes attacking for you since your opponent can use this effect to recover a Spell if you attack. Overall, it’s a pretty mediocre card with its best quality being a Performapal Scale 8 with no downside on the Pendulum Effect, making it better to put into the Pendulum Scale while you can Normal Summon your Skullcrobat Joker with less hesitation than before, assuming any player heistated to use its Normal Summon effect in favor of putting it in the Scale. It’s a highly searchable Scale 8 for Performapals and that’ll be the only good thing I could say about it.

Advanced Rating: 2/5

Art: 5/5 So of coruse you see Yuya alongside a bunch of his Performapals and Smile World. This art is from the ending of Pendulum Beat, one of the openings to Arc-V in the original version. The name references Yuya wanting to be the best Dueltainer and the searching effect references how Yuya was originally part of Z-ARC. Finally, all the Spell Card stuff references Action Spells from the show with the Pendulum Effect being Miracle and the Monster Effect being Evasion.

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