On Tour Board Game

Calling all globetrotting music fans and strategy enthusiasts! Buckle up, because we’re taking a deep dive into On Tour, a board game that throws you onto the music scene, vying to become the biggest rockstar around. Is this game a chart-topping hit, or destined for the bargain bin? Let’s grab our backstage passes and find out!

You can find this game on Amazon, where it has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating from gamers.

Rockin’ the Mechanics:

  • 1-8 players. 
  • Creative Roll-and-write board game with large, premium components. Great board game for families, adults and kids.
  • Comes with 8 maps with the United States on one side and Europe on the other.
  • Quick play time
Simple Game Play Mechanics

On Tour puts you in the shoes of band managers, strategically booking gigs across the USA or Europe.  

Each turn, 3 new cards come out from the deck.  The cards each have a region, and a state in that region. In the example above we have: Utah in the West, Arkansas in the Central, and Georgia in the South.  

The active player rolls the two 10-sided dice.  In the example above, we rolled a 5 and 6.  All players must now try to have their bands visit those regions, and if possible those exact states.  Each player must use the numbers 56 and 65 (from the dice roll), and assign a numbers to 2 of the 3 different regions on the three cards.  If you decide to use the exact state on the card, you circle it. 

The tricky part is, at end of the game, you are going to draw the longest route possible, from the lowest numbers to the highest numbers hitting the most states you can.  But, you will not be able to cross your path even once!  So you are trying to plan out a van tour on the fly with each roll.

On Tour Finished Map

Above: an example of a final board you might have.  Your band visited a total of 19 states. 10 of those states are circled and those count as double.  So you earned a total of 29 points this game.  

On Tour Layout

Hits and Misses:


  • High Replayability: Different cards come out and differing dice rolls happen every game, ensuring a fresh experience every time.
  • Strategic Depth: While accessible, On Tour offers enough decision-making to keep veteran gamers engaged.
  • Short Playtime: Perfect for a quick weeknight game or a casual gathering.
  • Scalability: On Tour basically plays the same at all player counts.  
  • Family Friendly: On Tour can be enjoyed by families with older children.
  • Relaxing Time with Friends – This game is fun even if you aren’t doing well. 
  • Great Boards – The dry erase map boards are fantastic! 
Playing On Tour at home.


  • Player Interaction: There is no real player interaction, focusing more on individual board optimization.
  • Analysis Paralysis: Some players may take a long take trying to visual the best place to write their numbers.  

Overall Score: 4 out of 5

On Tour is a solid strategy game. It’s easy to learn, offers good replayability, and keeps the game moving at a brisk pace. While player interaction could be more direct, the strategic depth and thematic integration make it a great choice for music fans and casual gamers alike. So crank up the volume, gather your friends, and hit the road to rockstardom with On Tour!

Enjoying a Mike’s Hard Lemonade while playing On Tour on Game Night.

Pojo Notes:

  • On Tour was huge for us during the pandemic.  We mailed extra boards out to friends all around the country, and then played over Zoom calls.  
  • On Tour Paris/NYC is now available on Amazon as well.  We have not tried the new maps yet. 

You can find this game on Amazon, where it has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating from gamers.