Monumental Henge
Monumental Henge

Monumental Henge – Modern Horizons III

Date Reviewed:  June 18, 2024

Constructed: 3.25
Casual: 4.50
Limited: 3.00
Multiplayer: 3.75
Commander [EDH]: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 is bad. 3 is average. 5 is great.

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White is getting a lot of interaction with legendary and historic cards these days, which I actually quite like. The color doesn’t need to draw cards as well as blue – every card should get card advantage in its own ways, and if you want white to feel more heroic, one of the best ways is to encourage people to fill their deck with named characters. In such a deck, Monumental Henge will generally draw one card per turn, on a land that can’t be countered and is hard to stop. That’s good for any color, and arguably even better for one that needs to keep the attacks coming early and often.

Constructed: 3
Casual: 4.5
Limited: 3
Multiplayer: 4
Commander [EDH]: 4

 James H. 


Part of the cycle of rare lands with interesting abilities, Monumental Henge is a way for a color notoriously light on card advantage to somewhat overcome it. While the ability is expensive, it’s reusable and in a color not known for it, and white does play pretty well with all of the historic-batched types. I definitely would not say this is going to be an all-star, but it’s an excellent way for a color known for its weak resource accrual to keep the engines going, and it’s a fine enough land besides outside of it.

Constructed: 3.5 (not sanguine about it doing enough here, but slower decks might make this work)
Casual: 4.5
Limited: 3
Multiplayer: 3.5
Commander [EDH]: 4.5

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