Original Sinful Spoils - Snake-Eye
Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye

Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye  – #AGOV-EN057

Send 1 other face-up card you control to the GY; Special Summon 1 Level 1 FIRE monster from your hand or Deck. You can banish this card from your GY, then target 1 “Snake-Eye” or “Diabellstar” monster in your GY; add 1 Level 1 FIRE monster from your Deck to your hand, then place the targeted monster on the bottom of the Deck. You can only use 1 “Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye” effect per turn, and only once that turn.

Date Reviewed: December 18, 2023

Rating: 3.83

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We made it to the yearly Top 10 cards for the year and there’s a reason we haven’t seen certain AGOV cards yet, as we review one today with Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye.

Original Sinful Spoils is a Normal Spell that lets you send any other face-up card you control to the graveyard to summon any Level 1 FIRE monster from the hand or Deck. Overall an insane effect, even if it’s a 2-for-1. Being able to get to certain power cards like any of the Snake-Eye Level 1s, Jet Synchron, Rescue-ACE Hydrant, or Legendary Fire King Ponix is fairly powerful for the Decks that would be meant for plays involving those cards. You can also banish this card from the graveyard to target any Snake-Eye monster or Diabellstar monster in your graveyard to then add any Level 1 FIRE from your Deck to your hand and return the targeted monster from the grave to the bottom of the Deck. The search is pretty good for the aforementioned targets alongside maybe Kurikara Divincarnate or some Volcanics to discard with Blaze Accelerators. I assume you don’t put the monster back first in the case it is a Snake-Eye monster and you being able to just add that back. Both insane effects, balanced with the rarely seen “only use 1 effect a turn and only once that turn” balance they’ll put on extra powerful cards. It’s still a great piece to FIRE Decks running Level 1 monsters or any Deck that can think of a Level 1 FIRE for combo extension while providing discard fodder for the Diabellstar part of the engine. Play 1 in your Diabellstar engine, maybe go to more copies later on as we see Snake-Eyes start to be ran in more Decks.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 Diabellstar found the Snake-Eye.

My #10: Crimson Dragon

Mighty Vee

As 2023 comes to a close, Pojo starts its top 10 countdown of the best cards of 2023. Our countdown kicks off with a sneak peak at our Age of Overlord coverage, Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye, a Normal Spell for the Snake-Eye archetype. A key aspect of this card’s power is the fact that it can be easily searched with Diabellstar the Black Witch and its associated E-tele card (hmm, I wonder what else will be on this list!), as well as through an upcoming Snake-Eye card in Phantom Nightmare. Original Sinful Spoils has two effects, but they’re both hard once per turn and you can only use one per turn, which is frankly necessary considering how strong the card is. By sending any face-up monster you control to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon any level 1 FIRE monster from your hand or deck. With Konami’s hard push for FIRE decks lately, this makes Original Sinful Spoils a powerful consistency boost for any deck with a level 1 FIRE playmaker– in addition to Snake-Eye itself, Rescue-ACE and Fire King both benefit immensely from being able to access Rescue-ACE Hydrant and Legendary Fire King Ponix respectively. In the TCG, Infernoble made a surprise jump in performance with their newfound way to access Infernoble Knight – Renaud and Infernoble Knight Ricciardetto as well. Though it’s much less impactful outside of these specialized plays, you could even use it to generically get to Jet Synchron. The other effect lets you banish it to search a level 1 FIRE monster by placing a Snake-Eye or Diabellstar monster from your Graveyard at the bottom of your deck. The first effect was already great enough, but this effect is great for follow-up considering you should almost always have Black Witch in your Graveyard to make it live, so if your deck has multiple level 1 FIRE playmakers, you get even more value. This card’s sole weakness is probably the fact that it’s a soft brick in your hand and you really want to send Black Witch for its effect, but otherwise it’s a fantastic card that makes many otherwise mediocre FIRE decks playable. While it has a decent chance of being hit in a future banlist, I sure hope it doesn’t.

+Makes many decks viable through the Diabellstar engine
+Fantastic follow-up ability
-Miniscule chance of bricking

Advanced: 4.5/5
Art: 3.5/5 Probably the least dynamic of the Diabellstar backrow arts so far, but it still looks nice.

Hello Pojo Fans,

Welcome to the Top 10 Cards of 2023: a list that I inevitably miss a few cards here and there…like today’s choice and the #10 spot: Sinful Spoils of Subversion – Snake-Eye.

Normal Spell that works around Diabellstar, Subversion is an easy way to draw out a negation or get rid of a problem monster on your opponent’s side of the field. Forcing that monster into a Spell/Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell avoids destruction/banish negation/protection. Divine Temple of the Snake-Eye can Special Summon any monster treated as a Continuous Spell, even if it isn’t your own, netting you a monster off of this card when paired together. There are certain archetypes that like their own monsters in their Spell/Trap Zones like Centur-Ion, Vaylantz, and Crystal Beasts, but none of them benefit from their opponent’s monsters turning into Continuous Spells, and Centur-Ion need their own monsters to be considered Continuous Trap cards. Despite that, this is a handy card to have if you are running the Diabellstar package within another archetype, as it deals with a problem on your opponent’s field.

Spot removal that your opponent likely isn’t going to be able to reverse if it goes through. Gets rid of a monster, fills a Spell/Trap Zone of theirs, and is searchable. Good card to start off the countdown even if it isn’t heavily used in the meta.

Advanced- 3/5     Art- 3/5

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