New World - Amritara
New World – Amritara

New World – Amritara – #DUNE-EN055

Activate only while “Visas Starfrost” is on the field. Once per turn, if a monster(s) you control is destroyed by battle or card effect, and sent to the GY or banished: You can activate 1 of these effects;
● Special Summon 1 of those monsters in Defense Position.
● 1 Tuner on the field gains ATK equal to half the original ATK of 1 of those monsters.
● Shuffle 1 of those monsters into the Deck, and if you do, draw 1 card.
● Shuffle this card into the Deck, and if you do, add 1 Field Spell from your GY to your hand.

Date Reviewed:  October 4th, 2023

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

New World – Amritara is a Field Spell that any deck could use as long as they can have Visas Starfrost for the activation.

NW Amritara needs you to have Visas Starfrost on the field to activate, after that, you don’t need him, which is good that it doesn’t need Visas always on the field. This Field Spell is meant to even the playing field after you lose a monster(s) during the turn, or give you a plus. Special Summoning a monster in defense that was just destroyed or banished is a great 1-for-1 before effect(s) kick in. Giving a Tuner on the field ATK equal to a monster of yours that was destroyed is pretty good, but most of the time you are going straight into Synchro Summons with your Tuners. Now, if you have a Synchro Tuner then this permanent ATK boost could mean something, and there are plenty Synchro Tuners in the game. The shuffle back option and draw a card is just as good as the re-summon of one of the destroyed or banished monsters. You can cycle back an Extra Deck monster if they were destroyed and then draw from your Main Deck and eliminate the chance of redrawing that card. Shuffling back this Field Spell to your Deck to pull a different one from the grave to your hand is only applicable if you have a better Field Spell in the grave…should’ve been “send this Field Spell to the graveyard and search your Deck for 1 Field Spell card and add it to your hand”. Even if they put a limitation on playing the card you pulled via that effect it would be alright.

Keeping presence on the field is key so I’m more inclined to re-summon a monster destroyed by battle or card effect that was banished or in the grave. This is more so if you have stuff that has effect(s). Shuffling back to draw one is great as well, these two effects are for certain the best ones. Needing Visas Starfrost to activate the Field Spell is the only restriction to anyone out there playing this and is a good restriction because those two options I described potentially each turn shifts the balance of the game greatly in your favor. Visas himself can Special Summon himself and allow for the Field Spell to activate on your turn. Pumping him up if he were to stay on the field without Synchro Summoning would put him up to likely 3000+. Mannadiums like to be destroyed and destroy to trigger effects, combined with this card they can constantly fulfill the requirement of this card to get you advantage while gaining advantage simultaneously.

Good Field Spell to maintain advantage on field and work within the strategies that use Visas. You can copy him in the various ways that exist, have the original, or have Friday’s CoTD to activate this card and make sure you get at least one effect out of it.



Until Next Time


Crunch$G Avatar

Midweek brings us a brand new Field Spell that is far from what we’ve come to expect from Field Spells in this lore so far: New World – Amritara.

Amritara is a Field Spell that can only be activated while Visas Starfrost is on the field. No matter how many cards treat themselves as Visas Starforst, the restriction is really going to hold this card down since it’ll lower consistency by a lot not being able to just activate it. All this does is with a soft once per turn if your monster(s) is destroyed by battle or card effect, you get to choose 1 of 4 effects: Special Summon 1 of the monsters in Defense Position, have a Tuner on your field gain ATK equal to the ATK of 1 of the destroyed monsters, shuffle 1 of the monsters into the Deck to draw a card, or shuffle this card into the Deck to add a Field Spell from your graveyard to your hand. The first effect might be best for extending, but Mannadium is the only Deck that might use this, and they already got Calarium. You don’t care about a Tuner’s stats since you’ll likely use this as Synchro Material. Having to rely on a monster being destroyed to put it back in the Deck for a draw seems unreliable and maybe a little inefficient. Finally, if I was going to put this back into the Deck after the activation cost to put this on the field and trigger this ability, I would want to search from Deck. Honestly this is a massive pass.

Advanced Rating: 1.5/5

Art: 5/5 I mean, space is always pretty and the planets look nice.

Mighty Vee

Yet another Mannadium-adjacent card, New World – Amritara is a Field Spell, being searchable by a very special upcoming card and the classic Terraforming. Amritara can only be activated while you control Visas Starfrost and has a single soft once per turn trigger if one or more of your monsters is destroyed by battle or card effect (once again, IE when you’re blowing them up in Mannadium). You get to choose one of the following effects:

  1. Reviving one of those monsters in Defense position (fine? Basically a situational bootleg Monster Reborn)
  2. Boosting the attack of a Tuner on the field by half the original attack of one of those monsters (clearly meant to make a meaty Visas Starfrost, but good luck beating over anything with a Mannadium ball)
  3. Shuffling one of those monsters into the deck to draw one card (also fine but not too useful when Mannadium doesn’t run too many hand traps)
  4. Shuffling Amritara itself into the deck to recycle any Field Spell in your Graveyard back to your hand (not so bad, since you can recycle Primal Planet Reichphobia and Peaceful Planet Calarium)

As you can see, the only effects that are really worth it are the first and fourth effects, which puts Amritara into the “situational extender” territory. The silver lining is that Amritara can trigger during your opponent’s turn to give you follow up, but Mannadium’s lack of in-house quick Synchro Summoning makes it largely pointless. Overall, not particularly useful in a meta Mannadium deck when it competes with much stronger Visas Spells and Traps to be searched.

Advanced: 2.5/5

Art: 2.5/5 Pretty cut and dry, though maybe a sneak peak at potential other Visas planets?

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